Wings - Season 3

NBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • Try to Remember the Night He Dismembered
    With the airport shut down due to fog, the Gang tries to find ways to pass time, which leads to Brian doing his Hypnosis act on volunteers. Including Joe, and finally Roy. While under, Roy reveals he stole $250,000 dollars and buried it in his backyard. The rest of the gang dig up his backyard, with the intent of returning the money to its rightful owner, only to discover that their hole is to become the resting place for Roy's new hot tub. Roy's glee is short-lived though as he soon discovers where they hauled the dirt.moreless
  • The Bogey Men
    Episode 11
    Brian talks Joe into a vacation so they can do a little golfing, only to find out it's actually a time share weekend, where they want you to buy a condo. When Roy finds out he horns his way in. Lowell is then invited to tag along to make it a foursome. But the minute they arrive, their ushered away to a marathon sales pitch. Then the rest of the weekend is ruined by a tropical depression off the coast, so they can't go golfing.

    Meanwhile, back at the airport, Antonio decides to treat the airport crowd to the only song he knows, "Michael Row the boat ashore". Over and over and over again.moreless
  • Das Plane
    Episode 17
    Joe is pleased to learn that the ticket he donated to the children's hospital's charity event brought in a staggering $10,000 dollars. But his mood soon turns sour when a misprint on the ticket (thanks to Brian) forces him to fly crabby old Carlton Blanchard on a cross-country trip for a reunion with his brother. Lowell and Antonio tag along, but the frustrations of the flight have Joe and Brian at each others throats and ready to go there separate ways. But seeing the fists fly at Carlton's reunion help the two make peace.moreless
  • Crate Expectations
    Episode 7
    As his birthday approaches, Joe firmly insists that the rest of the gang not throw him a party. When Fay asks him to stay late to wait for a shipment of airplane seats, he suspects that, despite his words, the gang will be throwing him a surprise party by springing out of the crate. But he ends up embarrassing himself when the crate arrives; upon hearing about it the next day, the gang decide to surprise him by coming in another crate. Unfortunately, Joe receives a crate full of kitchen appliances, and the rest of the gang end up on a ferry to the mainland.moreless
  • The Bank Dick
    Episode 20
    After returning from a vacation made possible by a hefty tax refund, Brian finds out that the refund was an error. To help pay of his bet he takes on a second as a security guard at the bank. But he's fired after a robbery and it's back to flying. But while flying Antonio to Boston he discovers the robber is on board the plane. Unfortunately, the robber also recognizes Brian and pulls a gun out to force Brian to land in a field. Brian dares the would be Hi-Jacker to kill him as the plane is screaming towards the ground, the robber gives in first and hands the gun to Antonio.

    Meanwhile, Antonio leaves for a trip to his home country of Italy and no one cares.moreless
  • 10/31/91
    When Roy's opponent for a seat on the town council drops out, the gang convince Joe to run against him. But the surprise endorsement of Joe's campaign manager Fay, by the local newspaper, gives Roy more competition than he can handle. So Roy concocts a plan, involving a story about how he has never won anything his entire life. Touched by Roy's story of his embarrassing failures in grade school, Fay throws the election.moreless
  • Ladies Who Lunch
    Episode 8
    Tired of the bickering between Helen and Gail, Joe suggests that the two go out to lunch together. Things go far better than he expects, though, as the two women become fast friends, comparing embarrassing notes about him. A confrontation between Joe and Helen about the strange triangle quickly turns from angry words to passion, only to be interrupted by a shocked Gail. Gail breaks it off with Joe and departs, while Helen brushes away the newly reawakened feelings and leaves too, leaving Joe alone. Meanwhile, Fay tries to continue her streak of touching every first lady since Eleanor Roosevelt, when the president and his wife visit Nantucket. But when Roy demands to have his picture taken with the president, he is arrested for his trouble.moreless
  • 5/7/92
    When Helen accidentally spills soup all over a man's expensive Italian suit, she thinks her fortunes have sunk to their lowest. But it turns out the man is the managing Director of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and in a bizarre twist of fate, she ends up with a job as a cellist, with her first performance scheduled for that very night. Her happiness is tempered though when everyone except Roy has other commitments and can't attend. But suddenly those disappear and soon they are on there way to Boston. But then yet another hurdle presents itself, as one of the planes engines on Joe's Twin engine Cessna dies. Just as things are looking up, Helen's luck runs out as the other engine dies and they go plunging into the Atlantic.moreless
  • 10/17/91
    Hearing that Lowell is having problems with his wife Bunny because of his paranoia that she's flirting with other men, Brian offers foolishly to discuss the issue with Bunny. Unfortunately, Lowell's suspicions are not unfounded, as Brian soon finds out when Joe walks in on Bunny coming on to Brian.
  • Divorce, American Style
    Stunned by the news that their "quickie" divorce won't be for another three years, Helen sadly resigns herself to life as Antonio's wife. But soon Brian's news about a green card lottery revives her hopes, until Antonio's call to Immigration reveals he was not picked. But Helen soon finds out Antonio lied about not being picked; when she asks about his deception, he answers that he was hoping that she would grow to love him. Much like his parents had done decades before while in an arranged marriage. It is not to be, however, and Helen asked Antonio for a divorce.moreless
  • Stew in a Stew
    Episode 14
    Fay is understanding when Joe tells her he won't be able to give her a raise, but when she sees the brothers gloating over a pair of new leather flight jackets, she quits. She accepts a position at Aeromass, while Joe struggles at Sandpiper. After Brian tells the story of how they met years ago, their differences are finally resolved.moreless
  • Helen refuses to pay for the repairs to Joe's office after running her jeep through it. So Joe takes her to small claims court. Helen falls and hurts her ankle and is late for court, when she does arrive Joe thinks she's faking and pushes her down and pokes her with her own crutch. In the end Joe wins the case and rubs it in so much, Helen once again smashes her jeep through his office (after Lowell had rebuilt).moreless
  • 4/30/92
    To help commemorate the anticipated breaking of Joe's old high school strike out record, Joe's old coach coerces him to fly him and his star player Ty Warner to the game. But when Joe decides not to land at the airport, due to poor visibility, was his main concern safety or his record? Either way after Roy offers to fly him, Ty gets to the game and pitches the last two innings, striking all 6 batters he faces and breaks the record.moreless
  • This Old House
    Episode 15
    The news that the Hackett's old house has been condemned due to storm damage has the two brother's trying to save it. But all efforts fail, so the gang visit the house one more time before the wrecking ball is scheduled to level the place. Reliving their unhappy childhoods, Joe and Brian realize how miserable their memories of the house really are, and they decide to get a head start on the wrecking ball by doing a little demolishing of their own. Belatedly, they find out that the house has been saved by the historic committee.moreless
  • 1/9/92
    Antonio arrives at the airport with bad news: the government is planning to deport him. But Antonio can stay if he marries an American citizen, so Brian finds him a bride. But when the federal agent comes to town, Antonio's bride-to-be deserts him. Helen jumps into save Antonio just in time, on the premise that they will get a divorce as soon as possible. Despite getting cold feet right before the wedding, Helen becomes Antonio's wife, but then finds out the divorce won't come for three years.moreless
  • 10/10/91
    Concerned by Helen's persistent anger over her break up with Joe, the rest of the group convince her to seek help with a end of relationships transition group. Though the group turns out to be a senior citizen's group, Helen realizes the true source of her pain and finally has a reconciliation with Joe. But it doesn't save Joe's poor office from Helen's jeep; though it's Joe who accidentally plows through his office this time.

