Winx Club

Season 1 Episode 18

Senior Witches Go to Earth

Aired Sunday 1:00 PM Oct 16, 2004 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap


Bloom mistakes Diaspro for Icy and Brandon for Prince Sky. Gricelda takes away half of the entire Winx Club's power.


The other Winx members are waiting outside the Alfea school for Stella because Bloom wanted to stay something. Bloom wants to move out because of all the trouble she caused. The other Winx members don't want her to leave.

Bloom packs up anyway and tells Kiko that they're moving back home. She casts a magic vine spell that takes her out, then she catches a bus home.

Stormy sees Bloom as she passes the train station between dimensions and reports her back to the witches. The witches are going to Earth.


Bloom tells her parents that she feels really terrible and she wants to go to regular high school.

Mitsy teases Bloom and thinks she was kicked out.

Bloom is going through a state of depression.

Next day, at the Alfea school, the Winx Club wants to go after Bloom but Gricelda won't let them out with only half their power. The girls are on probation and can't do anything about it, but Stella is going anyway.

Bloom is assisting her mom at the flower shop as she makes a flower that someone is looking for. Flora taught her that trick and she misses her. The witches are spying on them and are complaining about everything on Earth.

Bloom goes for a walk and says being back on Earth is kinda nice because she thinks there are no witches. Mitsy wants to bring Bloom to school for show-and-tell, but Bloom rejects. Mitsy insults her again, and uses her power to turn Mitsy's motorcycle into a pig.

Bloom enters her house to see that the witches and Mr. Knut have trapped her parents and are after the dragonfire.


The witches sic Mr. Knut on Bloom. She uses her Winx to take out Knut, so the witches try to battle her. Stormy shoots electrical botls on her, and then created a barrier, then Icy shoots her ice but Bloom blocks it, and it goes on like this. Then the witches return to Bloom's house as the witches are trying to create a vortex toilet to suck Bloom's parents in unless she gives up her dragonfire. Bloom jumps down the toilet and saves her parents. Darcy and Stormy weaken Bloom, and then Icy tells Bloom about her past, and she's a princess and was chosen to hold the dragonfire. Icy then freezes Bloom.


Bloom is now frozen against a wall, so now the witches use the Whyspherian crystals to steal Bloom's dragonfire. The witches and Knut return to Cloud Tower, and then Bloom loses conciousness, and then Stella returns. They tell the story about taking over the universe being doomed, but Stella won't let it happen.
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