Wings - Season 2

NBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • 3/28/91
    Much to Joe's surprise, Helen wins a job with the Maine State Symphony. But when Helen comes to Joe and tells him she would stay if he only asked, the discussion turns into a huge fight. Then comes the unwelcome news that the Symphony has lost their funding and there is no job. Joe prepares to apologize but Helen's ready to leave; tired of not getting anywhere with her musical career, she decides to leave Nantucket for New York City.

    Meanwhile, a confused looking woman who doesn't speak english and has been hanging around the airport gains Fay's sympathy and Roy's hostility.moreless
  • Murder She Roast
    Episode 21
    While the brother's house is being fumigated, Brian is forced to stay with Fay, because Joe refuses to let him stay with him at Helen's. As Brian soon learns it's not that bad staying with Fay, that is until he thinks it's her being featured on the "Most Wanted" show he is watching.

    Fay makes Brian a "Farewell" dinner, and an anxious Brian forces Joe and Helen to attend as well.moreless
  • Mother Wore Stripes
    Episode 20
    Brian is ecstatic when his and Joe's mother returns to Nantucket years after deserting them and their father. For Joe it's too little to late, because he can't forgive her for leaving.
  • All in the Family
    Episode 19
    When Brian starts to date Kenny's mother, Kenny is worried about Brian's reputation with women. But just as Kenny warms to the idea of them dating, Brian dumps her. Meanwhile, Joe and Helen squabble over the issue of privacy.
  • Wanting a night alone, Joe and Helen kick Brian out of the house, but Brian shows up the next day with a woman named Gwen who he intends to marry. Despite the objections of Joe and Helen, the happy couple and the wedding party (with Roy as the minister and Joe and Helen as the Best Man and Brides Maid, respectively) go up in Joe's plane, to watch the marriage ceremony and subsequent skydive.

    In the midst of all this excitement Joe and Helen decide to take the plunge too. Suddenly Gwen has a major change of heart and she and Brian decide not to get married after all, as do Joe and Helen.moreless
  • Valentines Day gets off to a rocky start for Helen and Joe. Joe's gift of chocolates is not appreciated by the once overweight Helen. But Helen apologizes for taking it the wrong way, sending Joe a note telling him to meet her at their "special place" later that night. However the have different places in mind, for Joe, it's Indian Point, were they had there first date. For Helen it's Pontorelli's, where they first ate. After a confusing night they finally end up at Pontorelli's for a late Valentine's Day.

    Meanwhile, when Roy's blind date exceeds all his low expectations, all he can do is try and figure out what's wrong with her.moreless
  • 2/7/91
    During a cargo flight, Brian and Joe see a UFO. Despite Joe's concerns about bringing down unfavorable media attention to Sandpiper, Brian reports the sighting to the FAA. Brian's report is ignored by the federal agents, but not by the UFO Society that visits afterward. Unfortunately, when Joe and Brian agree to take the group and a reporter up to see if they can see the UFO again, the UFO society shows its true colors.

    Meanwhile, Helen informs Fay she still owes her money on the lunch bill, which Fay insists she paid. They end up resorting to an arm wrestling contest to settle the dispute.moreless
  • My Brother's Back - And There's Gonna Be Trouble
    When Joe's back goes out and forces him into a stay at the hospital, Brian takes over Sandpiper. His eagerness is soon deflated, when all his new ideas and crazy promotions turns into a disastrous mess. When Joe returns he finds the Airport in complete chaos, with the Marching band and the team mascot ready to board the plane for a world record attempt, and Brian looking for the plane after it went missing.moreless
  • The Tennis Bum
    Episode 14
    For the upcoming model show, Lowell brings in his most prized possession, his radio controlled Graf Zeppelin model. Storing it in Joe's office he makes only one request, that no one touch it, including Joe. But Joe can't resist and of course destroys it, after Roy bursts in without knocking and crushes it behind the door.

    Meanwhile, Brian's attempt at cheering Fay up by letting her beat him in a game of tennis, turns into embarrassment as the news of the victory spreads. So Brian, with wounded pride, challenges Fay to a rematch, but bows out when he realizes that he can't beat her. So he fakes an injury to save face.

