Winx Club

Sunday 1:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jun 19, 2004 In Season





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  • Winx Club- a concept that needs polishing so it does not look like the rest of these shows that come out

    Don't get me wrong- Winx Club has some potential it's just that Iginio Straffi kept it cliche- there is a lack of male fairies, warlocks and female heroines.

    First of all- why don't the main males (perhaps with the exception of some who come later in the series) have any magic abilites, why are they totally reliant on their weapons? Is this some kind of strange view on males?

    I don't mind that the girls are wearing skimpy outfits. Thus is the freedom of the world we live in, where girls can choose to be as naughty as they wish. But a whole school of fairies where only 6 actually fight and defend the world? The bells of nonsense ring. It's like they're training all the other girls for NOTHING! Weird.
    Also, there was only one 'non-evil' witch, Mirta (or Myrta). And the names of the fairies- more predictable than 'the sun will rise tomorrow.' Except for Layla, but Layla is Amharic for 'the other' so that may be tied in this way. Also, Bloom takes up most of the attention, er!

    And the story could run a lot deeper. Hence the reason I gave it a 4, because I think the characters are kinda cute (but a little sterile) and I think the outfits are quite creative (but the men are dressed all the same! Poor guys, having to wear uniform while the girls go in mufti)
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