Winx Club

Season 2 Episode 7

The Dark Tower

Aired Sunday 1:00 PM Oct 22, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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The Dark Tower
Bloom and Company are told by Faragonda that a mysterious, large stone is protruding out of the lake and they need to destroy it. As they attempt to destroy it, their powers are drained in the process. Later they find out that the mysterious stranger who saved them in the underrealm was responsible for putting up the stones.moreless

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  • we find out who the freaky guy with wings is!

    this ep were really good! glad we got to find out who that Paladin was! and he's really a new teacher at Alfea! the fun never stops in this show! i thought it was funny how Sky was dead concerned about Bloom not calling! and Brandon started winding him up! it was class! but i didn't think he would actually go down to Alfea to check on her! god he's paranoid! oh well! and poor little Kiko! i know Bloom didn't mean to ignore him but i felt sorry for him! and he's so adorable! def one of my favourite eps!moreless
  • The Winx have just returned to Alphea, only to be faced by another problem. A mysterious stone has appeared on the lake and the Winx are unable to destroy it. In the end their new professor Avlon manages to destroy the stone.moreless

    The episode begins with the arrival of the ‘Big Eared Bear’, one of the fairy animals. His arrivals interrupts Livy, who is entertaining all the other fairy animals with a puppet show based on the recent events of the Winx. She starts the story from the beginning…

    After successfully rescuing the pixies, the fairies and the specialists are on their way back to Alphea, where the others welcome them with open arms. Three of the pixies immediately bond with the remaining Winx. Techna and Digit share their mutual love of computers. Tune and Musa bond as well, while Chatta gives Flora her life history. Keko, in the meantime, who had also been anxiously awaiting Bloom’s return feels left out and repulses Sky’s sympathy.

    The following morning Faragonda invites the Winx to her office to congratulate them on the success of their mission and to give them a debriefing. She says that based on the information she has obtained from them, she has to conclude that none other than Lord Darkar is behind the kidnapping of the pixies. She tells them of how Lord Darkar, the shadow phoenix, was behind the destruction of Bloom’s kingdom. At that time he had got the three evil witches to do his bidding and now that he had the Trix to help him it seemed like history was repeating itself. At that time Lord Darkar had been defeated, she concluded that the reason he was back was probably for revenge and to become the most powerful person in the universe.

    However, when the Winx ask her why Lord Darkar was after the pixies, Faragonda seems evasive and instead tells them that they have a difficult course ahead of them and to concentrate on their studies. She does however mention that it would be dangerous for the pixies to return to their village, so she invites Layla and the pixies to stay with them at Alphea.

    Livy continues with her story and tells us of how that night there was a terrible storm as the kingdom of Magix was hit by hurricane Nimbus. While all the animals ran for shelter we can see a mysterious cloaked figure lurking in the forest.

    Back at Alphea, the Winx are puzzling over past events when they get an urgent message from Faragonda requesting them to don their heaviest cloaks and come to the lake. At the lake they find a mysterious stone made of neither metal nor mineral. Taking into account the recent disturbing events, Faragonda tells them to destroy it at all costs.

    As the Winx are trying to destroy the rock, we see Faragonda back in her office talking to four pixies one of whom is Concorda, the pixie Bloom met in the first episode.

    The Winx give it their best shot but are unable to destroy the rock. They pelt the stone with everything they have, while the mysterious cloaked figure watches on. Finally in the end all but Bloom give up. While the others return to Alphea, Bloom continues to try and destroy the rock.

    Just as the others are beginning to get worried at Bloom’s long absence, they hear a knock on the door. On opening it they see the mysterious cloaked figure carrying the unconscious Bloom.

    The next day Faragonda explains everything to them. The cloaked figure is revealed to be non-other than the man who had rescued Bloom and the others back at Lord Darkar’s castle. He is introduced to us as Professor Avlon, who has come to Alphea to teach the fairies Cognitive Analysis, a subject in their new branch of Technical Incantation. With one incantation Avlon destroys the mysterious rock on the river. His knowledge and good looks soon has all the fairies flocking around him. Bloom contemplates asking him to help her find her parents.

