Season 1 Episode 6

White Knights

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2006 on NBC

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  • Sean and Tally form an intimate relationship; Peter tries to regain the loyalty of his friends at the bike company; Cameron confesses to having an affair; Frankie gets a oddball bodyboard; Damien initiates a divorce with Galina.

    I love how Sean is irresistable to all the women (well, at least to Zoe and Tally). He's definitely the one getting all the action (besides Cameron). But on a related, Cameron is exactly the kind of person to make a relationship unbearable in order to make Beth do the dirty work in deciding for their marriage to end.

    And what's happened to Kimberly? Or is she just staying out of trouble at the hotel?

    Maggie(the ex-nurse) has a character that's so uncompelling. You know that deep inside she's dying to be with someone with more ambition (hence buying the restaurant for her new beau) but she's too goddamn passive aggressive.

    It was nice that Sunny became an investor for Peter's bike company but in that whole scene where she confronted him about not revealing she was the "mystery investor" - why was I expecting them to kiss?! I smell trouble!

    In conclusion, this has been an episode I was waiting for, where some of the show's victims start standing up for themselves:

    Frankie - kicking Damien to the curb after he picked Galina over her, and getting "tougher" with the help of her bodyguard.

    Beth - walking out of Cameron's car after she realizes he is still in love with Nina. Since this show is largely a soap opera, I can see them making her pregnant just to shake her resolve.
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