Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Apr 19, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

As the episode opens Joe walks into the hangar kisses his plane, as Lowell walks out of the plane. Joe talks to Lowell about the love of his plane and flying, as Lowell responds back about hunting rats. Airport- We now see an inside shot of the airport terminal where we are introduced to Fay. You can see here that Fay isn't operating on all cylinders. We are also introduced to Roy, and Helen now. Roy hands Joe a package that was delivered to him by mistake. It is from a lawyer about his dead fathers estate. He reads the letter and it states that he can only open the package if his brother, Brian, is with him. He hasn't spoken to his brother in over 6 years. Helen talks him into calling Brian. Later Brian walks into the airport, and talks to Roy about his flight. Joe comes down and talks to Brian. Brian is shocked when he sees Helen, who has lost weight since he last saw her. He takes Brian into his office, where they briefly talk about Brian taking Joe's Ex-fiancée. They open the package and find a key to a safe deposit box to a bank on Nantucket. Joe leaves the office and Brian calls Carol, and leaves her a message about coming back to him. They come back holding a cash box they got from the safe deposit box but have no way of opening it. They pry it open with a screwdriver, and it contains a key to a post office box in Boston. Plane- Brian and Joe are flying in the plane, where we find out they spent 5 hours chasing down what ever was left for them. Joe finds out here that Brian lost his job, flying in the Caribbean. Here we also find out that Brian got accepted to Princeton, and quit, he also got accepted to NASA, and got canned. Joe and Brian are so busy arguing that Joe over flies the airport. Airport- They enter the airport arguing. Brian tells Helen about all the stops they had to make, and now they have a key that they don't know where it goes. Joe now finds out that Carol left Brian too. Brian apologizes to Joe about 'taking' Carol. Joe offers Brian a job, and he declines. As Brian leaves Fay recognizes the key and says it goes into one of the lockers in the airport, Brian stops and comes back. Lowell opens the locker and there is a suitcase inside. He tosses it to Joe. Joe opens it, and a bunch of those snake in a can things pop out at them. They find a picture inside of the two of them as kids, written on the back it says "You're rich". They realize that their father just wanted them to spend some time together, and become reunited. Brian decides to take the job, and they shake hands.