Winx Club

Season 1 Episode 17

Royal Heartbreak

Aired Sunday 1:00 PM Oct 09, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • When Bloom and Stella get angry that Sky and Brandon didn't invite them to the celebration for the day of the royals, they decide to sneek in. However, when painfull information is revealed, will be the end of the realionship between the fairys and heros.

    The winx sneak into the Day of The Royals celebration. Bloom runs into a fairy who has a holagraphic picture of Brandon and thinks that the fairy is really Icy in desguise. Her and the fairy, Princess Diaspro, get into a fight over Brandon. However, when Bloom finds out that Brandon is Prince Sky, Prince Sky is Brandon, and Diaspro is the real Sky's fiance, she becomes very upset. Back at Alfea, Faragonda punishes the girls and the girls decide not to talk to Sky and Brandon again, in fact, they're done with boys, as if!
  • The Redfountain exhibition displays more events than what was planned. Riven and Brandon confront each other on the battlefield, while Bloom faces off with a princess claiming to be Brandon’s fiancé. The fight ends with an astounding revelation.

    Redfountain is preparing for an exhibition. While Saladin is worrying about the exhibition, back in Alphea Bloom is fretting as well. Finally Stella tells Bloom that though she can’t help her with the past, she can help her with the present. She urges Bloom to call Brandon and settle matters with him.

    Though Brandon seems happy to hear from her and is very understanding about the incident at Cloudtower, he quickly cuts the call and seems distant. Bloom just can’t figure him out. Brandon’s behaviour is explained to us when we see him talking to Timmy about his predicament. Brandon is engaged to be married to a girl named Diaspro, but he’s in love with Bloom. Timmy urges him to tell Bloom the truth. Riven overhearing this conversation loses no opportunity in insulting Bloom in front of Brandon. This leads to a fistfight finally broken up by Saladin himself. Though the fight is over, Brandon and Riven are still at loggerheads

    The exhibition is about to start and every known VIP is present. Griffen, principle of Cloudtower, is there as well and she informs Faragonda of the Trix’s expulsion. Bloom too wants to go to the exhibition. She is desperate to settle matters with Brandon, finally admitting that she really likes him. The Winx agree to accompany her.

    After managing to enter Redfountain Bloom sees a royal family. She manages to escape from the King and Queen but knocks over one of the party. A young girl, with a haughty attitude, who is carrying a picture of Brandon! Seeing Bloom stare at Brandon, the young girl rudely tells her that she has no right to stare at her boyfriend, before walking off. Bloom shocked stares at her retreating back. She is convinced that this is another trick of the Trix.

    Meanwhile the other Winx have found a way to watch the show. Stella is dying to see her Prince Sky knowing that his parents, the richest in the dimension, will also be present for the exhibition.

    Bloom, in the meantime, manages to lure the haughty girl away from the crowd and demands to know which one of the Trix sisters she is. The girl claims to be Princess Diaspro, the fiancé of Prince Sky. Bloom, not believing her, transforms and attacks her. But Princess Diaspro is quick to retaliate. As these two continue to battle inside, on the field Brandon and Riven have pitted their dragons against each other.

    In the midst of their fearsome dragon battle, Bloom and Diaspro appear in the stadium, still fighting. In the utter confusion, the dragons are finally subdued and Bloom manages to defeat Diaspro. But it looks like Bloom is the one who has lost because it turns out that the person she thought of as Brandon is none other than Prince Sky. Stella too is shocked to realize that her boyfriend is actually the squire Brandon and not a prince.

    Bloom, hurt and betrayed, refuses to listen to the actual Prince Sky’s explanation. That night, as she stands on the balcony of Alphea, Bloom reaches a decision.
  • Blooms is in love with a guy who is engaged to a princess diaspro. They fight over the guy and Bloom wins the fight but losses the guy.

