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    [1]Jul 24, 2013
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    Is Wipeout Canada still going? I started watching it yesterday and hosts are so much better than American hosts,though Jill is awsome,but John and John are boring and I just fastforward their scenes.

    But on Wipeout Canada, Ennis Emers and Jonatthan Torrens are killing it! Yes,Wipeout has crazier obstacles,but they are on air longer than Wipeout Canada. Wipeout Canada season 1 is from 2011....either way,John and John are so boring,they are not funny and their voices are annoying. If you would have Ennis and Jonatthan as hosts+Wipeout obstacles...it's a slam dunk! So,if Wipeout Canada is still going,I am sure it is even better.

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