Season 1 Episode 6

White Knights

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 13, 2006 on NBC

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  • A great title to a solid episode.

    A white knight is a business term that refers to someone who saves something else from an otherwise "bad" situation. In this episode, the main "White Knight" turned out to be Sunny, the secret investor, who saved all of the jobs of those people whom Peter was going to fire/lay-off. My only problem with this is--why does Peter need an investor? Am I missing something? He surely has enough cash to save the business on his own.

    Could the title of the episode also mean that Tally is also a savior for Sean? Afterall, Sean lost his brand new love and now that she is dead, he is falling for her sister. Or, is he playing with her head because she has his lottery winnings?

    Moving on to Maggie. Of all the characters, she seems to be the most lax about spending her money. First, she buys a brand new, very expensive Mercedes, and now she buys a restaurant so that the waiter she met in last week's episode could cook there. Is Maggie Doug's white knight? I don't get her trust in him already.

    Now on to Beth and Cameron--Cameron is a sleaze ball. I'm glad that he confessed to Beth that he slept with a grad student in Italy and I'm glad that Beth told Cameron that she knew he had feelings for Nina. Good for her for walking on him.