Season 3 Episode 19

Four Dates That Will Live in Infamy

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Apr 02, 1992 on NBC
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Four Dates That Will Live in Infamy
Antonio's stories of his success with a video dating service prompt Joe, Brian, Helen and Lowell to give it try. But things don't turn out as good as they'd hoped. Helen ends up working at the Club Car; Joe dates a woman who will only talk through a wooden dummy. Brian gets saddled with a business obsessed control freak. In the end, Lowell is the only one who has a nice time.moreless

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    Steven Weber

    Steven Weber

    Brian Hacket

    Timothy Daly

    Timothy Daly

    Joe Hackett

    Crystal Bernard

    Crystal Bernard

    Helen Chappel Hackett

    Thomas Haden Church

    Thomas Haden Church

    Lowell Mather (Seasons 1-6)

    David Schramm

    David Schramm

    Roy Biggins

    Rebecca Schull

    Rebecca Schull

    Fay Evelyn Schlob Dumbly DeVay Cochran

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      • Lowell: Personally, I haven't had any... female companionship... since Bunny left. Actually, a couple of months before she left. Hey, come to think of it, how old is my youngest child?

      • Roy: As far as I'm concerned, chicks are like buses. You miss one, another one will come along before you know it.
        Brian: Your dates are very much like buses, Roy. They're loud, they belch smoke, and can be picked up pretty much on any street corner.

      • *Brian talking to his date after she threatens a guy and Brian backs down from him*
        Barbara242: "Are you just gonna let him push us around? What kinda man are you?"
        Brian: "Trust me I'm not half the man you are."

      • *Talking to his date about the birth of his son*
        Lowell: "I remember the day Lowell Jr. was born, it's a easy day to remember, it's his birthday..."

      • *responding to the questions on the dating video*
        Interviewer: "Sexiest body part."
        Lowell: "Chest hair...oh you mean on a woman? Oh, I'm gonna stay with my answer."

        Interviewer: "What kinda personality are you attracted to?"
        Brian: "Shy, retiring...uh...busty."

        Interviewer: "When is it ok to lie?"
        Lowell: "When you can't remember the truth?"
        Brian: "I guess at the end of the day when you're tired"

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