Wings - Season 6

NBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • 9/20/94
    After their night together, Helen tells Joe that it was all a big mistake and heads to New York to marry Davis. While bemoaning his loss with Brian (who has sorrows of his own, when news comes that Alex has left the island for good), Joe comes to realize he has to win Helen back. He follows her to New York and finally catches up to her in the elevator on the way to Davis' penthouse. Joe asks Helen to marry him, and she says yes.moreless
  • Twisted Sister
    Twisted Sister
    Episode 2
    The arrival of Helen's older sister Casey to Nantucket side tracks Joe's plan to give Helen an engagement ring. What was originally planned to be an evening for two at Lexington's becomes a party of four. Casey came along to catch up with Helen, and Brian came along to occupy Casey. Then, before Joe can give Helen his ring, Casey gives Helen an even bigger ring as a gift and Joe's angry frustration brings the night to a halt. He apologizes later that night and gives her the ring, but once again Casey drops in to spoil things. Helen finally stands up to Casey, after one to many of her snide remarks. Casey then reveals that her husband has left her and she has no where to go. So Helen invites her to stay with her for as long as she wants.moreless
  • The Shrink
    Episode 3
    After Brian's depression over Alex's departure results in a near break-down during a flight, Joe suggests he go see a psychiatrist. Once there Brian makes a partial recovery. Joe though is the one with the true breakthrough, as he relizes that his earlier acceptance of Helen's suggestion of an earlier wedding date may result in trouble for him in the marriage. When confronted, Helen agrees on the original wedding date, until Casey sparks some doubts. Misunderstanding's ensue, which results in the wedding being called off. But Dr. Greyson's appearance at the airport for a flight leads to a reconciliation. Meanwhile, Lowell attempts to find the hat that Antonio lost for him.moreless
  • 10/11/94
    After his therapist pronounces him fully recovered from his break-up with Alex, Brian plunges back into the dating world. His efforts at the Club Car yield nothing of interest (despite Antonio's assistant with the "Good Cop,Bad Cop" routine), so he follows the advice of others and starts dating casual friend Joan. That elusive "spark" that is missing from their first three dates finally comes to life when Brian breaks up with her. Meanwhile, Lowell prepares a commencement speech address for his alma mater and Casey has trouble getting a good haircut.moreless
  • The Waxman Cometh
    Episode 5
    After receiving 20,000 dollars from the family trust fund,Lowell invests the money in an old wax museum.Despite everyone's doubts about it,Lowell renovates the museum,but at the lackluster grand reopening of "Lowell Mather's House O' Wax",he comes to realize it won't be easy.When news comes of a disastrous fire at the museum,Lowell is determined to start again from scratch,but when he realizes that the place is fully insured against fire,he's thankful just to have his money back.moreless
  • Joe and Helen just some time alone with one and another,but Brian and Casey continually interrupt them.To apologize,Brian and Casey decide to surprise them with an engagement party,but Antonio misinterprets an overheard conversation and believes Brian to be sleeping with Casey.When she hears about it,Helen drags Joe to the party site well before they are expected.moreless
  • All's Fare
    All's Fare
    Episode 7
    To pay off a $1500 IRS fine,Antonio becomes the driver/errand boy/personal assistant to Gavin Rutledge,a business visiting Nantucket for a week for a real estate deal. Uncomfortable at seeing Gavin dating Casey, Antonio faces a major dilemma when he finds out Gavin is married.At the price of his job,Antonio tells Casey about Gavin,and Casey shows her gratitude by giving Antonio a jewelry gift she received from Gavin.

    Meanwhile,Joe is Irked that Brian had an erotic dream about Helen.moreless
  • Miss Jenkins
    Episode 8
    The return of 9th grade English teacher Laura Jenkins to Nantucket reawakens the Hackett's schoolboy crushes.For Brian fantasy becomes reality when he spends the night with her,but to his embarrassment,he doesn't perform. Meanwhile,Roy deals with a con man interested in marrying his mother for her social security check.
  • When Helen and Casey's mother arrives on Nantucket, Helen isn't sure which sister her mother came to see. And when she finds out her mother gambled away the $10,000 for her and Joe's wedding, she is convinced that Casey has always been the favorite of the family.

