Winx Club - Season 4

Sunday 1:00 PM on Nickelodeon Premiered Jun 19, 2004 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Magical Adventure (Movie II)

    Alfea celebrates the new school year when the party is interrupted the the Trix. The Winx stop them, but not before they steal a powerful object. Meanwhile, Bloom is on Sparx, experiencing the best moments of her new princess life. However, the Ancestral Witches come back to haunt the Winx fairies. Then Erendor, Sky's father, forbids his son to marry her because of a dark secret. With the help of the Trix, the Ancestresses are able to find the Tree of Life. With an unusually strong and powerful spell, they break this balance and suck all the good energy from Magix. The Winx find themselves powerless and forced again to confront the Trix.

  • Fire And Ice
    Fire And Ice
    Episode 26
    Nebula and Layla go head-to-head against the remaining Wizards of the Black Circle, but are defeated. Bloom convinces Layla to return to their side. With all the Winx together plus Nebula they are able to defeat the Wizards with their convergence. Morgana then declares Nebula the new Fairy Queen after seeing a great change in her. Finally the Winx can return to Magix and are back to their Enchantix forms.moreless
  • Morgana's Secret
    Morgana's Secret
    Episode 25
    With Layla now on Nebula's side after she is consumed by her anger, they are able to capture Morgana and take over Tir Nan Og. Nebula and her army then go after the rest of the wizards in order to destroy them. The Winx club must face off agents Nebula's army-including Layla.moreless
  • The Day of Justice
    Episode 24

    The Winx return to Tir Nan Og with the wizard for their trial by the Fairy of Justice. However they are double crossed by the wizards and Duman attacks the Specialists after they realize it's a trick. Nabu and the others all try to get to the girls before it is too late and they are all destroyed.

