Season 1 Episode 4

Return to Nantucket (2)

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM May 10, 1990 on NBC



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    • Joe : Look what she is doing to us Brian. The last time she came between us we didn't speak for six years, now I don't want that to happen again do you?
      Brian : No.
      Joe : Now one of us has been up front with you. One of us has told you the truth and only one of us really cares about you.
      Brian : Just my luck it's you.

    • Carol : Brian I'm so sorry if I hurt you. It's just I feel like I'm being torn apart. I mean half of me wants you and all the craziness that goes with you. But the other half wants Joe so strong and solid.
      Brian : You can have the half of her that cooks.
      Joe : How can you joke about this?
      Brian : Because it's what I do.

    • Carol : Have you been drinking?
      Helen : I've had four glasses of Chianti with my spaghetti. And I had three helpings of that if you must know.
      Carol : Well that would explain that attractive spaghetti sauce stain on your sweater then.
      Helen : Oh yeah, I accidentally bounced a meatball off my left breast.

    • Lowell : Everything ok, Joe?
      Joe : Well actually I've got a little problem but hey everyone has problems.
      Lowell : Not like yours. Listen Joe if you and Brian want to date each other well it's your own business, but before you give up on the fairer sex give Roy a call. A nicer gal you won't find anywhere.

    • Joe : Brian how was the flight?
      Brian : Routine. The controls seemed a little sluggish at first but then some fat guy fell out and everything was fine.

    • Brian : Look we can't let it end like this you gotta come back to Nantucket with me. I'm not looking for a commitment or anything like that, just give it 40 or 50 years and then if things don't work out I'll pop your teeth back in and off you go.

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