Season 7 Episode 11

Honey, We Broke the Kid

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Jan 02, 1996 on NBC

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  • Raising Kids & Coming Out

    Joe and Helen decide to give parenting a try, by babysitting a friend's young daughter for the weekend. Meanwhile, Casey is excited that she has convinced a hot, big time, Hollywood action star to come and do a promotional commercial for tourism. Casey has the hots for the star, named Deke, and apparently did not read a recent interview where he talked about being openly gay in Hollywood.

    Deke mistakes Antonio's fan adoration as romance, even asking him to 'come out' for a LA visit. This is a great episode, overall, and 'Wings' was one of the shows that managed to be funny from the first episode to the final episode.

    Joe and Helen discover that parenting, even for a weekend, can be much more complicated then the thought. Granted, I am not entirely sure what lesson Casey, Deke and Antonio learned. Their story line is less about learning and more about a comedy of confusion. I

    It is a wee bit hard to believe that two fans (Casey and Antonio) would not have read the press interview, but Joe's brother (who is not as much of a fan) had. The innocence/ignorance is needed for the comedy, but had a big time Hollywood action star come out, especially back then, it would have been a huge news story, much like it was when Ellen came out in 1997.

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