Winx Club

Season 1 Episode 18

Senior Witches Go to Earth

Aired Sunday 1:00 PM Oct 16, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • Upset and feeling responsible that her and her friends got caught at the celebration, Bloom runs away back to Earth. However, the witches follow her. They steal her powers and Bloom is left powerless, knowing that her friends are now in grave danger.

    Bloom goes back to earth. The witches follow her and take away her powers. After figuring out that she was the keeper of the Dragon Fire, a very powerful magic, Bloom realizes that the hole magic demintion is in jepordy and it's all her fault. She now decides to go back to Alfea and find her power to help her friends defeat the witches, befor they're all doomed to be ruled by Icy, Darcy, and Stormy: The new owners of the dragon fire.
  • Bloom feels unwelcome because of what happened at Red Fountain. So she goes back home, and the witches follow her down to Earth. While walking, Bloom returns to her house, only to find the witches to have her parents captive. While fighting at 50% power,

    It almost made me cry to see Bloom so sad. The witches have finally gotten their hands on the Dragon Fire power. Now that they have it, the next couple of episodes turn out to be the best. This is episode starts off the great fight for the entire universe!!!!
  • Bloom goes to Earth and gets her powers stolen by the witches.

    OK, well, it was a twisty loop-hole but I only watched this one episode, having been warned by my twin sister about how crap this was. This is more like a cartoon soap opera, with Bloom being bullied and then having her powers stolen from the witches. Then Stella appears and says that they aren't gonna get away with this.
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