Season 1 Episode 6

White Knights

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2006 on NBC

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  • Windfall is losing it's pizazz!

    This show is losing steam fast. They had so many interesting storylines to start with. They resolved them too soon. They should have made us wonder what happened to Zoe longer. They should have let us wait and guess who was robbing the lottery winners a longer as well. The one storyline that they have chose to drag out is the Cameron/Nina/Peter love triangle which I could happily live without. I don't think the writer's even know what they want to do with Damien's wife. One week she is good, the next week...bad. It goes back and forth each week. Make up your minds.

    This episode had the stuff that filler episodes are made of. Frankie got a bodyguard. The lawyer is trying to swindle Sean. Maggie bought a restaraunt. Nothing exciting.
    I hope the writers can write this show out of this limbo that they have it in, or I won't be the only fan who is losing interest.