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What's going on with Nick's episodes??

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    [1]Dec 4, 2011
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    So, I DVR a couple episodes and figure out that they lumped the first season into one special, they lumped the second season into a 2nd special, and now they're kind of combining random episodes to make a series starting with "The Princess Ball"??? I'm extremely confused. Can someone explain to me the breakdown of these episodes? Did they completely skip over the Charmix? There's so much content that they just kind of glazed over.

    Also, did they reanimate all those episodes? - They look all redone. If I hadn't watched the original 4kids version I wouldn't have any idea what was going on. And I'll say it again, the voices are all extremely lifeless and lack character dynamics.

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    [2]Mar 15, 2012
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    I know! They r horrible!

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    [3]Aug 31, 2013
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    I completely agree on how terrible they are. The new show completely lacks the depth of characters that 4kids had. Stella is an untollerable brat and Bloom is really a lot more self centered. Another character problem they've created is they made Flora almost completely useless. They did reanimate the specials. Stella's scepter and clothing that was worn in the very first episode is completely different. The girls act like high school freshmen when in fact they should be at a college level maturity. As far as the Charmix goes, it doesnt exsist. Instead they call the very first outfit/power/transformation their Charmix and their source of power is no longer called winx. The voice actors are indeed lifeless. I really do miss how defining the original voices were. Each voice used to match each charachter perfectly, especially Tecna's and Flora's voices. I've been watching Winx Club since I was in fourth grade. I love the idea and the potential the show had but Nick has somewhat ruined it has made all of the characters so alike, it's almost like they did a copy-paste kind of deal (even all of their transformed outfits look basically the same with minor changes like color, hair, and a few lines here and there). Of course, though, since i still love the show for what it was I can't help but keep watching and hope that Nick cleans up their act with this show...
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    [4]Sep 15, 2013
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    I miss the old Winx Club. It doesn't feel or look the same and I genuinely tried to give it a chance but i just couldn't they made it too .... i cant even describe it. Its like its been watered down and added sugar and sparkles, stuff basically NOT needed
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