Winx Club

Season 2 Episode 15

Magic in My Heart

Aired Sunday 1:00 PM Feb 04, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Magic in My Heart
Musa faces her greatest challenge ever when she must face a huge audience including her father but evil crashes the party and Stormy threatens to destroy Musa's father! Music power is put to the ultimate test to save the concert and Musa's beloved father.

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  • When Musa knew that if she sang on stage, her father would withdraw her from Alphea. She still sang because music is what she is, kind of like me. She became Stormy's rival for some reason, but Musa defeated her using the power of music.moreless

    When I watched this episode, all I thought about is how much Musa resembled me. I love music too. It's kind of like a part of me. I loved the way she sang with so much emotion for the song. When Musa was crying about not being able to sing, I thought about how many times I AM able to sing, but I always flunked it. I kind of knew that Musa was going to sing because when she told Layla about the song that her dad wrote to her mom, I knew that song was going to change everything. I love Musa and everything about her. I wish I was her. She's so outgoing. I love this episode. It's my favorite one so far.moreless
  • Magic In My Heart is full of new information about Musa's childhood, her father's issues, and, of course, music, which is the highlight of the episode.

    This is my favourite episode, mainly because it's filled with music and is focused on Musa, who is my favourite WinX girl and character in general. The sad story of her mother literally made me cry, but her singing was mind-blowing. She performs four songs in this episode ("Wings" (only with her voice), "Magic in My Heart"(in the concert), "Feels Like Magic"(only with nanana's and a couple of words), and "This is the Beat"(in the concert with Stella)). She is truly talented, though she's only a character in a show, but they made her really cool. One of the best things sbout this episode from my opinion, is that the songs that usually appear somewhere in an episode for half-a-minute or in the "Next-week-videos", and probably are in the show soundtrack are sung by an actual character, and we hear the songs differently (for example, the jazzy version of "This is the Beat" that Musa and Stella sang was completely different from the one that appeared in "Grounded" (107)). I simply love this episode, and I can't really tell why, but I love it.moreless
  • All about Musa and her parents.

    Musa is singing in an concert in front of all the people.Her father came to visit Alfea.When Musa told her father that she was going to sing.Her father told that if she sings she will no longer attend to Alfea.Unsure of what to do.Musa begin to tell her story about her father and mother and how they met.Even how her mom died.That how much her father used to love music was gone ever since than.So Musa decided to sing.But Stormy crash the concert tries to get rid of her father.But that fails......

    I loved this episode very much.Cartoon Network in Canada I think I don't know.If you noticed they translated the true song that Musa sang in the italion verison while 4kids did it differently.I am very ashame that 4kids cut out where all the winx girls sing the ending theme song the original endingmoreless
  • The big day is finally here, Musa is going to perform at Red Fountain...

    This episode is showing alot about the history of Musa, and the history of her father...

    Musa her father hates music since the moment his Wife, Musa's mom, died.

    He forbids Musa to participate in the perform on Red Fountain, but Musa searches grip to her died mother and decides to live on with the fact music IS her life.

    Stormy is still upset about the humiliating defeat in the beginning of this episode, and decides to crash the concert.

    In the meanwhile, Musa is performing songs that make her father proud, even though he was angry on Musa for going on with Music, he respects her, and decides that, since Musa is just like her mom, let her go on with her carreer on Alfea....

    Stormy attacks, but is easily defeated by Musa after gathering the music from everyone in the building....

    The episode ends in Musa and her Father going to the grave of their Wife and Mother, together....

    A great episode, smart character devolopment, and a breathtaking, heartbreaking episode....moreless
  • This episode is one of those, "reaching inside yourself to find out who you really are". The plot and the music really brought this episode to the top.

    Anyone who thinks that Winx Club is just about preppy little fairies, boys, and clothes should watch this episode. This is a truly eye-opening story. I almost cried when I saw it. There should be more episodes like "Magic in My Heart". Self mastery, strengh, courage, humor, and great music!!! I'm so glad that Musa finally got an entire episode all to herself. I think the reason we like Musa so much, is because she's like an average teenage girl, and we can really relate to her. Anyway, I really liked this episode, and that's all there is so say.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • This is the first episode in which at least one line was played from 4 different songs: Magic in My Heart, Feels Like Magic, Wings, and This is the Beat.

    • The fight that takes place between Stormy and Musa at the beginning of the episode was actually the ending of the previous episode, Battle on Planet Eraklyon (The Wrong Righters.) Musa actually caught Stormy using a spying spell.

    • Musa's flashbacks state that her dad hadn't finished the song "Magic In My Heart" until the evening after he met her mother, so he must've started it before he met her, but in the concert Musa says that it's the first song her dad ever wrote for her mom, which would mean that he wrote it after they got together.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Musa: Hey, Mom. Hmm. So, I came here to ask for your support on something. Dad doesn't want me to be a musician, and I think it's 'cause he can't forgive you for leaving us, and I don't want to hurt him, and I'm scared of what might happen, but Mom, everything I am is music! And if I don't perform tonight, a part of me will be gone, so I'm gonna' do it. Please be with me.

    • Francis: Here you go, pixie! Your friend is really amazing, isn't she?

    • Musa: Hey Stormy! It's two am, shouldn't you be hanging outside down in a cave some where?

    • Stormy: You should have checked the weather before coming outside, Musa. Don't you know there's a big storm coming? (Evil Laugh)

    • Codatorta: We now have for you one of the most talented fairies of Alfea! This girl is a star in the making. Put your hands together for...Musa!

    • Stormy: Search and find a way to see, where they hide the codex key!
      Musa: Hey, witch!

    • Musa: Stormy has left the building!

    • Stormy: There should have been a cloud of thunder there! What? The clouds are parting?
      Musa:Your little storm blew over.

    • Musa: Hey witch! It's 2 a.m. Shouldn't you be hanging upside down in a cage somewhere?

    • Stormy: Search and find a way to see, where they hide the codex key.

    • Bandon:We're raising money to get the jousting team new uniforms.
      Girl 1: We'll have to run and get our purses first.
      Girl 2:Can we leave you a little lipstick before we go?
      Brandon: Sure, but just leave it on my cheek, ok? Huh, they acutally left me lipstick.

    • Stormy: (Sigh) Good-Bye. I'll miss you, beautiful gorgeous face. Ohhh, got to become a bubbly and dorky looking fairy.

  • NOTES (22)


    • Musa (after defeating Stormy): "Stormy has left the building."

      This is a take off of the famed quote "Elvis has left the building" coined by Horace Lee Logan on December 15, 1956, attempting to calm rabid Elvis fans.