Winx Club

Sunday 1:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jun 19, 2004 In Season





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  • This show is terrible

    Ok, this is a show about fairies, evil witches, and male warriors. I think you could take all this and make a good show, which is obviously what Iginio Straffi didn't do.

    Winx Club is a really dumb show featuring a girl named Bloom, who I personally think is a major over achiever. I hate how it seems like everything has to do with Bloom, and how it's always 'Bloom and the Winx Club' instead of just 'The Winx Club'. In fact, in the 4th season, Musa (the fairy of music) gets discovered by a recording producer, and then Musa decides to get the girls together so they can start their own rock band. And who's immediatly the star? Bloom. Of course, Bloom is always the main hero.

    Now about the fairy powers. I think it's kind of redundant that their fairy powers just happen to match the exact theme of their home planet. Like how one planet is all about nature, one's all about music, one's all about technology, one's all about the sun, etc. Look, I get that. But why does Musa have to just so happen be THE fairy of music and Flora's THE fairy of nature and Stella's THE fairy of the sun and so on. One other thing I find weird is that Bloom is the most powerful fairy in the Magix dimension. Really. Look, I understand that she's the fairy of the dragon flame but why does the fairy of the dragon flame have to be the most powerful fairy? She doesn't even seem that powerful. I bet Chuck Norris could drop kick her any day.

    By the way, WHAT IS UP WITH THE ANIMATION!!!!!!!! I hate how they put in CGI buildings in with the 2D drawings. I mean, they would rather spend their time drawing stupid outfits instead of buildings that are going to be in every episode?The character design makes every teenage girl look too darn skinny and the teenage boys have huge abs and skinny legs. Their mouth movement never matches what they're saying and they have the (sorry Stella) most hideous fairy outfits and regular everyday outfits I've ever seen. Plus, they have too many teenage girl stereotypes. They think all teenage girls freak out about the hair and love to go shopping etc. Look, there are lots of teenage girls out there that are not totally shallow.

    Ok, I'm glad they made a show about strong, female characters. But to have them be shallow girls that obsess over fashion and sparkles, unbelievable. I just wonder how those girls fly while wearing ten tons of sparkles and glitter on their fairy outfits.

    I do watch Winx Club a lot, but only to make fun of it. Because sometimes it's so stupid, it's funny!

    Now I have a ton of complaints about Winx Club, but my hands are getting tired typing.
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