Wings - Season 7

NBC (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • 9/19/95
    Joe and Helen return from their honeymoon in Jamaica to receive bad news: a night of passion between Brian and Casey in Helen's house resulted in a devastating fire. That Leaves Brian kicked out of the house and Sandpiper by Joe.
  • 9/26/95
    When digging through the rubble of Helen's home,Brian and Casey unearth a suitcase and photgraph that had been the hackett brother's only inheritance from their late father. Brian's attempts to remind Joe of that fails, but Joe later sees a vision of his late father and forgives Brian. Meanwhile, Antonio takes his revenge on Brian and Casey and Helen takes out her anger on Casey's clothes.moreless
  • Death Becomes Him
    Episode 3
    The sad news of Harrison Kingsbury's death in Miami is occasion for celebration at Sandpiper as Kingsbury's daughter Eleanor hires the Hacketts to bring the body back to Nantucket. But the brothers fly the wrong body back to the island and it's up to Joe to impersonate the late Kingsbury at the funeral.moreless
  • 10/31/95
    Back from vacation, Lowell goes out for a meal of hot wings with Antonio and lands in hot water when he witnesses a mob hit. After he is threatened by the gangster's lawyer, he decides to join the Witness Protection Program and leave Nantucket forever.
  • 11/7/95
    To lift Antonio's spirits after he's dumped by the "Big Faced Girl", Joe and Brian set him up with a girl at the Club Car only to discover later that she's a very expensive hooker.
  • She's Gotta Have It
    Joe and Helen reap unexpected benefits after getting a large insurance settlement from Helen's house having burned down. But Joe soon faces the task of stopping Helen's shopping spree, before it leaves them broke. Meanwhile, Brian and Casey try to find something in common and Antonio returns to Edna, "The Big Faced Girl".moreless
  • 11/21/95
    Joe and Helen's initial fortune at landing famous architect Y.M. Burg to design their new house soon turns sour as he suggests a house shaped like a giant "7". Meanwhile, Brian hires a new mechanic, Budd Bronski, who attempts to live down a previous "incident".
  • 11/28/95
    Spurned by Joe (who's to busy with Helen to spend time with him), Brian tries to consolence in food, but ends up trying to deal with his problems at a meeting of "Eat-A-Holics".

    Meanwhile, Antonio pays $300 for a new pair of leather shoes and has a horrible time adjusting to them. And Casey gets hired by the Nantucket Tourism Board.moreless
  • The Big Sleep
    The Big Sleep
    Episode 9
    After fighting with Helen over the architect's plans for their new house (he wants a big screen tv in the bedroom,and she wants a walk-in closet), Joe has a strange dream involving Tigers, clowns, Roy bellying dancing and the two of them dying in a plane crash with Antonio. As one by one the dreams events come to pass, Brian tries to convince Joe to heed the dream's warnings, but he fails and soon Joe, Helen and Antonio find themselves plunging to earth in the plane...moreless
  • 12/19/95
    Nothing goes right at Helen's christmas party: Joe wants to hit the road to head for the slopes before they are snowed in. Antonio gives (expensively) but does not receive, Roy misses his mother, Budd tries to be social, and Casey invites Carlton's annoying nephew Lewis.
  • 1/2/96
    Joe and Helen volunteer to babysit their friends young daughter, Emily. But it's far from the learning experience that they'd hoped. First Helen refuses to give her anything with taste to eat and then then Emily gets sick with a tummy ache they rush her to the ER, only to discover it's an upset stomach. Meanwhile, Casey gets a big time Hollywood star to come to the island to due her Nantucket Tourism commercial. But unfortunately for Casey, Deke is gay and he responds more to Antonio's adoration than hers. Lastly asking Antonio if he has some time during the summer if he'd like to come out to L.A.moreless
  • B.S., I Love You
    Episode 12
    Joe and Brian are thrilled at the return of Grandpa Hackett, but Helen isn't so sure he's who he claims to be. "Jack Hackett" turns out to be a friend of their dads from his days in the mental hospital, who just wanted to feel like part of the Hackett's family. Meanwhile, Antonio refuses to continue a chain letter, which everyone else gets and passes along. He begins to suffer for it. While everyone else has good luck.moreless
  • Sons and Lovers
    Episode 13
    It's Roy's 12th birthday (he was born on a leap year), and Helen contacts Roy's son R.J. and convinces him to come back to Nantucket for the party. But the initial reconciliation is dashed when R.J. brings his significant other to the party. Meanwhile, Brian helps Antonio out by driving the cab while Antonio waits for his drivers license.moreless
  • Bye, George
    Episode 14
    Fay quickly falls for a new guy in her life (Lyle). The dashing man she met on a cruise, but the wedding is jeopardized when Fay learns the awful truth about him. His real first name is George, just like her first three dead husbands. Armed with this new knowledge Fay decides against making it a fourth George and calls off the wedding.moreless
  • The Team Player
    Episode 15
    A publicity disaster occurs when Antonio (running the desk while the brothers go to the hockey game) bumps the Bruins abrasive star goalie Danny "Dead End" Connelly off a Sandpiper flight to a critical game, causing the Bruins to lose.

