Winx Club

Season 1 Episode 1

It Feels Like Magic (1)

Aired Sunday 1:00 PM Jun 19, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Kiko runs off in the forest and when Bloom follows him she finds none other than Stella battling it out with Knut who is there with some ghouls to steal her scepter. Bloom intervenes in the middle of the battle and saves Stella only to discover she has her own magical powers. Later, Stella stays on earth and then introduces Bloom to four Red Fountain boys- Riven, Sky, Brandon and Timmy. A hunter troll comes and attacks them all, the boys and the girls manage to fight him off.


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  • bloom is obssesed with fairies... she takes a walk... blah blah.... stella is in trouble(of course) and its bloom to the rescue.... though she doesnt know it. she finds out she has "fairy" power and kicks butt. so stella takes her to some magical realm...moreless

    i use to watch this show when i was little... i'd come home from school... run inside and sit there until it was over... and well i was surfing the net one day and there it was... i knew it looked familiar but i couldn't put my finger on it until i watched it. (being the self obssesed person i am) i have to watch all the episode... and they weren't to bad. altough blooms father bugs the stuff out of me its still pretty good. i just think its fun watching them and saying holy geez i remember when i watched this... etc... so its been fun. and its a pretty good series. (although i can't believe they are still making the show) i have to wait for the movie (which suprisingly comes out on my b-day)(coincidence?... i think NOT)moreless
  • Bloom meets Stella, the adventure begins.

    This episode was totally excellent. Usually an ordinary girl doesn't run into a magical being until the middle of a episode. Even though her encounter with Stella and the evil creatures was random, it was pretty good. I'm really glad Bloom has decided to go to Alfea, I mean who wants to go to the same high school with Mipsy, she was such a pathetic loser, the way she treats Bloom like she's a nobody. If you ask me I think Mipsy is jealous of Bloom because everyone like her and she come from a nice family. Plus, I think Bloom's powers is so cool.moreless
  • Bloom saves a girl named Stella and finds her own magic!

    Bloom loses her rabbit, Kiko, in the woods and comes upon an epic battle between a troll, Mr Knut, and his ghoulish, ghoul minions. Stella's scepter is stolen and Bloom activates her own special powers, destroying some ghouls and stopping Knut. They escape unscathed and are later attacked by Knut, some ghouls, and a hunter troll with amazing power. They are aided by a quartet of skillful warriors, the Redfountain boys: Riven, Brandon, Sky, and Timmy. After defeating and capturing the troll (Knut escapes) Bloom makes an important decision to go back with Stella to an incredible magic school called Alfea, setting in motion her own amazing destiny, beyond her imagination...moreless
  • Bloom, a girl on earth finds out that she has magical powers.

    Bloom thought that she was just an ordinary girl but really she wasn't one afternoon she sees a fairy(Stella)fighting an ogre (Knut)soon she gets dragged into the fight and finds out that she has magical powers soon after the fight Stella faints and Bloom takes her to her house when her mom wakes her up the next morning her mom sees that she was reading a fairy book and asks who's in the guest room. Stella explains that she is from Solaria and is on her way to Alfea, a fairy highschool, and says that Bloom has some major Winx! This also is the first episode where Brandon(Sky)meets Bloom.moreless
  • Winx club is all that and a bag of Doritos!!!!!

    Who would think that The winx club would te the world of television!Who would think that The winx club would te the world of television!Who would think that The winx club would te the world of television!Who would think that The winx club would te the world of television!Who would think that The winx club would te the world of television!Who would think that The winx club would te the world of television!Who would think that The winx club would te the world of television!Who would think that The winx club would te the world of television!That's all i have to say!moreless
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Lisa Ortiz


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Frank Frankson

Frank Frankson

Prince Sky

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Michael Sinterniklaas


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • If you look closely, when Stella is describing all of the schools to Bloom, Musa gets a cameo appearance (She is sitting at one of the Alfea tables) and two of the Witches in Cloud Tower are wearing almost identical outfits to Bloom and Tecna! They even have the same haircolor but different styles.

    • In the RAI English version, it is mentioned that it is against the rules to bring a human into the magical realm.

    • In the UK version, there is a clip where Mitzi starts moaning about the noise from the fight, but it's edited out in the 4kids version.

    • When Stella says "Solaria" for the first time, she pronounces it as 'sol-aria', when it's supposed to be pronounced 'solairria.'

    • Goof: No bracelet on Stella at one point and then they are brought back later.

    • Goof: Bloom's pantleg keeps appearing and disappearing after the fight.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Sky: Dude, one summer at a swashbuckler camp doesn't mean you can go solo on a troll.
      (Riven gets yanked away)
      Sky: I rest my case!

    • Mitzy: Hey, Bloom, isn't it time to send that relic to the junk pile?
      Bloom: There's nothing wrong with this bike! My dad got it for me!
      Mitzy: Oh, you poor girl... Of course, I don't mean ''poor'' as in not rich, even though that is, what you are!

    • Stella: Hey, I just got like a great brainstorm: you should come to Alfea with me! It's like so faren away the best magic school in the whole eight-realm area!
      Mike: Hold it! My daughter's not going to another realm!

    • Bloom: Go find an acorn Kiko and I'll toss it around with you.

    • Stella: Bring it on! I'm gonna whoop you and not even muss my hair!

    • Bloom: Do you remember when I was into fairies and witches, dad?
      Mike: Of course, I do! You were so cute, always pretending to know magic.
      Bloom: Well, here's the thing...

    • Mike: So, she's been asleep for twenty hours, because she's a fairy? Is that like a goth, or something?
      Bloom: I'm talking real fairy, dad! With the scepter, magic powers and fluttering wings! She's amazing!
      Mike: You must have a very high fever, I think we should call Dr. Silverman.

    • Bloom: Do you think I'm like the girl in that book?
      Stella: Ah... Let's see... Kinda, but this book was written by humans. You're so much cooler than this! and more fashionable...

    • Mike: Hey, Stella, how do we get there? Car? Plane? Broomstick? Do they make a broomstick for four?
      Bloom: Um, duh, Dad. Broomsticks are for witches.

    • Bloom: Wow, this is a really big decision...
      Stella: To help you make it, I invited some of the Red Fountain boys over to your house!
      Bloom: The hero guys are coming to my house? When?
      Stella: Pretty soon... so let's get going!

    • Stella: Bloom these are the Red Fountain guys I was telling you about. Meet Riven (Riven waves two fingers), Prince Sky.
      Prince Sky: Hey. (leaning on sword)
      Stella: Timmy (Timmy is smiling) and Brandon.
      Brandon (puts sword and shield away): How're you doing?

    • Riven (holding troll on leash): I got this puppy wrapped up all by myself.

    • Brandon: Hey, Princess Stella! I hope your friend is the pretty one in the blue pants!
      Sky: Yeah, and not the ugly one at the end of the leash here.

    • Stella: this is an express portal. C'mon! It's cool (starts slipping in the painting). Now follow me!
      Bloom: Uh... (steps on the painting and starts slipping in) Stella, this feels really weird!
      Stella: Don't worry, almost no one gets lost between dimensions!

    • Stella: News flash, Mr. Hideous! The power of Solaria is so gonna flatten you!
      Knut: You're the one who's gonna get flattened!(Charges Stella)
      Bloom: That's gotta hurt.

    • Knut: You're finished, little fairy girl! Now, ghouls, bring me her sceptre!
      Stella (struggling): I'm warning you, you'll never get away with this!
      Knut: I think I just did!

  • NOTES (15)


    • Winx Club: Sailor Moon

      The way the Winx Club would transform is base don the transformations of the Sailor Scouts of Sailor Moon.