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AIRED ON 11/5/2015

Season 7 : Episode 15

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Jill Wagner, John Henson, and John Anderson host Wipeout, a show in which 24 contestants compete against each other and the clock in hopes of winning the $50,000 prize. In the Qualifier Round, all 24 contestants must complete a course consisting of four obstacles. The twelve contestants with the fastest times advance to the second round. In this round, the top 12 face the Sweeper. The six who last the longest on the Sweeper, move to the third round and the last person standing receives a $1000 bonus. In the third round, the remaining six contestants face an obstacle, such as the Dreadmill or Dizzy Dummy. Two contestants are eliminated during this round and the remaining four contestants advance to the final round - The Wipeout Zone. The final four must complete four obstacles in the Zone. The contestant with the fastest time wins the $50,000 prize.

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    • My Favorite Show

      Best show ever! ABC did great this show! My favorite season was season 7 becuase of the Tournament of Champions! Nothing wrong with this show. It's so funny!
    • Love this show

      Jill is very beautiful i watch this show because of her like her You are very funny love you ......
    • Less than 15% of the winners ($50,000 prize) are females :-(

      You need to select more athletic females and only throw junk at the males to even the odds. Glad Jill is back. Have less sport feats that require long legs. The 2014 season was the best. After the first episode each season, quit spending so much time reviewing how each obstacle course works. Just let us see more of the action.
    • So many laughs and splashing.

      This show is amazing lots of fun laughs. And loads of splashing 10/10 perfect.
    • One Major Flaw

      This TV show is great

      It is a unique idea and is one of my favourite shows to watch.

      However it's major flaw is the most important part of the show, the final round

      If you fall on one of the obstacles you can swim to the next one. People win this by swimming faster than others. I could watch any swimming show or go to my local pool if i wanted to watch that.

      Now there is no real winner, just a faster swimmer. The winner if the win a date episode just swum his way to the finish because he said he's been swimming since he was little.

      This is not the old show, and I understand shows have to grow and change to keep it interesting but making the final round complete waste of time, and so that the entire competition is inaccurately judged is not a beneficial change. I hope they realise this fix this flaw because the amount of frustration it puts on the viewers is not worth watching.

      If the contestants fall, which they do a lot, instead of just swimming along to the next obstacle they should have to redo the last obstacle once more or twice more.

      That way you are judging them on they're ability to do the obstacles, not swim past them.

      Especially when they fall of at the very beginning, they hardly even try

      Please take my review into consideration because I really didenjoy this show until recentlymoreless
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