Windy Tales

Season 1 Episode 3

Running Girl

Aired Unknown Oct 09, 2004 on

Episode Recap

A club moderator had once asks Nao why she never sent in any of her photos to a contest, but she didn't want to do so because she never had a photo that was good enough.
But an opportunity arises for Nao when she receives a job request to take photos for a journal of the school's only marathon runner, Atsuko. Atsuko is in the school's track and field club and is considered to be the favourite to win in the coming regional track and field meet.
Initial attempts to get a good picture of Atsuko running results in failure, so Miki and Nao decide on an idea. Miki gives Nao a lift on a bike so that Nao could take snapshots of Atsuko as she is running. And although Miki doesn't ride the bike well together, the duo managed to keep ahead of Atsuko's running pace and take several successful shots of the runner.
Days later, Nao learns that one of her photos that she took for the journal had won second place in a photography contest. But the winning photo for the contest turns out to be a picture of Nao and her friend, Miki, on the bike taking photos of Atsuko.
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