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Winx Club

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This show was originally created in Italy.

In the dimension of Magix, Bloom is believed to be the Last Fairy of Earth. One day she discoveries her powers after seeing a mystical fight she shouldn't have been able to witness. Stella helps enrol her into Alfea College for Fairies, where they meet 4 other fairies, and a couple boys from Redfountain- a school for Heroics - they battle evil from the Senior Witches, the Evil Warlock Darkar and the Vicious Sorcerer Baltor. All because Bloom is the last living member of the Royal family of Sparks, and now posses the Heart of the Dragon Fire, and was sent to Earth by her family to be saved.

Season Summaries
Season 1: Bloom, a normal red-headed Earth girl, finds out she might actuarially be a fairy when she meets Stella, a student from Alfea college for Fairies. Soon Bloom enrolls at Alfea and meets three other girls- Flora, Musa and Tecna. Together, the five form the Winx Club! Throughout the season they meet several boys from Red Fountain school of Heroics and the witches from the nearby Cloud Tower school. In particular, the Trix (Icy, Darcy and Stormy) are out to steal Bloom's mysterious power from her and takeover the universe. Meanwhile, Bloom is trying to find out more about her mysterious past and powers.

Season 2: With the Witches vanquished, the Winx Club are looking forward to a normal second year at Alfea! instead they meet a new girl, Layla from Tides! Layla becomes the sixth member of the Winx Club. Plus, there's a new Redfountain boy- Helia who is an artist and a dreamer. Soon the Winx find out there is a new evil power growing- Darkar, the evil lord of the the under realm. He frees the Witches from their prison and they proceed to capture all four pieces of the Codex. Legend has it that when the Codex pieces are all reunited, with the power of the Dragonfire that they will open the doorway to the realm containing Ultimate Power.

Season 3: The Winx must now face a new enemy- the sorcerer Baltor. He is one of the most evil villains in all the realms and was sealed in the Omega Dimension for all eternity with the hopes that he could never break free of his icy prison. The Trix free Baltor and now he is on a quest to take the magic from all of the realms and make all of their subjects his loyal slaves! He uses a vengeful schoolgirl, Chimera, to help him in his plans to takeover Stella's realm of Solaria and Princess Diaspro to takeover Eraklyion. Which realm will he take next?

Season 4: The Winx club come back to Alfea after graduating and are now mega stars! They show up to teach a but after being attacked by the Black curcle they now have to travel to Earth to find the last Fairy of Earth. A race that was destroyed thousands of years ago. They have to find her before the Black circle does to bring her to their side, and not lose her to evil.

: The mysterious Earth girl who suddenly finds out that she possesses the magical power of the Dragonfire and is heir to the crown of Sparx! She has a pet bunny, Kiko, and a love interest in Brandon (Prince Sky) and her bonded pixie is Lockette, pixie of portals.

Stella: Stella is the Princess of Solaria, and her father is King. Her mother was Queen until her parents went through a messy divorce battle. Stella draws her power from the Sun and Moon and is always a very cheerful person! She loves fashion and shopping and knows exactly how to be the perfect princess. Her bonded pixie is Amore, pixie of Love and her boyfriend is Brandon.

Musa: Musa is from Melody, the planet of music in the Harmonic Realm. Her mother died, so she was raised by her father. Her biggest passion is music, she plays several instruments and is an excellent singer. Not that you'd ever know. Music is also where she draws her power from. She's something of a rebel and doesn't always follow the rules-however is still an A+ student. She's impulsive, bold and wild but cares deeply for her friends. Her bonded pixie is Tune, pixie of manners and her on-again-off-again boyfriend is Riven.

Flora: Flora is the Fairy of Nature and she loves all plants and animals. She's got a big heart, but she's very shy. Flora is gentle and very sweet, it takes a lot to get her mad. But watch out, she's still powerful! Her bonded pixie is Chatta, pixie of chatter. Her boyfriend is Helia, the artist and dreamer. Though it takes them a long time to get into a relationship.