    Helen confronts Roy about not hiring any female pilots, so he claims that a male looking pilot is actually female.moreless
  • 1/10/91
    Joe is torn, on one hand he promised to take care of Helen, who is gonna be laid up for the night after visiting the dentist. And on the hand he's missing the biggest College Basketball game of the year, when Providence plays Boston College. Joe soon finds out Helen's TV is in the shop, so he bundles up unconscious Helen and takes her to his house and the party. She wanders off and everyone except Roy has to go looking for her.moreless
  • Airport '90
    Airport '90
    Episode 12
    At the urging of an enthusiastic Helen, Joe starts a flight school. However, Helen, Lowell and another student are the only ones to enroll. Joe spends 3 days on lift and Helen is ready to quit. Bored out of her mind, Brian offers her a chance to fly the plane. But air turbulence knocks Brian out cold shortly after take off, leaving Helen on her own in the skies. Joe talks her down and the near death experience has Joe and Helen finally taking the final plunge into "dating."moreless
  • A Terminal Christmas
    When everyone's Christmas turns rotten (an airport tradition), the gang decide to crash Fay's Christmas Party. But when they arrive they find her alone, sad and depressed that this is her first Christmas without her third husband George. After a lifeless dinner Fay finally comes to peace with her husband's departure by scattering George's ashes over the ocean.moreless
  • 12/14/90
    Everyone is surprised when Roy lets his son R.J., star of the high school football team, take cello lessons from Helen. Roy thinks his son just has a crush on Helen, but when Helen brings the issue up with R.J., he tells her that he's gay. A little fact that does not sit well with Roy.moreless
  • Friends or Lovers?
    Episode 9
    Lonely and desperate, Joe and Helen decide to go out on a date. Brian listening in via a malfunctioning radio joins the unsuspecting pair. After a nice dinner, Joe parks the car up at Indian Point, the local teenage make out spot. After a case of the giggles, they share a long kiss, but decide to hold off on a more serious relationship for now.

    Meanwhile, with Joe still grounded due to high blood pressure, Brian hires a new back up pilot, High school student, Kenny McElvey.moreless
  • High Anxiety
    Episode 8
    Joe gets grounded by the Doctor for his high blood pressure, so he takes his frustration and anger out on Brian, who soon quits to enroll at TWA flight school. Joe, now searching for a new pilot, is unable to find anyone who will work for the salary he is offering. So he decides to sell Sandpiper to Roy. That is, before Brian returns and convinces him to stay in business.moreless
  • When Joe gets arrested for the unpaid parking tickets that Brian had accumulated under his name. Brian manages to charm the officer into letting his brother out of the handcuffs. But his charm is stronger than he thinks and soon Brian has an obsessed admirer. He attempts to break up with her by claiming Helen is his girlfriend. But, the attention is soon deflected back by an harassed Helen. Brian finally tells Colleen the truth, she responds by hanging him upside down in the hangar. Meanwhile, Lowell totes his video camera around the airport trying to capture something to submit to the show "America's Wackiest Videos".moreless
  • It's Not the Thought, It's the Gift
    Helen's birthday becomes a contest between Joe and Brian to see who can buy her a more impressive gift. The gifts escalate until both reach an agreement to only give her "little gifts". But Brian doesn't come through on his end and Joe's little seagull on a piece of driftwood is overshadowed by Brian's CD player. Joe has the last laugh though, to make up with Helen over an argument about her birthday, he gives her his mother's cameo. Helen discovers this later while watching home movies from their childhood.moreless
  • 10/26/90
    A man claiming to be Joe's old high school friend asks Joe to be his best man. But Joe can't remember anything about the groom, even after the wedding party arrives on Nantucket.
  • Sports & Leisure
    Episode 4
    After a fishing trip is ruined by Roy, the gang un-invites him to the Trivial Pursuit party at Helen's. Angry at them initially, he accepts their re-invitation to the party and decides to be nice and try to fit in. But his new resolve is foiled by his game partner, Lowell.moreless
  • A Little Nightmare Music
    When the conductor of the Minneapolis Philharmonic comes to Nantucket for his honeymoon, the brothers convince Helen to audition for him. After two cold rejections, Helen is ready to give up on her dream. But after making peace with herself about giving up the cello, the conductor's final words of hope as he leaves the airport are the last thing she wants to hear.moreless
  • The Story of Joe
    The Story of Joe
    Episode 2
    A writer from 'American Flyer Magazine' comes to the island to interview Joe and he thinks his fortunes may have taken an upswing. But when the writer's interest is grabbed by Brian's wild adventures, Joe is left with nothing but jealousy. But despite Joe's accusations to the contrary, Brian has been talking to the writer about his brother. Unfortunately the editor kills the story, feeling there really is no story.

    Meanwhile, Cliff and Norm (from Cheers Fame) arrive on the island for a fishing trip. But have a little trouble actually reaching the water, due to the many wonderful pubs located on the island.moreless
  • The Puppetmaster
    The Puppetmaster
    Episode 1
    To break Helen's "no dating pilots" rule, Brian hires an actor to play Helen's dream date, a man perfect in every way except for the fact he's a pilot. Meanwhile, Roy's idea to keep in touch with Lowell by walkie talkie proves unsuccessful, as Lowell uses it more for fun than actual communication.moreless