Season 2 Episode 1

The Puppetmaster

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Sep 28, 1990 on NBC

Episode Recap

Frustrated by Helen's refusal to go out with him, Brian hatches a plot to force her to give up the rule. He hires an actor, Matt Sergeant, to play a man Helen will find perfect in every way except for the fact he's a pilot. If she goes out with him anyway, Brian reasons, she will never be able to use the "no dating pilots" rule again. Although Joe is skeptical, Brian assures him that his plan will work because he is "the puppetmaster."

However, Brian's plan goes awry when Helen announces that she is in love with Matt. Joe helps Brian come up with a way to get rid of Matt. Matt will tell Helen that he is jealous of her devotion to music and she must give up the cello. The brothers are sure Helen will not give up her life-long dream for any man. But to their surprise Helen smashes her cello on the lunch counter after hearing Matt's request.

Matt then tells the brothers that he is in love with Helen too and is not acting anymore. Much to the brothers' surprise, Matt proposes and Helen accepts. Joe then tells Helen that he has always loved her and can't stand by and watch while she marries another man. Helen is taken aback and tells Matt that she has always loved Joe. After Joe and Helen kiss, Matt pulls out a gun and says that no man will take Helen away from him. A struggle ensues between Joe and Matt and, after a gunshot is heard from Helen's kitchen, Joe emerges with the gun. He says he didn't mean to do it and flees. Helen then looks into the kitchen and runs screaming. Now alone, Brian looks into the kitchen, only to be surprised by a smiling Matt. Helen and Joe then sneak back behind the lunch counter, revealing to Brian that it has all been a practical joke. Joe, Helen and Matt enjoy a good laugh, telling Brian that they are "the puppetmasters." Joe and Helen then share a moment alone. After Helen criticizes the way Joe kissed her during the practical joke, Joe kisses her again to prove he can do a better job.

In the secondary plot, Roy gets a pair of walkie talkies so he can stay in constant communication with Lowell, but Lowell angers him by forgetting to carry his walkie talkie and using it to talk to Fay instead of working. Lowell calls Roy on the walkie talkie to tell him he is stuck in a fence and asks Roy to come get him out. After telling Lowell he is on the way, Roy instead drives home.
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