Season 7 Episode 15

The Team Player

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Feb 06, 1996 on NBC

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  • Antonio is called one day to run the airline booking desk. He does a great job but when he's unable to book a major hockey star on a filght. The star's absence cost them a game and Antonio suffers humiation from both him and hockey fans.

    This was a fun and slightly touching episode. It was both funny and a little sad seeing my favorate character Antonio go though the motions of the humilation and disguise himself in the process, because we all know he's innocent and just doing his job. We know the real culprit is the hockey star for failing to book an early flight and cringe at the amount of rudeness and humilitation he gives Antonio, he sort of reminds me of a jerk at a school bus that makes a scene and acts like he owns the bus. But the themes on this episode are obviously friendship and princples of dignity no matter what. And it comes though with both Brian and Joe stand up for Antonio risking humilition for themselves and the airline in general. Which they do resulting in the funnest moment when all three characters disguise themselves as Rabbis and do everything contrary to their religion, comic gold.
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