Winx Club - Season 1

Sunday 1:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jun 19, 2004 In Season




Episode Guide

  • 12/11/04
    The witches attempt to destroy Alfea once and for all, but then Bloom returns with the power of the dragonfire. She takes down Icy while the other four take down Stormy and Darcy. In the end, Icy, Stormy, and Darcy are sent to a goody goody boot camp while all the other witches go back to clean up Cloud Tower. The Red Fountain boys stay at Alfea and they all have Prom together.moreless
  • 12/4/04

    The Trix are all set for a final battle against Alfea as they rally their greatest army yet. Bloom, has a heart to heart talk with Daphne. A final showdown is about to take place at Alfea.

  • 11/27/04
    The Trix continue their relentless attack on Alphea, but now that Prof Griffen and her students have joined the fairies they manage to hold their own against the Trix's army. In the meantime, Bloom and Sky have to hike through the forest after their accident. But they split up, as Bloom wants to visit Daphne before returning to Alphea.moreless
  • 11/20/04
    To expedite the search, the gang splits into two groups. Bloom's group finds the dragon fire first, but the witches are waiting for them. Luckily, the other group (Riven, Brandon, and Knut) show up as well as Ms. Griffin! To buy time, Griffin put the three witch-dropouts in temporary "detention," and then summons a portal to Alfea so that the remaining witches and gang can escape. Fearing that the Army of Decay might also enter the portal, Sky and Bloom stay behind to lead the Army away.moreless
  • 11/13/04
    The Winx Club and the Red Fountain boys (minus Riven) come back from Sparx and begin a journey to Cloud Tower to reclaim Bloom's Dragon Fire.
  • The Frozen Palace (2)
    On Sparx, Bloom enters the frozen palace and encounters the spirit of Daphne, while other Winx girls penetrate the palace, looking for the Bloom and the Dragon Fire. Just as the girls reunite, the yeti with a hoard of ice crabs which assault the girls and the palace. The Red Fountain boys (minus one Riven) turn up and stop the ice crabs, while the girls stop the yeti. It ends with all eight of them in the boys craft, heading back to Alfea.moreless
  • Sparks of Hope (1)
    Episode 20
    The Winx Club travels to Sparx to find Bloom's powers. While The senior witches attack Red Fountain, and ultimately destroy it. When the Winx Club are attacked by a Yeti, Stella transforms and fights him but the resulting battle causes Bloom to fall into a deep chasm...
  • The Army of Decay
    The Army of Decay
    Episode 19
    With the Dragon Fire in their possession, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy summon the Army of Decay, an endless army full of pterodactyls, bugs, and giant monsters. Bloom feels bad that she doesn't have her powers, and all the others from Red Fountain, Alfea, and Cloud Tower are fighting the best that they can. However when one monster is defeated, it regenerates and becomes two. Will the Witches rule the universe?moreless
  • 10/16/04
    Feeling guilty about getting her friends in trouble, Bloom goes back home to Earth. The witches follow her, and a fight ensues. In the end, Bloom loses the dragonfire!
  • Royal Heartbreak
    Royal Heartbreak
    Episode 17
    Bloom is upset when brandon doesn't invite her to a big Red Fountain event called "the day of the royals". So the winx club sneaks into Red Fountain to view the festivities. But a battle breaks out when Bloom meets a princess whom she believes is Icy in disguise,thus alfea is disgraced. However the fight causes the revelation of some hurtful secrets.moreless
  • 10/2/04
    The scene starts with the witches summoning a nightmare gargoyle. It attacks each member of the Winx, (with the exception of Bloom), and gets stronger as each girl is drained from the nightmares. Mirta (who's still stuck as a pumpkin) informs the girls what's really going on. On the second night, the girls prepare to ambush it, but the witches show up and completely pummel them. That is, until Faragonda appears, kicks the nightmare monster's butt, and chases the witches. The witches retreat only to discover that they are expelled from Cloudtower.moreless
  • 9/25/04

    Bloom finds the answers to a quiz in WizGizs' class and Prof. Faragonda takes Bloom on an astral journey to reveal Daphne, the voice in her head. Bloom also finds a sealed envelope which contains the answers for a test!

