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  • Winxclubforever

    Winx Club Is The Best Show Ever I Love Winx Club And I Fan Of Winx Club And I Always Will

    Forever #Winxforever
  • winx club 4th movie is going to be in live action

    the winx club fourth movie is going to be with real people and live action interesting hope the creator make it come true that would be amazing to watch there should have made a series too of winx club with real people in the first place rather then the cartoon version of it which is nice but boring to watch Like Once upon time fairytale character trap in the real world with real life character The creator of winx club should make it like that real people playing the character of the winx club I'm sick of the cartoon version of the winx club it time to make them real for a change thou
  • Bloom has a cold

    I think that Bloom should have a cold if they do a season 8. I think that this is a good idea because i believe that since bloom was already feeling weak on season 6 why not. The epsisode should have bloom sneeze about 7 to 8 times or more and not in a row. I think that if they do that it would give them more ratings. I already have a plot line ready to go. #ILoveBloom
  • When will season 7 episode 22 be aired

    Season 7 is good and getting intresting and it's so cool there will be season 8 in 2017 it is a long to wait thou and the trix might come back in season 7 at the end of the episode I wonder how will there escape the legendarium world and will riven get back musa in season 8 there are meant to be with each other thou and season 8 there should tell a little more about the trix sister background thou about there past in flashback as evil is not born but made into I hope there are really in fact sisters there do look like sister thou i Know the show is about bloom and her friends saving the world but still there should highlight other character too I am so glad that roxy is in season 7 I hope there be season 9 and 10 too
  • when is the next season coming out

    when is the next season coming out.

    im wondering if you can do season 7 season 8 and season 9 please thanks from ur biggest fan ever

  • rest of the series

    When will they play rest of the 6th season in English dubbed and keep playing all the new & old & movies I just got the second one on DVD at B&N store so please don't stop I LOVE THIS SHOW it is driving me nuts waiting
  • daisy

    i do not want the winx club to end it kinda good show thou it has this kind glamour in the show that make you want to watch it has some many fantastic character the winx club fairy and the trix witches and even more and in season 6 theri have introduced new character like bloom sister and selina bloom childhood Friend and the end bloom sister got married which was an epic last episode of season 6 and i hope that season 7 will be a blast with more action and new character and ti a suspense that who will be the villians of seaoson 7 i hope it be the trix and the villains from the season 4 i can wait what is gonna happen in season 7
  • Make more

    Please renew the winx club because it's an amazing show and the show can many be the show that has more season than any other show so please renew it when each season end because it so amazing me and my girls love it and what happen to season 6 please this what lets my girls and I have girl time together .heres a thought od what the creators of Dora did get new actors with almost the same voice as the old actress and actors.
  • i hate bloom

    i like winx club very much,,,but one thing is that,,,it only features the rest of the winx girls are nothing but helpers of suggest that we should take bloom out of the seems that she is the head of winx club,,,but its wrong,,,she is head of the winx club should be tecna,,
  • Better Play Maple Story than Review this, but Going to anyway

    Right.... so where do i start? I have so many things to complain.

    1)Never seen Dumber plot and More Predictable than this one, no plot twist either. The Plot is just... what? Mainstream? Sooo Mainstream and also predictable even before i watch season 6(Used to like it, LONG LONG TIME AGO), i can already predict this : Okay, new villains and old villains show up, Winx can't beat them, they searched for new power, they got it, and still can't beat them, while the Guys help them every time they fail. The Winx get a 'powerful' power and use it, defeating the Antagonist. THE END! No Plot Twist, Predictable, Mainstream, and Dumb. No creative at all. Want a creative plot? here(Luminous from Maple Story's plot) :Your one of the 5 hero fighting a fallen god named Black Mage, you and your teammates will seal him for good since you and your teammates can't beat him. you are choosen to seal him since you have the powers opposite to his, Light Power(Black Mage has Dark Power). You seal him, after you weaken him by absorbing his power. NO! you get stuck in the seal and get sealed in the seal for 300 years. after you woke up, you find a girl named Lania and then you decide to leave with her, few years later you unexpectedly blew your house and Lania, you get controlled by Black Mage but still you win. you decided to search on how to control his powers. after you control his powers, you discovered new secrets, You are actually Black Mage's son! and your no human(Luminous is a light), and your the new god of light too! Bla Bla Bla How's that for a plot?

    2)What is Mary-Sue? Mary-sue is Character who is too Perfect(Gary Stue if it's a guy). Example: Bloom. She's too perfect, She has to be the strongest fairy, She has to be the most respected and powerful Kingdom's Princess, She has to get the most 'Handsome' Guy, She has to be the most beautiful and her fanbase is utterly annoying. How 'bout the others? Too undeveloped, even Maple Story's Character is more developed than them! All the winx cares is Guys, Shopping, Powers, Clothes. This could be bad for our next generation, because there is too many bad morals in the show than the good morals.

    Who take Technology as power? that people would be dumb, there is no power such as Technology. Music? Seriously, Musa's powers of Music should be classified as Paralyzing/stun powers, if it's Music then she should have a Bard to accompany her, not Mic. and power of the sun and the moon! Isn't that Dawn Warrior and Sailor Moon powers?Fire Dragon... How they work in water?(Referencing to Season 5). Fluids... their creative enough but it should be classified as Water powers.