Tecna: Just like her name suggests, Tecna is the fairy of technology and it's her source of power. She's very knowledgeable about computers and all electronics, she's also part android. She loves her little gadgets and is up to date on all the latest technology. Consequently, she's not very into fashion and modern trends, much to Stella's dismay. Her bonded pixie is Digit, pixie of technology and her kinda boyfriend is Timmy.

Layla: Layla was the last member of the Winx club to join, she first appeared in Season 2. She is a princess from the realm of Tides and grew up very prim and proper at her parent's orders. This made her rebel in secret and she really bonded with Musa. She loves to dance, its her greatest passion. Her powers are drawn from water, she can shape water molecules into a solid form to suit her needs. Her bonded pixie is Piff. She doens't need a man to define her!

The Redfountain Boys: At Redfountain school of heroics, boys learn to be heroes and all sorts of sword fighting techniques and the strategy behind the battles.

Sky attends Redfountain, and for most of the first season he switched identities with his squire, Brandon. He said he wanted to find out what it would be like to be a normal guy, and then the boys were found out because of Sky's fiancee Princess Diaspro. It was an arranged marriage & Bloom gave Sky the confidence to tell his parents he didn't want one. He's a bit of a leader & loves to pilot the aircrafts.

Brandon is Sky's best friend & Stella's Boyfriend. They start off their relationship strong & stay that way. They are the strongest couple on the show & have been in-love from the start.Brandon eventually asks Stella to marry him, & she accepts.

Riven Attends Redfountain and he is the bad boy of the group- for most of the first two seasons. He calms down a bit after a spell on him is broken, but he is still a wild card & a bit hot headed. He dated Darcy and was (literally) under her spell until she tried to kill him. His is cocky, but it is deserved as he is secretly an A+ student. He and Musa eventually end up dating, but have their hard times off-and-on

Timmy is the brainiac of the group and their major strategist. He was secretly crushing on Tecna for a while, until they both came out and admitted their feelings in season 3.

Helia is the artist of the group. He first appeared in Season 2, and started out going to an art school before he gave up pacifism and transferred to Red Fountain. He fell for Flora very hard & fast and their personalities meshed well together.

Nabu is Laylas boyfriend and doesn't show up untll season 3. Him & Riven originally crash after a misunderstanding, but quickly become close with each other & often are seen together. He is not a swordsman, but is very athletic & has mystical powers of his own.

The Trix: The Trix or the Senior Witches are Icy, Darcy and Stormy, descendants of the evil Witches coven that destroyed Sparx. They are bitter about their lack of power and are always trying to get more- first by attempting to steal the Dragonfire from Bllom and then by teaming up with Darkar and later Baltor. Icy is the leader and strongest of the three and is the favorite of Darkar and Baltor. Her power takes the form of ice. Darcy's is usually hypnotism and illusions whereas Stormy's power takes the form of malicious weather like tornadoes and lightning.

Theme song Lyrics (Season 1 and 3)

Close your eyes And open your heart. Believe in yourself, That's how it starts!

Dreams will come true, Just wait and see, 'Cuz the magic's in you, And the magic's in me!

We are the Winx! We are the Winx! Come join the club! We are the Winx! We are the Winx! We are the Winx! Come join the club! We are the Winx!

Magical flowers, Digital powers, Rhythms and tunes, The sun and the moon! Magic shapes and shifting tides And the fire burning deep inside!

We've got the stlye! And we've got the flare, Look all you want, Just don't touch the hair!

We are the Winx! We are the Winx! Come join the club! We are the Winx! We are the Winx! We are the Winx! Come join the club, We are the Winx!


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AIRED ON 12/15/2013

Season 6 : Episode 5

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Fan Reviews (224)

  • daisy

    i do not want the winx club to end it kinda good show thou it has this kind glamour in the show that make you want to watch it has some many fantastic character the winx club fairy and the trix witches and even more and in season 6 theri have introduced new character like bloom sister and selina bloom childhood Friend and the end bloom sister got married which was an epic last episode of season 6 and i hope that season 7 will be a blast with more action and new character and ti a suspense that who will be the villians of seaoson 7 i hope it be the trix and the villains from the season 4 i can wait what is gonna happen in season 7moreless
  • Make more

    Please renew the winx club because it's an amazing show and the show can many be the show that has more season than any other show so please renew it when each season end because it so amazing me and my girls love it and what happen to season 6 please this what lets my girls and I have girl time together .heres a thought od what the creators of Dora did get new actors with almost the same voice as the old actress and actors.moreless
  • i hate bloom

    i like winx club very much,,,but one thing is that,,,it only features the rest of the winx girls are nothing but helpers of suggest that we should take bloom out of the seems that she is the head of winx club,,,but its wrong,,,she is head of the winx club should be tecna,,
  • Better Play Maple Story than Review this, but Going to anyway

    Right.... so where do i start? I have so many things to complain.

