Season 2 Episode 21

Murder She Roast

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Mar 21, 1991 on NBC

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  • Faye the murderer=big laughs!

    Wings is a great show and this episode is my favorite in the entire series. Brian is watching an America's Most Wanted-esque series and thinks he sees Faye on there wanted for murder. The laughs keep coming when they all go to dinner at her house. Most definitely one of the funniest dinner scenes ever, especially when Joe and Helen are picking on Brian at the table. If you only watch one episode of Wings in your entire life, this is the one too watch. It will keep you laughing for sure. The look on Helen's face when she walks into the kitchen and sees Helen standing over Joe and Brian is priceless! Don't miss it!
  • When Brian stays at Fay s house while he wachtes tv he sees a woman on a crim show that looks like Fay and he trys to convince Joe and Helen it is Fay

    This episode was a great episode near the end of the season this episode was a great funny episode to watch the writers did a great job on this episode all of the Wings episode are great but this sure was a funny episode this episode was in season 2 the first time i so this episode i couldnt stop laughing the second time i so it i kept on laughing like i did the first time this is going to be on the Wings dvds coming out May 23rd i cant wait to get the dvd and laugh all over again.