Wings - Season 5

NBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • 9/16/93
    Everyone is of course skeptical when Brian announces that his relationship with Alex is special. To try to ensure that their relationship lasts longer than a couple of weeks, they decide not to sleep with one another yet.
  • Terminal Jealousy
    Episode 2
    On a boring day, Roy decides to have some fun at everyone else's expense. He plants the idea in Brian's head that Joe and Alex have something going on, which soon has Brian obsessing about it. Then he misleads Helen into insulting the state health inspector, who happens to be an old foe from her high school days.moreless
  • Bye-Bye, Bunny
    Episode 3
    Lowell and Bunny make their separation final by signing the divorce papers, but as Joe and Brian discover the next morning, they again start sleeping together. Lowell begins thinking the marriage can be saved, until he finds out that Bunny has a fiance in Boston.

    Meanwhile, Antonio consoles a woman named Betty via a cellular phone left in his cab by her cheating husband. Fay is in on the plot as she too talks to her daily. But it's soon revealed that Betty's husband came to Nantucket to have an affair, but couldn't go through with it.moreless
  • 10/7/93
    Intent on expanding Sandpiper, Joe flies in potential investor Davis Lynch from New York City. Smitten with Helen, Davis gets Joe to show him around the island. Accused by the others of treating Helen like a prostitute, Joe goes to the crab house where Helen and Davis are dining to get her off the hook. But there's bad news; Davis isn't going invest in Sandpiper and Helen refuses to leave with him.moreless
  • 10/14/93
    Joe is upset when he becomes Brian and Alex's chauffeur to their Vermont getaway and Helen's to New York City to see Davis. But he ends up having the most fun, as he and Helen are forced to stay with Brian and Alex, ruining their much anticipated first night as lovers. Brian and Alex end up having a huge fight and almost break up and Helen gets smashed out of her mind. Meanwhile, Antonio and Fay help Roy change his image to try and impress a new woman.moreless
  • Black Eye Affair
    Episode 6
    News of Davis' impending arrival on Nantucket is soon followed by troubles for Helen: a friend drops by in need of a sympathetic ear, a quick trip to the gym results in a black eye and the chlorine reacts with the highlights in her hair. Then a skin rash appears which turns out to be poison ivy. While Lowell is having trouble cooking dinner, Roy shows up with his pals to get a picture of Stella in the buff and hopefully have her sign it. All of this before Davis even is expected.moreless
  • Joe Blows (1)
    Episode 7
    The day starts of bad for Joe when a passenger threatens a lawsuit if his lost luggage isn't returned by the end of the day. After he struggles to trace the luggage, the others intrude their concerns into his life. Antonio wants Joe to co-sign a loan for a new cab. Helen wants advice about what to do with her relationship with Davis. Brian wants Joe to ask Alex about their disappointing first night as lovers. Roy annoys everyone by showing off his new radio commercial for AeroMass. Fay wants Joe to talk to the town council. When Joe's relief at giving the passenger his luggage is blunted by the man's insistence that someone else pay for the scratches on it, he finally loses it. Tired of his stressful life, Joe leaves Nantucket.moreless
  • Joe Blows (2)
    Episode 8
    With Joe gone to parts unknown, the heavy burden of running Sandpiper falls on Brian's shoulders. But it's soon revealed through his credit card statement that Joe is in Brian's old stomping grounds. Brian goes to bring Joe back, but ends buying Sandpiper from for a dollar. After struggling to right Sandpiper, Brian finally seems to have things under control when Joe returns. Brian is unwilling to relinquish control of the airline, but Joe only wants Brian's old job, the two finally agree to be partners.moreless
  • 11/18/93
    When news arrives that Sandy Cooper is returning to Nantucket, Joe fears her high school obsession with him will return, but the others think he's imagining things. Joe's fears are soon realized when he goes to help her move some books from her basement and it becomes their prom night all over again. Meanwhile, Antonio tries to raise money to send his family and Roy is worried about a visit from his cranky mother.moreless
  • Come Fly with Me
    Episode 10
    Joe, Brian, Helen and Lowell all find themselves dateless on a Saturday night, so they decide to fly up to Boston for a night on the town. But what starts out as a great party turns out to be a pick up place for call girls. Helen is offered $500 to dress up like Little Bo Peep and spank him.

    Meanwhile, Roy, Fay and Antonio pool their resources to try and win a radio call-in contest. But when Fay leaves for a second, Roy gives the wrong answer and blows the night.moreless
  • Happy Holidays
    Episode 11
    The Christmas season brings little joy to the airport. Bunny arrives on Nantucket to attend a friend's wedding, and ends up sleeping with Antonio in the backseat of his cab. Antonio struggles with the guilt and eventually tells Lowell. Meanwhile, Brian is reluctant to meet Alex's parents for Christmas, Joe deals with the loss of a tree and Fay's harpish efforts to organize the Christmas party are not appreciated by Helen.moreless
  • Ready, Teddy, Go
    Episode 12
    Much to Helen's delight, Davis finally shows up after a long string of cancelled dates. But a search through his luggage while he's taking a shower, soon dampens Helen's spirits. Inside a fancy box she finds a lace teddy. Uncomfortable at what this gift seems to indicate about the state of their relationship, she is soon angry when Davis presents her with a box of soaps later, instead of the lingerie.