    1)Never seen Dumber plot and More Predictable than this one, no plot twist either. The Plot is just... what? Mainstream? Sooo Mainstream and also predictable even before i watch season 6(Used to like it, LONG LONG TIME AGO), i can already predict this : Okay, new villains and old villains show up, Winx can't beat them, they searched for new power, they got it, and still can't beat them, while the Guys help them every time they fail. The Winx get a 'powerful' power and use it, defeating the Antagonist. THE END! No Plot Twist, Predictable, Mainstream, and Dumb. No creative at all. Want a creative plot? here(Luminous from Maple Story's plot) :Your one of the 5 hero fighting a fallen god named Black Mage, you and your teammates will seal him for good since you and your teammates can't beat him. you are choosen to seal him since you have the powers opposite to his, Light Power(Black Mage has Dark Power). You seal him, after you weaken him by absorbing his power. NO! you get stuck in the seal and get sealed in the seal for 300 years. after you woke up, you find a girl named Lania and then you decide to leave with her, few years later you unexpectedly blew your house and Lania, you get controlled by Black Mage but still you win. you decided to search on how to control his powers. after you control his powers, you discovered new secrets, You are actually Black Mage's son! and your no human(Luminous is a light), and your the new god of light too! Bla Bla Bla How's that for a plot?

    2)What is Mary-Sue? Mary-sue is Character who is too Perfect(Gary Stue if it's a guy). Example: Bloom. She's too perfect, She has to be the strongest fairy, She has to be the most respected and powerful Kingdom's Princess, She has to get the most 'Handsome' Guy, She has to be the most beautiful and her fanbase is utterly annoying. How 'bout the others? Too undeveloped, even Maple Story's Character is more developed than them! All the winx cares is Guys, Shopping, Powers, Clothes. This could be bad for our next generation, because there is too many bad morals in the show than the good morals.

    Who take Technology as power? that people would be dumb, there is no power such as Technology. Music? Seriously, Musa's powers of Music should be classified as Paralyzing/stun powers, if it's Music then she should have a Bard to accompany her, not Mic. and power of the sun and the moon! Isn't that Dawn Warrior and Sailor Moon powers?Fire Dragon... How they work in water?(Referencing to Season 5). Fluids... their creative enough but it should be classified as Water powers.

    This.... is not cartoon..... the drawings are just..... why did i even like it in my younger days?! and also the girls, why they have so tiny hips that are even smaller than their hands? and also their dress is to revealing. i do not understand. how could you fight monsters and villains with just what? a strapless bra and a short skirt? they will get blown off with just one shot..

    If you want to watch Good animated shows,watch this anime shows:

    1) Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    2) Angel Beats(depressing tho,)

    3) Tokyo Mew Mew

    4) Pretty Cure(if you want some girl kicking monster and villain's ass with their hands and hardly powers)

    5) Totally Spies(What's better than High-technology Spies?)

    6) WITCH (It's good i think)

    7)Magic Knight Rayearth(It's good! Swords~~)

    8) Sword Art Online(Trapped in a game... how bad could it be? Well Sword Art Online is going to show you, it's hardly Magical Girl Cartoon tho, but this is heaven for gamers who is also an Anime/Cartoon's fans!)

    and others that i'm too lazy to write.

    Well, if i'm going to rate this it would be 1.5


    Do not watch Winx Club!moreless

    Winx Club is the best show ever! I can't believe its already been 10 years of success <3 I love this amazing show so much <3 <3 <3 <3 WINX CLUB FOREVER AND EVER!!

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