  • Bloom's Trial
    Bloom's Trial
    Episode 23
    Though still inside Aurora ice cave the Winx are now defending themselves against Nebula, the Fairy of War. She had long ago been the Fairy of Peace, but her hatred consumed her. Bloom accepts the challenge of fighting Nebula with Roxy and human kind in the balance.
  • The Frost Tower
    The Frost Tower
    Episode 22
    Everyone is faced with a new challenge as Aurora, the Fairy of the North, freezes all of Gardenia and threatens to freeze the rest of the world. Though she is kindhearted, she is blinded by her anger at humans for forgetting about them. The Winx fear they may actually be done for.moreless
  • The Cave of Sibylla
    The Cave of Sibylla
    Episode 21
    Everyone is surprised when the Fairy Hunters surrender to the Winx in order to save one of their own who has come down with a mysterious illness. While the specialists stay to watch over Duman, the girls fly off to find Sibylla who is the Fairly of Justice. With Luck she will give the Fairy Hunters a fare trial for their crimes.moreless
  • 1/1/10
    The group realizes that Diana is linked to the Sacred Bud that they had discovered earlier. All the fairies must then team up in order to stop a group of men from clear cutting the forest. The Winx get to use the first gift given to them by the Sprites.
  • In Diana's Kingdom
    In Diana's Kingdom
    Episode 19
    The Winx travel to the Amazon Rainforest, a place where humans have not completely taken over. They find their captured boyfriends, and both Musa and Riven appear to want each other back. However, the guardian of the temple shows up to stop them.
  • The Nature Rage
    The Nature Rage
    Episode 18
    Now that the fairies of Earth are free, they are angry at humans for forgetting about them. Diana, the Earth Fairy of Nature appears and starts her revenge on Bloom's home town. She takes the specialist after winning her battle against them, leaving the girls upset and worried. The Winx then find out about new powers and transformations that go beyond Believix, called Sophiex.moreless
  • The Enchanted Island
    The Winx travel to Tir Nan Og, an island from Roxy's vision from an unknown fairy. Once they arrive each girl comes face to face with some of their own worst fears. Together they finally defeat the dark force that is following them, & internee free the forgotten fairies of Earth.moreless
  • A Virtual World
    A Virtual World
    Episode 16
    Musa wants a distraction from everything and convinces the other girls to start a band with her. The Winx hide the White Circle in a video game, only to have the Wizards find it later. A virtual battle unfolds for the powerful object.
  • Magic Lessons
    Magic Lessons
    Episode 15
    The Wizards are being weakened by all the new believers in town, thanks to the Winx Club. Causing more chaos, they change Mitzy & her friends into evil fairies in order to change public opinion. Meanwhile, Musa is crushed when Jason invited her to his wedding. Musa & Riven are still on the rocks.moreless
  • The Perfect Number
    The Perfect Number
    Episode 14
    The Winx Club is becoming more and more famous in Gardenia- much to Stella's pleasure. Meanwhile a group of thieves are stealing animals and trafficking them around the world.
  • The Wizard's Attack
    Episode 13
    The Winx Club and everyone else is put in danger when the Black circle tells them that they must hand over the White Circle or they will destroy the town. The Specialists and the Winx club must work together to come up with a plan, or let the magic universe be destroyed.moreless
  • Dad! I'm a Fairy
    Dad! I'm a Fairy
    Episode 12
    The Winx club finally convince Roxy to tell her dad about her powers. Before she can, they are both taken by the Dark Circle. Roxy is forced to protect her family long enough for the Winx Club to come and rescue her.
  • Winx Club Forever
    Winx Club Forever
    Episode 11
    When Stella convinces everyone to go shopping, it opens an opportunity for the Winx club to help people by stopping a high-end robbery of thieves dressed as ninjas. Roxy stays home to learn more about her powers and even learns some new tricks.
  • Musa's Song
    Musa's Song
    Episode 10
    While the Winx club try to convince the adults of Earth to believe in magic again, Musa is faced with her own problems. She is offered a contract with a big time record label and isn't sure if she should sign. Meanwhile Riven is angry because he thinks Musa is falling for some new guy.moreless
  • Nebula
    Episode 9
    While Bloom is trying to convince Sky there is nothing between her & Andy, Roxy becomes possessed by one of the Earth Fairies that had been trapped by the Black Circle.
  • The White Circle
    The White Circle
    Episode 8
    Brandon & Stella are still in a fight, and everyone decides to go on a horseback riding trip from Roxy's childhood. They are attacked once again but this time they have more power on their side. The Winx also discover a new trick they can do with their Believix power.
  • Winx Believix
    Winx Believix
    Episode 7
    Because the girls were able to convince Roxy to believe in magic, everyone got their Believix Winxs. Still hiding from the Black Circle, and trying to better understand her powers, Roxy now must deal with someone trying to contact her.
  • A Fairy in Danger
    A Fairy in Danger
    Episode 6
    Everyone finds out the identity of the last Fairy on Earth-Roxy, a young girl who has the power to talk to animals. The Winx try to convince her they are the good guys, while the Black Circle attempt to destroy her.
  • Mitzi's Present
    Mitzi's Present
    Episode 5
    The Black Circle finds out where the girls work and hex the animals they are selling. Their goal is to distract them while they look for the last fairy. Meanwhile Stella is upset at Brandon for letting Mitzi kiss him after he saved her from one of the hexed toys.
  • Love & Pet
    Love & Pet
    Episode 4
    The Winx club, realizing they need money for food and other things, decide to open a store using old toys Bloom found while at a part-time job. The Black Circle and the Specialists also arrives on Earth.
  • The Last Fairy of Earth
    The Winx Club finds out that the last Fairy of Earth lives in Gardenia. After Bloom visits with her parents, they agree to let the girls stay with them. The search for the last fairy begins.
  • The Tree of Life
    The Tree of Life
    Episode 2
    Evil wizards belonging to a group called "Black Circle" have entered Alfea to kidnap Bloom. A new mission is about to begin!
  • The Fairy Hunters
    The Fairy Hunters
    Episode 1
    The winx club are at Alfea and this time they are teaching. But when 4 wizards show up at Alfea looking for the last fairy of Earth (which they think is Bloom but realize they were wrong) Ms. Faragonda tell the girls they have to earn a new transformation to defeat the wizards: believix.moreless