    Meanwhile, winter tourism on the island takes an upswing when Casey welcomes the International Society of Masochists to Nantucket.moreless
  • 2/13/96
    Brian falls in love with a woman while flying her to Nantucket for her wedding. Meanwhile, Antonio has mixed feeling after finding out Roy is dating Edna, "The Big Faced Girl". As it turns out she was only paying Roy so he would make Antonio jealous, so he would come back to her.moreless
  • Lynch Party
    Lynch Party
    Episode 17
    When news arrives that Davis Lynch has re-surfaced, Helen recounts the tale of how she never broke off her engagement. Then tries to break the news to Davis, while not alerting Joe.
  • 2/27/96
    Sandy's return sends Joe to the psychologist, as no one believe's stories of her obsession with him. The psychologists does wonders to calm Joe down, but the real psycho is revealed when Joe meets Sandy in the vacant psychologist's office. Meanwhile, Roy, Antonio, Fay and Casey try to deal with the news they may have suffered food poisoning from Helen's tuna.moreless
  • Driving Mr. DeCarlo
    Episode 19
    Antonio thinks his fortunes have taken a turn for the better, when one of his passengers hires him to a be his personal chauffeur. But some overheard conversations seem to indicate that his new boss is a mobster (he's actually a diamond broker). Meanwhile, Helen hurriedly reads "Don Quixote" when her old english lit teacher from highschool drops by for a visit.moreless
  • A Tale of Two Sister Cities
    On the verge of losing her job with the Tourism Board, Casey sees a solution when her sister city idea is excepted. But things go downhill when Brian sleeps with the visiting princess of the prospective sister city, Khirinan. Meanwhile, Antonio offers to take the little princesses for their hair care appointment. It turns out to be two dogs, which he promptly loses.moreless
  • What About Larry?
    Episode 21
    The contractor Joe and Helen hires to build their new house falls apart when his wife kicks him out. It's then up to Joe and Helen try to rebuild his confidence and get him back to work. Meanwhile, a vacationing George Kennedy is bothered by an annoying fan, Brian.
  • The Lady Vanishes
    Episode 22
    Antonio meets the perfect woman, but when she disappears before he can get her name, he goes on a desperate search for her. Only to discover it wasn't just coincidence that she was so difficult to track down. Meanwhile, Brian impresses Helen with his ability to read women and predict the entire relationship before it even start.moreless
  • Life Could Be a Dream
    The unearthing of a 20-year old time capsule is occasion for Joe, Brian, Helen and Casey to reflect on what kind of a future they envisioned themselves having as kids. Joe dreamed of being a pitcher for the Red Sox, Brian dreamed of being a Suave Secret Agent, and Casey dreamed of being a supermodel. But Helen's only dream came true (she wanted to marry Joe).moreless
  • The Lyin' King
    Episode 24
    Joe faces a moral dilemma: can he lie to Helen so he can go to a strip club with Brian? The answer is yes, well sorta. To soothe his conscience, he volunteers some time at the Golden Crest retirement home, but ends up taking one of the residents with him to the strip club. Meanwhile, Fay and Antonio write their own eulogies and Roy goes sky diving.moreless
  • Love Overboard
    Episode 25
    Casey finally catches up with the husband who abandoned her, but her rage lessens as he professes his heartfelt remorse at his desperate act. She's understanding to his sad stories of being bankrupt and shame causing him to leave her in the first place...until she sees him on his yacht. Meanwhile, Roy teaches Antonio how to dance.moreless
  • 5/21/96
    Burdened with continual problems by living with Brian and Casey, as well as further delays in the building of their new house, Joe and Helen decide to buy another house. They solve one problem by selling their "old" new home, but another presents itself in the last moments in the old Hackett house.moreless