  • Witch Trap
    Episode 14
    Bloom is frustrated with her powers so with Brandon's help, she sneaks into Cloud Tower for answers. Riven gives the Witches the insider tip, and the witches plan to spread seeds of insecurity before stealing the dragonfire. Meanwhile, Mirta, the red-haired freshman, is angry with Lucy and in her act of revenge, finds out the witches' plan by accident. She rushes off to warn Bloom, but in the end she gets turned into a pumpkin by Icy. The fairies take her into Alfea in hopes of changing her back.moreless
  • Meant to Be
    Episode 13
    Bloom is finally home for the vacations. But she realizes that though her hometown might not have changed, she definitely has. She feels that since she has become a fairy she does not fit in anymore. Nevertheless her powers are certainly helpful when it comes to saving her mother’s flower shop from vandalism, and in the process she learns a great secret about her past.moreless
  • Miss Magix
    Episode 12
    Stella decides to take part in the annual Miss Magix Beauty Pageant instead of studying for an exam. Thinking she'll be the sure-fire winner, she's not too concerned about the competition. However, just to get the kicks and daily dose of 'make the fairies cry', the senior witches enter their own 'Miss Magix' into the Beauty Pageant, as well as sabotaging the acts. Can she figure out what's going on before it's too late?moreless
  • Junior League
    Junior League
    Episode 11
    Flora moves out to Blackmud swamp to create a witch-propellant potion after annoying Tecna and Stella. However Flora must find a plant which she needs for her experiment. The local Water Nymph-junior league offers her the plant in exchange for defeating the local monster. However they learn they must actually eliminate a deadly infestation before it kills the island, aka the monster!moreless
  • 8/21/04
    The girls take a virtual reality test (a mid-term) where they are only allowed to take one potion and rely on their Winx for the rest. Bloom is first, and the witches invade the game, knock Kikko in the lava, and steal Bloom's dragon fire. The game is about to blow up and Bloom is still trapped inside. Bloom finds Kikko and they fix the VR chamber and Bloom is found. Then it turns out the witches have no dragon fire.moreless
  • Spelled
    Episode 9
    Bloom is still troubled by her mysterious dreams but that's the least of her concerns when Stella becomes rude and says mean things to each member of the Winx, causing Musa to run off crying! Unfortunately, Musa runs to Magix where the witches are currently hanging out. A big fight ensures with the witches against the fairies and warriors. In the end, Bloom releases an insane amount of energy. Thus, the witches now know where the Dragon Fire power is.moreless
  • 8/7/04
    It's the day of the Rose! A day where you celebrate your parents. Most of the school have gone home, leaving Musa, Stella, and Bloom behind. While Musa stays at Alfea, Stella and Bloom decide to go to Magix and watch the annual race with their favorite guys as the racers! But tension is stirred when some harsh words are exchanged between Riven and Bloom. To make things worse, Darcy has successfully managed to sabotage the race and cast a spell on Riven, making him think Darcy is his girlfriend!moreless
  • Grounded
    Episode 7

    The Winx girls and the Red Fountain guys have a cleaning party as a "punishment" for going to Cloud Tower, but when the witches conjure up a minotaur to take them down, the party ends up being crashed. The Winx Club are useless without their powers, but defeat they minotaur by making him chase after them and making him slip with liquid soap. Impressed, Griselda gives their powers back.

  • Secret Guardian
    Secret Guardian
    Episode 6

    After Bloom gave Stella's ring to the Witches to save Stella, the Winx Club intends to get Stella's ring back-by sneaking into Cloud Tower. They get the ring safely without the Witches noticing, but Bloom delays them a bit, and Griffin notices that they're in Cloud Tower, so she casts bugs and a slime monster to attack them. They get out safely, but Griselda and Faragonda notice what they've done, and take the girls' powers away as punisment.

  • Date With Disaster
    Episode 5

    The Winx Club are trying to making a "Good decision potion" in Alfea's kitchen. However everyone gets distracted when Stella says that she's been asked on a date with Prince Sky. Stella ends up being kidnapped by the witches and Knut. Darcy impersonates Stella & tries to convince Bloom to give her her royal Ring of Solaria.

  • 7/10/04
    The girls are on a field trip to practice the skills to "listen to nature." Meanwhile, Knut tells the witches that a few specialists are escorting the troll to Magix. Fearing that a mind sorcerer might get a hold of the troll and discover their plan, they attack the ship, and the troll escapes. The specialists and fairies team up to find the troll, but the witches beat them to it and make the troll disappear to Limbo forever. With no sign of the troll, the specialists head back to Red Fountain and the girls return to their class. The girls get the highest mark in the class, and is now named as the "Winx Club."moreless
  • 7/3/04
    It's the beginning of the school year and Alfea and Red Fountain will be having a school dance, and all the girls are excited. Stella, Musa, Flora, and Tecna all have dresses to wear, but Bloom is desperate when Icy, Darcy, and Stormy come in to sabotage the Dance! What will Bloom do with her Winx?moreless
  • 6/26/04
    Bloom arrives at Alfea but lies about her name and says she's Princess Veranda (anyone who is not on the list will be turned into something slimy). Stella introduces Bloom to her roommates - the other Winx Club members. The Senior Witches and Mr. Knut show up again and almost kick Bloom's butt until the other four Winx members kick their butts.moreless
  • 6/19/04

    Kiko runs off in the forest and when Bloom follows him she finds none other than Stella battling it out with Knut who is there with some ghouls to steal her scepter. Bloom intervenes in the middle of the battle and saves Stella only to discover she has her own magical powers. Later, Stella stays on earth and then introduces Bloom to four Red Fountain boys- Riven, Sky, Brandon and Timmy. A hunter troll comes and attacks them all, the boys and the girls manage to fight him off.