    Meanwhile, after escorting Helen to the group meeting, Brian becomes obsessed with talking about Carol and takes over the group.moreless
  • 4/2/92
    Antonio's stories of his success with a video dating service prompt Joe, Brian, Helen and Lowell to give it try. But things don't turn out as good as they'd hoped. Helen ends up working at the Club Car; Joe dates a woman who will only talk through a wooden dummy. Brian gets saddled with a business obsessed control freak. In the end, Lowell is the only one who has a nice time.moreless
  • The Naked Truth
    Episode 1
    After a ten month silence, Joe hears from Helen in New York City. When Helen fishes around about their relationship, he can't bring himself to tell her about his new girlfriend, Gail. Joe and Brian travel to New York, so Joe can tell Helen in person about Gail, but the two find Helen working as a waitress in a strip joint. Intent on getting Helen to leave New York and return to Nantucket, Joe doesn't mention Gail. Shortly following their return to the island, Gail surprises them. After a screaming match and feeling hurt and betrayed, Helen drives her jeep through Joe's office.moreless
  • 2/27/92
    After her short-lived career in real estate ends in disgrace, the gang convince Helen to take a job placement exam. When the exam suggests she should pursue a career in Music or Food Service, they decide to change it, to Law or Stand Up Comedian. To everyone's surprise, the least likely of the two chooses is the one she picks; Comedian. At Brian's suggestion she uses her cello as her gimmick, and posts flyers all over town about her big comedy debut at the Club Car. But her big night is ruined when a comedian on just before her uses virtually the same gimmick and wows the crowd.moreless
  • 12/12/91
    Pressured by questions, Roy reveals his wife Sylvia is not dead after all, instead living in Boston after having deserted him abruptly sixteen years ago. In the company of Brian, Roy flies to Boston to win his wife back. Roy's efforts are for naught, however, as Sylvia refuses to leave her life as the wife of a rich plastic surgeon to return to Nantucket with him.moreless
  • 2/13/92
    Dr. Frasier Crane's plans to conduct a self-esteem seminar on Nantucket are interrupted by Helen's accusations that he ruined her life in New York City when she attended one of his seminars. Instead of the refund she desires, Frasier allows Helen to attend the seminar for free to see if her problems can be solved. The seminar soon turns into an airing out of some of the long standing conflicts between Joe, Brian and Helen and Frasier's seminar is ruined.moreless
  • 11/7/91
    The arrival of Millionaire Mimsy Borogroves has Fay, Roy and Helen eager to tap into her immense wealth; Fay wants a new Senior Citizens Center, Roy (now as a City Councilman) wants investment money for Nantucket and Helen wants to start of her new real estate career with a big sell. But Mimsy has eyes for Brian, and he soon enjoys the good life, receiving expensive presents and accompanying Mimsy everywhere. Joe is ashamed of Brian's actions, but Brian ignores him. Joe's disgust quickly disappears when Mimsy offers to buy him a new plane. Unfortunately for the rest of the group, Brian finally takes heed of Joe's earlier words and ends his relationship with Mimsy. Who in turn pulls all of her money out of Nantucket.moreless