    Meanwhile, Fay "kidnaps" a rat from the Laboratory of her Psychology Professor to try and save it.moreless
  • Tired of Lowell's strictness, the brothers boot him out of the house. Despite his reluctance, Lowell buys a new house and tries to adjust to the experience of living alone for the first time.
  • The Faygitive
    The Faygitive
    Episode 14
    Fay is feeling spooked when friends tell her that someone has been asking questions about her. When a Private Investigator shows up at the airport, she's not sure what to expect. The man who hired the P.I. shows up and tells his story; He was a soldier who went to a USO dance where Fay volunteered, back during the Korean War, who then went off to war owing Fay a dance, and he's finally arrived to get that last dance.

    Meanwhile, Antonio gets an illegal cable hookup from a friend of Roy.moreless
  • Say Uncle, Carlton
    Episode 15
    To help pay for his new used cab, Antonio gets a job as a chauffeur for Carlton Blanchard. Things get even worse when Carlton's equally annoying nephew, Lewis, arrives on Nantucket to attend Carlton's banquet.
  • Hey, Nineteen
    Episode 16
    To Helen's disgust and Brian's envy, Joe starts dating 19-year-old Courtney Blake. For Joe it's a perfectly meanlingless relationship, but for Courtney it appears to be much more serious. But Joe soon finds out that Courtney's hearts yearns for another man, much older than he.

    Meanwhile, Roy and Antonio find a dog whose cute charm no woman can resist.moreless
  • Exclusively Yours
    Episode 17
    Brian's exclusive commitment to Alex is sorely tested when Joe flies in a group of models for a photo shoot. Meanwhile, Helen's decision to name food items on her menu after the people in the airport doesn't go as well as she would have hoped. Lowell takes forever deciding what he wants to be, but finally suggests "LowellSlaw" and Roy objects to being associated with the Giant Turkey Leg.moreless
  • Moonlighting
    Episode 18
    To ease Alex's embarrassment over having to take a job as waitress during the off-season, the gang tell their own stories of off-season jobs. Joe flew a star chimpanzee, Fay dressed up as a Giant Lobster, Antonio sold funeral plots and Brian and Helen performed a magic act for Roy's Lodge.moreless
  • 3/10/94
    Thinking it will be a good idea, Brian moves in with Alex, but both quickly become irritated by the other's annoying habits. But faced with the prospect of breaking up, the two settle their differences, as Joe repeatedly carries Brian's speakers up and down the steps. Meanwhile, Lowell attempts to come up with a name for his sister's baby.moreless
  • Boys Will Be Girls
    Episode 20
    When the High School football coach who used to terrorize the Hacketts returns to Nantucket to be honored in a Gym dedication, Joe and Brian plan a practical joke to get even. Sneaking into the Coach's hotel room at night, the brothers dress him up like a woman and take pictures of him. Unfortunately, the coach died earlier that night, and when his body is discovered in the morning, rumors abound about his crossdressing private life. When Helen learns about the brothers' practical joke, she forces them to speak at the dedication ceremony, but instead of admitting their deed, the brothers defend the privacy of individuals and escape unscathed.moreless
  • Roy Crazy
    Episode 21
    The appearance of Roy's ex-wife Sylvia on Nantucket surprises the gang as much as it delights Roy. Roy hopes for a reconciliation, but after a phone call comes into AeroMass saying that she was only doing it to get even with her cheating ex-husband, Brian reluctantly tells Roy. Roy refuses to believe him at first, but eventually skips out on sleeping with his ex.

    Meanwhile, Helen tries to fend off a smitten and slightly crazy waiter from the crab house.moreless
  • 4/28/94
    Davis cancels yet another date, so Helen decides to go out with another man. When Joe's date with Sandra suddenly comes into conflict with his date with Joy, Joe decides to lie his way out of his date with Sandra. Joe's lies come back to bite him, as Joy cancels on him. Davis shows up on the island after all, only to find out Helen is out with another man. So he treats Joe to a night out at the Club Car, where Helen and her date show up, followed quickly by Sandra. Joe ends up busted while Davis and Helen go elsewhere to reconcile.moreless
  • Call of the Wild
    Episode 23
    When Brian's old friend Danny arrives on the island, the two start reliving their old wild lifestyle, and Alex begins to feel neglected. Things come to a boil when Brian returns from an all night party in New York City. Alex tells him to pack up his stuff and get of her apartment and Brian's final plea at the end fails.

    Meanwhile, Lowell is taken advantage of by his childhood idol, Big Strong Man.moreless
  • A Decent Proposal
    Episode 24
    Joe's efforts to raise more money for Sandpiper seem to be on the verge of paying off; he awaits word from the bank loan office. Meanwhile, Helen is distraught at the news of Davis' mid-week arrival. She is sure Davis is coming to break up with her. But Davis surprises her with a marriage proposal, and she readily accepts. She leaves to go home to pack for her flight to New York that night just as Joe arrives back from the bank, with the good news that the bank has agreed to the loan. Stunned by the news of the marriage, Joe goes over to Helen's house. Joe and Helen congratulate each other on their respective good fortunes and the memory of their relationship returns. When Brian enters Joe's room later that night, he finds Helen and Joe in bed together.moreless