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Episode 101

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jun 24, 2008 on ABC
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In this series premiere, 24 contestants compete against each other and the clock to make it through wild obstacle courses to ultimately be one of the final 4. The final 4 then face the Wipeout Zone. The contestant with the fastest time wins $50,000.

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  • my last review for tonight

    the first wipeout episode was really good it has 24 contestants and so much else my favorite costentant from this episode was nick i forgot what his last name is but anyways he did the qualifire in a blazing time 1 minute 59 seconds which is awesome for a score on wipeout and lets not forget where all the funnyness is revaled the final night;s wipeout zone its usally funny it is preety funny in this one but one thing was sad unfortunaly my favorite costentant lost which was preety sad but overall this was a great episode i give it a 9.0 kingnicky1 outmoreless
  • What a dismal excuse for a show. They ripped off all the worst part of Japanese game shows and figured out a way to make them even worse(r).

    I suppose I had too high of hopes. After watching every MXC ever shown on US TV and a bunch of clips on YouTube, I was hoping for so much more, but then I sat through this rotten show. What could be the cause of this terrible show, let's break it down shall we? Is it the events? Don't think so, they are more than appropriate for this type of show. How about the contestants? No again, they're just trying to win, besides, it is not their responsibility to make sure the show works out. I know, it's the camera-work! Well, no that's not it either. It is a sporting event and the networks have that down pat. All that leaves are the hosts? Yep, as much as I liked Henson on Talk Soup, I just couldn't stand him here. None of them have that spark required to MC a game show. It's either bad comedic timing, or an obvious lack of respect for the people on the show, or maybe it's the lack of chemistry between the three of them. There is no give and take, no game show patter, just a desperate attempt at a quick one-liner or a chuckle at the players expense. Many times, the play by play on the pratfalls of the contestants just comes off sounding mean. If they're trying to do satire, or copy a Japanese show, they should treat the subject matter with utmost seriousness, and pretend it as a real sport, rather than the tongue-in-cheek way they're failing at here.moreless
  • Hilarious!

    Twenty-four contestants try to get $50,000 by completing a series of obstacle courses! They are extremely hard. There are four phases. The qualifiers include some topsy blocks, a punching wall, big balls, and a cookie cut-out rope swinging thing. All the contestants wipe out on at least one thing! The second stage consists of the 12 best from the first stage. There is a swinging bar that they have to jump over. The last 6 standing move on and the last man standing gets $1,000! The third stage had a spinning wheel where all of the contestants spun around and tried to cross the waters over obstacle-like platforms. The first four to get across move on! The final stage is crazy! They slide down a slide, then run up a ramp where barrels are going down, they climb a wall, go on a spinning thing, and then get to 4 trampolines! The winner, Arthur, gets $50,000!

    This episode was really funny! The only thing I didn't like was how much the hosts made fun of the contestants. It was still a good episode, nonetheless. It looks really fun and I think I'd want to do that! This episode gets a 9.0 out of 10!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Jill: You're our oldest male competitor today.
      Jerry: A.A.R.P. baby, yeah!!
      John Henson: Worst shoutout ever.

    • Jen: My name is Jen and I'm gonna pretend this obstacle course is my ex-boyfriend and kick its...(an electric guitar chord plays).

    • John Anderson: Here comes triathlete Kim Beetlestone! She said she wanted to do something she's never done before. (Kim falls into the water) Kim - living the dream.

    • Jill: What's going on with your outfit?
      Nick: Uh, I told my friends if I got on this show, they could dress me.
      Jill: What's your favorite color?
      Nick: (wearing all yellow) Not yellow.

    • John Anderson: (about a tiny ramp in the beginning of the course) Again John, that's technically not an obstacle. The big balls on the other hand...obstacle.

    • John Anderson: We have the police academy grad on top of the go-go dancer on top of the candy man...or as it's commonly known (pauses) Tuesday night in Jersey.

    • John Henson: (referring to the contestants spinning on the Dizzy Dummy) Round and round and round she goes, let's just keep our fingers crossed no one blows...

    • Travis: (about the other five contestants) Good luck. I'm happy I don't gotta do it again.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: September 5, 2009 on Barrandov

    • Featured Contestants

      Ruben Sears, David Anderson, Glenn-Marie Endris, Kim Beetlestone, Margie Stubbs, Jen Svedja, Jerry Huson, Amy Kline, Nick Leland, Arthur Sevcik, Nancy Novak, Kevin Ahsmuhs, Travis Mitchell, Jessi Duran, Isaac Alvarez, William Hill, Andrew Ritter, and Victoria Redstall.


    • John Henson: (referring to the oldest female contestant) At least she'll be home for her favorite TV show, Wipeout, She Wrote.

      This is a humorous reference to the TV series Murder, She Wrote, which aired from 1984-1996 and starred an older female lead, Angela Landsbury.

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