    Meanwhile, Fay and Roy split a ticket to a Barbra Streisand concert, Antonio adopts Deedee as his own mother, and Lowell and Brian stuff themselves on Deedee's food in an attempt to see who can outeat the other.moreless
  • The Wrong Stuff
    Episode 10
    To counteract Roy's Aeromass promotions,the Hackett's woo famous astronaut Ace Calvin as a celebrity spokeman for Sandpiper.Joe and Brian soon discover that Ace is as charming and persuasive in public as he is irratating and annoying in private life.Any thoughts of signing him up are dashed when Roy beats them to the punch,but Roy quickly discovers just how obnoxious Gavin can be.moreless
  • Insanity Claus
    Episode 11
    On Christmas Eve,when Antonio buys Helen's last jelly donut,new air traffic controller Bob snaps,pulls out a gun and takes Antonio hostage.Matters for Antonio only get worse when it is revealed that his new girlfriend is also Bob's wife.Joe is finally able to talk Bob into surrending his gun,but the others are not very appreciative of the means by which he does it.moreless
  • She's Baaack!
    She's Baaack!
    Episode 12
  • She's ... Back
    Episode 12
    When Sandy Cooper returns to the island,Joe fears yet another bizarre encounter with the obsesses woman.She tells him it was all a practical joke,and he believes her until a stop at Helen's house becomes Sandy and Joe's wedding day. Meanwhile,Fay forces the old 70's wardrobe,of one of her dead husbands,onto Antonio and he wears to make her feel better, despite hating it.Also Lowell tries life as a vegetarian.moreless
  • 1/10/95
    With nothing to do one saturday night,Joe and Helen start socializing with a new couple on the island,the Tuckers.Joe and Helen's initial trepidation is soon forgotten in all the fun,but the Tucker's quickly tire of their needy counterparts.Joe and Helen soon find themselves dumped and looking for a new couple. Meanwhile,Brian and Casey start hitting the singles hangouts together and Antonio becomes Lowell's "hands" when Lowell injures his working on the cab.moreless
  • Fools Russian
    Episode 14
    When Roy flies in a mail-order bride from Russia,Helen tries to convince Roy and Anya that this marriage should never be,but both ignore her.Anya's resolve is weakened with a chance encounter with another man,and the sight of her weeping just moments before their wedding convinces Roy to free her from his commitments to him. Meanwhile,Fay convinces Lowell to pretend to be her lover to impress her soon to be arriving friends,but Lowell insists on cramming and it finally gets to Fay who calls the whole thing off just moments before they are to arrive.moreless
  • 2/7/95
    Struggling to agree on wedding plans,Joe and Helen decide to crash another couple's wedding to check out a place. Unfortunately,their fighting infects the newlyweds.Later at the airport seeing the newlyweds about to take seperate honeymoons, Joe and Helen try to right their wrongs and bring the newlyweds back together.Joe and Helen's efforts help themselves to see that their wedding plan disagreements are not indicative of the marriage to be,but the two newlyweds are only convinced to get an annulment. Meanwhile,Lowell and Antonio train for a Polar Bears competition.moreless
  • 2/9/95
    The Gang make preparations for the upcoming 5-class Siasconet High reunion,but the events of the reunion are not what anyone expects.
  • Remembrance of Flings Past (2)
    After receiving the news that he might be the father of Sara's little boy,Jason,Joe is advised by Roy to keep quite on the whole affair,but Joe's guilt forces him to tell Brian and Helen.Brian is angry that Joe slept with his ex-girlfriend;Helen is upset but supportive.When blood tests reveal that Joe is not the father,Joe and Helen are happy.But it dashes Brian's hopes of Sara staying on the island as she decides to leave to find the Jason's true father.

    Meanwhile,Lowell questions his choice in careers and Antonio struggles to make Casey his valentine.moreless
  • Gone But Not Faygotten
    When Fay decides to retire,Joe and Brian hire Casey to replace Fay at the counter.To the Hackett's surprise,Casey works wonders for their business.When Fay asks for her old job back,the brother's face a predictament.Rather than fire Casey,they decide to keep both at the counter,and sparks soon fly between the women.Casey's demands that they get rid of one of them is soon fulfilled.She gets fired.moreless
  • 2/28/95
    Brian's excitement over appearing on a talk show is dampened when his ex-girlfriend Alex also appears.After bitter words on and off the screen,the two sleep together,but Brian decides to end things.He is beaten to the punch,however,as Alex leaves once again.
  • Lowell's innocent birthday gift to Casey lands him a show at an art museum when Casey shows off the gift to a museum director. Determined to launch both their careers in the art world,Casey relentlessly pushes Lowell's artistic abilities to the limit to try and meet the shows deadline,but eventually gives up after discovering how out stressed Lowell becomes. Meanwhile,Brian's efforts to finish a roll of film for Joe and Helen are not appreciated (he takes a picture of something very private),as the prank ends up in the hands of Helen's parents.moreless
  • The Love Life and Times of Joe and Helen
    As the wedding draws near,Brian struggles to come up with a gift idea for Joe and Helen.He finally hits up on the idea of making a video for them,and goes about capturing everyone's memories of the relationship on video.
  • A House to Die For
    A House to Die For
    Episode 22
    Carlton's ill health becomes a boon to the gang when Carlton's nephew Lewis invites them over to Carlton's house to start selling off the old man's items.Joe and Helen have an eye for the house itself,Brian drools over a classic muscle car,and Roy looks for furniture.But all is for naught as Carlton's health makes a swift turnaround,and as the doctor sees it,it was hearing all the voices of all the poeple who came to see him that pulled him through.moreless
  • Nuptials Off
    Episode 23
    When Helen discovers that she and Antonio are still married (by finding papers under her cash register),she turns to Roy for help.He convinces her she needs to fly to Mexico over the weekend to get a quickie divorce,but that means sending Joe out of town on a weekend fly fishing trip.But Helen's plan are strained when Antonio brings in a priest for an annulment and Joe's flight is delayed.moreless
  • Et Tu, Antonio?
    Episode 24
    When Antonio's cousin Dominic and his fiancee Teresa visit Nantucket,Antonio finds himself struggling to ignore his feelings for Teresa.He succumbs to temptation during supper at his apartment,after Teresa voices concerns over problems with her relationship.But he ultimately helps his cousin win Teresa back. Meanwhile,Helen's side of the family outshines Joe's when the wedding gifts start to arrive.moreless
  • 5/23/95
    The night before the weddding,Helen warns Joe not to have to wild of a bachelor party.But it's Helen who ignores her own advice in a wild bachelorette party,while Joe suffers through the worst bachelor party Brian's ever thrown.Later that night,after the guys return,Casey accidently slips into bed with Brian,and neither feel like leaving the other's company.moreless
  • 5/23/95
    Joe and Helen's wedding day gets off to a bad start when the best man and maid of honor,Brian and Casey,oversleep after spending the night together.When Antonio discovers this,He and Brian fight,and in the struggle the wedding ring is lost down the toilet,followed quickly by Joe's searching hand.Both hand and ring are stuck,and thus Joe and Helen are married at last,in a hotel bathroom.moreless