    This.... is not cartoon..... the drawings are just..... why did i even like it in my younger days?! and also the girls, why they have so tiny hips that are even smaller than their hands? and also their dress is to revealing. i do not understand. how could you fight monsters and villains with just what? a strapless bra and a short skirt? they will get blown off with just one shot..

    If you want to watch Good animated shows,watch this anime shows:

    1) Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    2) Angel Beats(depressing tho,)

    3) Tokyo Mew Mew

    4) Pretty Cure(if you want some girl kicking monster and villain's ass with their hands and hardly powers)

    5) Totally Spies(What's better than High-technology Spies?)

    6) WITCH (It's good i think)

    7)Magic Knight Rayearth(It's good! Swords~~)

    8) Sword Art Online(Trapped in a game... how bad could it be? Well Sword Art Online is going to show you, it's hardly Magical Girl Cartoon tho, but this is heaven for gamers who is also an Anime/Cartoon's fans!)

    and others that i'm too lazy to write.

    Well, if i'm going to rate this it would be 1.5


    Do not watch Winx Club!

    Winx Club is the best show ever! I can't believe its already been 10 years of success <3 I love this amazing show so much <3 <3 <3 <3 WINX CLUB FOREVER AND EVER!!
  • About cancelling the airdate updation..

    Winx Club has a lot of fans, they are waiting for new episodes especially for season 6. About cancelling episode 9 & 10, I wait everyday. The airdate of that should be March 16 2014. I know that they are working sometimes on season 7, cause Ignio Straffi confirmed there will be. I wait for the airdate of 9, 10, and 11
  • Best Show in the world

    I have been watching this show since I was 6 in 2005. I grown uo watching the winx club but I didn't know that we had a season 4 until 2011 huh :-/ but I think Iginio Straffi should give us fans the opportunity to give an Idea for the next season or combine all the ideas if he wants. it would be the best
  • Good show

    I'm not sure if I'm the only boy that really enjoys the show... Alot. To be honest, at one point this show feels like a girl's show, and at another it feels like a boy's show. Why? I'll tell you, its because of the characters and their dialogue. This show was directed to girls right? Well, I am impressed because unlike 'Bratz' or the 'Barbie' shows. This TV show about fairies, witches, monsters, dark lords, boys etc is quite entertaining and original. What impresses me is the way each plot and story part is attempted and made. The evil ones look very impressive, the witches, Darkar and Baltor. Even the monsters have potential for a boy show. What I'm saying is I never expect a girl's show to make some boy shows look bad... The plot and story is interesting at times and doesn't feel like what i expected a girl show to be. Though I feel that the story went a little bit out of hand and somewhat lamer at the moment. Man! Nickelodeon WHY DID YOU SCREW IT UP!? Season 1, 2, 3, 4 were good especially 1 and 2 but now it just doesn't feel as fun to watch as last time... I miss the season 1-4 potential... But still like it though
  • Great show at first but.......

    I must say it was a great show at first and i was a great fan of it but now it has become too girly and the standard has fallen. Anyway still a fan.
  • to bloom and sky

    Bloom I hope that you like sky alot
  • Awww come on.......

    People here don't listen to me!
  • awrsomeness

    I love winx club when I first saw it on tv I had to see what it was and it was the most awesome show ever and tell this day I love winx club

  • good episode and movie

    bloom is awesome girl in Magix the winx 3......... :).....................

    the movie is really good infect it chaght alot attention i think they should keep on going ....... ;)............

    good luck....................................................................................................................................

  • kinkness

    when your rude mean evil its hard to be nice but ever time you try then you fail .I think is okay if you keep trying then you can get better at being nice . It like how people say practice makes better or, try your best
  • winner

    being a winner is not easy because you are fighting monster many kids want to be like you but they couldnt
  • Okay at first but now.....

    Its just don't know why nickloden had to go and mess this show up I hate the voices the name change and. How they took previous episodes and changed one or two things about it just so they can say its it was on Four kids it was way better. And I perfer Aisha or however u spell her name to be was way prettier. Yes I know its Aisha in English.
  • This show is terrible

    Ok, this is a show about fairies, evil witches, and male warriors. I think you could take all this and make a good show, which is obviously what Iginio Straffi didn't do.

    Winx Club is a really dumb show featuring a girl named Bloom, who I personally think is a major over achiever. I hate how it seems like everything has to do with Bloom, and how it's always 'Bloom and the Winx Club' instead of just 'The Winx Club'. In fact, in the 4th season, Musa (the fairy of music) gets discovered by a recording producer, and then Musa decides to get the girls together so they can start their own rock band. And who's immediatly the star? Bloom. Of course, Bloom is always the main hero.

