Season 2 Episode 4

Sports & Leisure

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Oct 19, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

A part on Joe's plane is not working and, since Lowell cannot fix it, Sandpiper has to shut down until a new part arrives. Brian, Helen, Fay and Lowell have made contingency plans to go fishing in case the plane is grounded. Although initially upset about the plane, Joe quickly decides to join the fishing trip. However, Fay invites Roy to come along and he ends up ruining the trip by yelling "fire" and forcing everyone to jump overboard. When they arrive back at the airport, it is revealed that Fay has invited Roy to join the gang for Trivial Pursuit at Helen's house Friday night. When everyone else gets mad at her, Fay tells them they should not be so upset because Roy is bringing his famous pasta salad. Determined not to allow Roy to ruin another fun gathering, Joe and Brian tell him it will probably be a boring night and he shouldn't come. Offended by the un-invitation, Roy breaks down in tears. After seeing Roy's reaction, the gang decides to re-invite him, but Roy angrily refuses. Later, Roy goes into the hangar and asks Joe for advice on how to be liked. Joe tells him to just be nice to people and they will respond in kind. Roy asks if he is still invited for Trivial Pursuit and Joe tells him everyone would love for him to be there. On Friday night, Roy arrives at Helen's house and is very nice to everyone. Teams are formed for Trivial Pursuit: Joe and Helen, Brian and Fay, and Roy and Lowell. Although Roy tries hard to be a good sport, Lowell's insistence on answering "Ann-Margaret" to every question infuriates him. Lowell says he has played the game before and is sure that is the correct answer to one of the questions. Roy finally switches teams with Brian and joins Fay on her team. Their first question is "Married to Roger Smith, this actress sang the title tune in the film Bye Bye Birdie." Fay tells Roy she is sure it is Ann-Margaret, but Roy refuses to say it, answering Ida Lupino instead. When Joe tells him the correct answer is, in fact, Ann-Margaret, Roy has a tantrum, throwing the game cards everywhere. He says he really tried to be nice, but just could not stand Lowell's antics. Roy leaves the party, but soon comes back to get his pasta bowl. He then tells the gang he will see them at Joe's cookout on Sunday. Everyone looks angrily at Fay.
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