Winx Club

Season 2 Episode 26

The Ultimate Power Couple (3)

Aired Sunday 1:00 PM Mar 11, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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The Ultimate Power Couple (3)
Season Finale! Just when a monster was about to hit them, the Winx girls got saved by Faragonda, Griffon, and Codatorta. Athena, Discorda, Ninfea, and Concorda, the Pixie Elders, are also there so they follow the Winx Club. However monsters attack them so Layla and Stella head for Realix first, then the others. Icy, Darcy and Stormy use their powers to combine and turn into MegaTrix and they take on Darkar. Bloom is about to summon the ultimate power, but Sky says words from his heart, saying that he loves Bloom. She is able to fight back the darkness, and come back to normal, leaving the power in Realix. Together, the Winx Club defeats Darkar, and the girls are so happy about their victory!moreless

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  • The teachers, Winx, and warriors enter the realm of Relix for one last battle against Darkar! Also, Sky let's slip the L word!

    Bloom is evil, Darkar is powerful, Kerbog's a beast and the Winx are down. Just as they are about to die, the teachers wind up and attack the monster. While Musa, Flora, and Tecna spread out through the shadow palace, Layla and Stella enter Relix and hit him with an incredible powerful blast which crushes him into the ground. He reforms and is about to take the Ultimate power when Sky reaches Bloom and she reverts. The Winx use their Charmix power to transform and converge, which is enough for them to destroy Relix and escape Relix. I thought this episode was extremely well written and exciting. Their method of destroying Darkar was beleivable, it took the Dragonfire and 5 Charmixes to vanquish Darker. You should watch this episode!moreless
  • in this episode sky trys to save bloom from the dark side... and at the end they all have a party

    I loved this episode it was the perfect ending for a perfect season... They way they made this episode was great... i loved how the girls transformed into their charmix and how the boys told the girls their feelings for them... well they told them in the episode before... but i personally think this episode was quite romantic... the way sky told bloom that he loved her and how she loved him was just a sweet, mushy, gushy ending. what was quite funny was at the ending Riven admits he cant dance... which is funny to me... i thought all the outfits were pretty on the girls... everyone was happy... and yet again bloom and the winx club save the day... thats what i call a great ending for a great season finalemoreless
  • I think this episode is romantic and advantageous

    I think how sky reveals his true feelings for bloom and they kiss is so adorebale i hope they stay together and have more romance i love that sky and bloom have lots of romance and when bloom is turned evil i think when the whictes are ditched for bloom is hilarous they got what they deserved
  • A very suprising and satisfying conclusion for Season Two.

    Brings all the main characters together for the amazing finale. Through the power of love, Sky frees Bloom from Darkar's grasp, and the Winx Club foils Darkar's, and the Megatrix's, plan for the ultimate power. All three schools kick of the finale with a great party, which shows all the couples having a little pow-wow together. This was a very fun, cool, and hip episode. Magical ending for a smashing Second Season of the teenage fav-Winx Club! I don't think there's much more to say than hasn't been said. Faries, Teachers, Boys, Witches, and Pixies, this ep brings them all together!!!moreless
  • When Bloom is taken captive by Lord Darkar, it is up to the Winx to save her. Will they be to late. I doubt it!

    When Bloom is taken captive by Lord Darkar, it is up to the Winx to save her. They travel to the under realm and defeat the monsters with the help of the downlanders. They finally make to Relix, but it is too late. Bloom has already summened the ultimate power. When Sky figures out that to undo Darkers spell, on Bloom, he has to prove to her that she has a true heart, will he finally reveal his true fealings to her, or will it be too late, find out on the Winx Club.moreless
Su Meredith

Su Meredith

Professor Griselda

Guest Star

Carol Jacobanis

Carol Jacobanis

Professor Griffen

Guest Star

Rachael Lillis

Rachael Lillis

Professor Faragonda

Guest Star

Lisa Ortiz

Lisa Ortiz


Recurring Role

Frank Frankson

Frank Frankson


Recurring Role

Dan Green

Dan Green


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Musa is with Riven, and Jared it with Alice.

    • When Bloom turns back to the good side both Layla & Stella are in Charmix mode but when Bloom starts the Charmix transformations both girls transform as well even though they were already in Charmix mode. They are not shown untransformed which means they must have stayed in Charmix form but still transformed.

    • When the pictures are being taken, 4Kids removed the nest two photos, which include Mirta and Lucy, and Glim being dazzled by the flash!

    • In the Italian version, Piff doesn't actually say anything when Chatta gives her the hot chocolate.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Brandon: You are the light of my life!
      Stella: That's the cheesiest thing you've ever said! Aww

    • Stella: Bloom will be fine!
      Lockett: I sense great danger!!
      Stella: I was trying to be positive but ok, go ahead and worry!

    • Musa: (to a possibly dead Riven) Don't you DARE not wake up!

    • Bloom: Hey, I'm glad you found me, Sky! We need to talk about what happened in Realix.
      Sky: Uh, do you remember what I said to you?
      Bloom: Of course, I remember. What you said to me was totally sweet.
      Sky: So you liked what I said to you, using the, uh, "L" word and all?
      Bloom: I love you too.

    • Tune: As they say Musa, "I've got your back!"

    • Timmy: Tecna! It's so good to see you!
      Sky: Let's save the reunion for later, we have to go find the others!
      Timmy and Tecna: Ok, then let's move out!
      Helia: You two say the same thing all the time now.

    • Sky: If I can talk to her maybe she'll listen and I can reach beyond the spell.
      Lord Darkar: What are you gonna do, ask her to the prom? Sorry, she's busy!
      Sky: Bloom!
      Lord Darkar: Give me the power now, Bloom!
      Sky: Wait, Bloom, try to listen to my voice, it's me your boyfriend. Darkar put you under a spell, this is not who you are, you're not evil. You may not be able to see it now Bloom, but you have a true heart.
      Lord Darkar: He doesn't know anything!
      Sky: I know what your heart is like, I've felt it. Your heart is full of light, Bloom. Your heart is so pure and good that it saved me. You didn't let me go and I'm not gonna let you go, so you have to fight this Bloom, you have to break free, you have to come back, because...I love you!

    • MegaTrix: "That idoit faerie returned the ultimate power. I HATE her more than ever!"

  • NOTES (29)


    • Riven nearly sacrifices himself to save Musa from Darkar's attack. It's similar to the scene in 'Sailor Moon' in which Prince Darienjumps in to protect Sailor Moon from Queen Beryl's attack and is serioulsy wounded/dies in return. This scene was also in the season finale of that series.