    Now about the fairy powers. I think it's kind of redundant that their fairy powers just happen to match the exact theme of their home planet. Like how one planet is all about nature, one's all about music, one's all about technology, one's all about the sun, etc. Look, I get that. But why does Musa have to just so happen be THE fairy of music and Flora's THE fairy of nature and Stella's THE fairy of the sun and so on. One other thing I find weird is that Bloom is the most powerful fairy in the Magix dimension. Really. Look, I understand that she's the fairy of the dragon flame but why does the fairy of the dragon flame have to be the most powerful fairy? She doesn't even seem that powerful. I bet Chuck Norris could drop kick her any day.

    By the way, WHAT IS UP WITH THE ANIMATION!!!!!!!! I hate how they put in CGI buildings in with the 2D drawings. I mean, they would rather spend their time drawing stupid outfits instead of buildings that are going to be in every episode?The character design makes every teenage girl look too darn skinny and the teenage boys have huge abs and skinny legs. Their mouth movement never matches what they're saying and they have the (sorry Stella) most hideous fairy outfits and regular everyday outfits I've ever seen. Plus, they have too many teenage girl stereotypes. They think all teenage girls freak out about the hair and love to go shopping etc. Look, there are lots of teenage girls out there that are not totally shallow.

    Ok, I'm glad they made a show about strong, female characters. But to have them be shallow girls that obsess over fashion and sparkles, unbelievable. I just wonder how those girls fly while wearing ten tons of sparkles and glitter on their fairy outfits.

    I do watch Winx Club a lot, but only to make fun of it. Because sometimes it's so stupid, it's funny!

    Now I have a ton of complaints about Winx Club, but my hands are getting tired typing.
  • A Great, Solid Cartoon Series.

    From my opinion, I gladly say that the Winx Club is a very well-built, loveable series. My favorite season was the first one, so I shall be reviewing based on that. It all starts like a typical normal person-to-hero story, a normal girl named Bloom who discovers her powers one day, after a boring normal life. The storyline continues, where Bloom and the rest of the Winx find their true selves through friendship and teamwork. A great attribute about their team is their diversity. Layla/Aisha comes from an African descent, Musa from Asian, and Tecna from British. They each learn to respect one another and use their differences to make up parts of their group. They fight different villians and go through events that help further shape these values.

    About the supposed issues of inappropriateness for children, I must say that some of them are overexaggerated. The stereotypical teenager girl (as some would put it) is actually the image of a teenager that is seldom seen in society today. Girls today think much more about inappropriate topics for their age, and going out to clubs and other dangerous places. These girls are in fact innocent if you compare, spending their free time giggling and joking around, hanging out and shopping, ot having slumber parties and grabbing some pizza. Those were the fun times, and they are living it as well, I consider this a good example of "having fun".

    Their appearances can be an issue depending on how you look at it. They wear "skimpy" outfits, with physiques of models. If you are worried about your child going anorexic, you should also worry about them trying to fly or throw fireballs. These are cartoons, not the actual person. Their relationship with their boyfriends are also considered an issue, but instead this shows a healthy relationship. They care about each other and model what a true bond is like.

    Overall, I think that the Winx Club is a nice cartoon series with fascinating elements. The animation suits fine with me, and I have quite grown attached to their fairy forms. I would recommend this to anyone, especially the Rai English Version. 10/10 :)
  • Miss this show!!!

    I luv this show! it was awesome! :D Is it coming again on t.v? If yes, then when? Pls Reply. I want it 2 cme again on t.v!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I love this show

    I fisrt saw this show in 2004 when it first came out I was in the 3 grade I can't belive it's still running! I still love the show even though the artwork isn't that great but over the years they been trying to improve it

    oh and I love the dolls that came this year 2012 I would buy them for my kids if I had any :)
  • i love this

    i am so addicted to winx club it is like the best thing ever
  • idc how many thumbs-down i get i HATE THIS SHOW!!!

    This show so much. I can name so many bad things about this show but im just going to focus on the artwork. Its just SO BAD! Ugh. Nick is trying to make anime artwork and they are just failing so INCREDIBLY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bad bad artwork. EVERYTHING ELSE IS EVEN MORE TERRIBLE UGH
  • Winx Club- a concept that needs polishing so it does not look like the rest of these shows that come out

    Don't get me wrong- Winx Club has some potential it's just that Iginio Straffi kept it cliche- there is a lack of male fairies, warlocks and female heroines.

    First of all- why don't the main males (perhaps with the exception of some who come later in the series) have any magic abilites, why are they totally reliant on their weapons? Is this some kind of strange view on males?

    I don't mind that the girls are wearing skimpy outfits. Thus is the freedom of the world we live in, where girls can choose to be as naughty as they wish. But a whole school of fairies where only 6 actually fight and defend the world? The bells of nonsense ring. It's like they're training all the other girls for NOTHING! Weird.
    Also, there was only one 'non-evil' witch, Mirta (or Myrta). And the names of the fairies- more predictable than 'the sun will rise tomorrow.' Except for Layla, but Layla is Amharic for 'the other' so that may be tied in this way. Also, Bloom takes up most of the attention, er!

    And the story could run a lot deeper. Hence the reason I gave it a 4, because I think the characters are kinda cute (but a little sterile) and I think the outfits are quite creative (but the men are dressed all the same! Poor guys, having to wear uniform while the girls go in mufti)
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