    The fairies throw a party to welcome their new professor and Livy ends her story with a round of applause.

  • A revealing episode...

    After Bloom, Stella, and Layla return to Alfea from the UnderRealm, Tecna, Musa, and Flora bond with their Pixies, Digit, the Pixie of Technology, Tune, the Pixie of Manners, and Chatta, the Pixie of Chatter. It's obvious that Tecna and Digit are bonded. Tune says that Musa's hairstyle is unique, and Chatta tells Flora that she'll get her a boyfriend by the end of the semester. Bloom takes Lockette and Blinky to her room, and Kiko wasn't even seen by Bloom.

    Soon enough, Faragonda tells the girls about Darkar. She states that Darkar is very evil, that he will do anything to rule the universe. There is also a powerful element, but it's bad, the Shadow Fire, and it was so powerful, that it destroyed the realm of Spheria. Darkar also wants to get the Pixies in his clutches, so Faragonda says that the Pixies will stay at Alfea rather than going back to their village.

    While they're walking in the hall, Livy, the Messenger Pixie, flies in and tells the girls this message she has. It's from Faragonda, and that she wants the girls outside immidiately, but they can't tell the Pixies.

    Outside, a large obelisk (or should I say a large, gray rectangle) has appeared. Faragonda then tells the girls to do whatever it takes to destroy it. Musa, Flora, and Stella transform first, but their attacks won't work. Bloom, Layla, and Tecna then transform, but it still doesn't damage the obelisk one bit. Tecna, Musa, Layla, Flora, and Stella are losing their Winx, but Bloom still has more Winx left (considering that she is the strongest fairy of them all) and continues damaging the obelisk. Will she be successful?moreless
Rachael Lillis

Rachael Lillis

Professor Faragonda

Guest Star

Carol Jacobanis

Carol Jacobanis

Professor Griffen

Guest Star

Su Meredith

Su Meredith

Professor Griselda

Guest Star

Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz


Recurring Role

Suzy Myers

Suzy Myers


Recurring Role

Kathleen Delaney

Kathleen Delaney


Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the part where Faragonda is telling the girls about the Shadow Fire, there's a shot of Layla, Musa, and Flora. Layla is holding an asleep Piff in her arms, but next to Layla is an awake Piff!

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Brandon: What are we doing?
      Sky: I'm just checking up on Bloom
      Brandon: So! Swing by tomorrow..
      Sky: I don't want her to KNOW I'm checking up on her

    • Tune: Musa was telling me that Faragonda was bugging this morning. Anyone know what this means?
      Chatta: Maybe it means she ate keekbugs for breakfast.
      Digit: It's a modern slang word for acting strange.

    • Sky: Something's not right. Bloom hasn't answered her phone all night, and we had a phone date three hours ago.
      Brandon: Don't worry, dude. She's probably just out with some other guy.

    • Stella: Where are you going, Flora? It's your turn. Would you rather have to wear polka dots the rest of your life, or plaid?
      Flora: I'd rather go out and look for Bloom.
      Stella: Hello! Answer the question! Don't be afraid to commit to a choice! No one here will judge you. I mean, not too much, anyway.

    • Tecna: Um, I have a question, Miss Faragonda. What's the name of the class Professor Avalon is teaching, and how many students will be asmitten--I mean, admitted!

    • Faragonda: I believe Lord Darkar is someone who seeks to enter the realm of Realix, and his hunt for the Codex, which will allow him to enter the portal, is what led him to your village, but as you know, there is another way to enter Realix. Lord Darkar must never learn of this way.

    • Brandon: Sky, what are we doing?
      Sky: I just want to check on Bloom.
      Brandon: So swing by tomorrow afternoon.
      Sky: Well, I don't want her to know I'm checking up on her!

    • Flora: I believe in the power of trees, a world of magic, that's my dream!

    • Stella: You know, I've gotta' tell ya', personally, I didn't find that Lord Darkar dude to be all that scary.
      Tecna: What do you mean? Layla's the only one of us who's actually seen him!
      Stella: Oh, yeah.

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