    I loved the show . I wish that Bloom would have gotten the guy though. I wish Stella would rethink about Brandon. You can tell that Tecna likes Timmy. Princess Diaspro needs to back off. Everyone can tell that Princess Diaspro loves Sky but he loves Bloom. He should have told Bloom the truth. Bloom would have undersood. It was not right the way she found out. How stupid do u have to be? To not know to tell something like that to the one you like that?
  • this is the ultimate winx club episide it has bloom being embarrased. serves bloom right for being so big headed and stupid


    prince sky/brandon doesn't invite bloom and bloom wants to phone him and ask him but she gets scared cause poor baby bloom doesn't want to be the girl who called twice

    in the end the girls sneak into red fountain and peep through the door at the boys . bloom see's diaspro walking big headedly and gracefully down the corner ,gee i cannot stand princess diaspro i can never see why on earth prince sky agreed to an arranged marriage with diaspro she's worse than bloom. bloom ammediately jumps to conclusions as usual and thinks she's icy bloom,
    when diaspro has sat down bloom says that teen fairy want an interview with diaspro then they both transform and fight they break the ceiling and end up where the boys are doing there day of the reoyals thing and bloom cryy's when she realises how stupid she's been and so on .
  • I found this to be a very piviotal episode because it sheds light on somethings in the story and also leads on to the next episode.

    The day of the Royal's is coming up and the whole magical world is in a flutter. The guests of Honor are none other then Prince Sky's parents. Bloom is bummed because she hasn't heard from Brandon nor has she been invited to attend the event. Stella suggests she call Brandon. Bloom is reluctant because she had called twice already and also she doesn't know what to say. Stella tells her to talk about the weather and then goes off to take a shower. Bloom calls Brandon and thankfully she gets him this time. But she is so tongue tied about what to say she takes Stella's advice and literally talks about the weather. Brandon is somewhat uncomfortable talking to Bloom and tries to cut out by saying that he has another call. Both of them feel that they acted really lame. Later Brandon is talking with Timmy about his call with Bloom and that he was nervice because Diaspro was going to be at the event. Riven shows up and starts taunting Brandon about even willingly being with someone like Bloom. The two argue but the Head Master of the Red Fountain School tells them to cut it out. Then he informs them not to settle their dispute at the next day's events.

    The next day the girls plan to sneek in to the event and see the event. Bloom wants to go find Brandon so that they can talk but instead runs into Princess Diaspro who is walking with Prince Sky's parents. Diaspro drops a disk with a holographic picture of Brandon on it. Bloom see's it and demands to know why Diaspro has a picture of Brandon. Diaspro acts like Bloom doesn't know whats she's talking about and calls Bloom a clumsy servent. Fearing for Brandon's life Bloom starts to beleave that Diaspro is really Icy in disguise. And is determined to find out why she's targeting Brandon. She manages to get Diaspro alone by tricking her into beleaving she's getting and interview. Then she transforms into her Winx outfit and attacks Diaspro. Diaspro angerly thinking that Bloom is crazy transforms into her Winx outfit and tries to retrain Bloom. Bloom manages to break free and demands Diaspro to stay away from Brandon. Diaspro not knowing what Bloom was talking about tells her that she can have the Squire if she wanted him so badly. And calls forth her crown jewel attack. Out in the stadium the boys are demonstrating how to control dragons with their minds. Riven taunts Brandon by saying he's going to have their dragons attack one another. Brandon responds by throwing a boomerang at Riven. The two boys start to fight and since their still performing the mind control their dragons fight as well. Their professer jumps on the back of on of the other boys dragons and starts to break up the fight with his whip. Suddenly Bloom and Diaspro burst from the ground both of them to engaged in battle to realize their making a scene. Bloom destroys the crown jewels surounding Diaspro and knocks her to the ground. Brandon calls out her name. Bloom is surprised that Brandon knows her. Brandon starts to explain everything but at that moment one of the Royal guests of Honor stands up and calls a squier forward. The Squier was none other then Sky. Stella is discusted when she sees that her so called Prince was really a lowly Squier. The royal family hotally leaves seeing at the whole event had been ruined. Diaspro tells Bloom that Brandon AKA the Real Prince Sky is her fiance. Bloom lands on the ground and falls to her knees feeling like a first class idiot. Gryffin taunts Phragona about how her students just tarnished their schools statis. Pharagonda scolds the five girls about their behavior and how they made their school look bad infront of thousends of people. She tells them that this was grounds for expulsion. However Grizelda says their powers should be diluted to one half for a time as an example. Stella is mopeing about how her so called prince had lied to her. Turns out Prince Sky and Brandon had switched named because Sky wanted to know what it was like to be someone who was normal for once. Bloom is also still upset that Sky hadn't bothered to tell her who he really was or even that he was engaged.