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  • My Favorite Show

    Best show ever! ABC did great this show! My favorite season was season 7 becuase of the Tournament of Champions! Nothing wrong with this show. It's so funny!
  • Love this show

    Jill is very beautiful i watch this show because of her like her You are very funny love you ......
  • Less than 15% of the winners ($50,000 prize) are females :-(

    You need to select more athletic females and only throw junk at the males to even the odds. Glad Jill is back. Have less sport feats that require long legs. The 2014 season was the best. After the first episode each season, quit spending so much time reviewing how each obstacle course works. Just let us see more of the action.
  • So many laughs and splashing.

    This show is amazing lots of fun laughs. And loads of splashing 10/10 perfect.
  • One Major Flaw

    This TV show is great

    It is a unique idea and is one of my favourite shows to watch.

    However it's major flaw is the most important part of the show, the final round

    If you fall on one of the obstacles you can swim to the next one. People win this by swimming faster than others. I could watch any swimming show or go to my local pool if i wanted to watch that.

    Now there is no real winner, just a faster swimmer. The winner if the win a date episode just swum his way to the finish because he said he's been swimming since he was little.

    This is not the old show, and I understand shows have to grow and change to keep it interesting but making the final round complete waste of time, and so that the entire competition is inaccurately judged is not a beneficial change. I hope they realise this fix this flaw because the amount of frustration it puts on the viewers is not worth watching.

    If the contestants fall, which they do a lot, instead of just swimming along to the next obstacle they should have to redo the last obstacle once more or twice more.

    That way you are judging them on they're ability to do the obstacles, not swim past them.

    Especially when they fall of at the very beginning, they hardly even try

    Please take my review into consideration because I really didenjoy this show until recently
  • Favorite Show

    My five year old grandson loves this show. He does not watch Go Diego Go, Dora the Explorer or Team Umizoomi his previous favorites anymore. He can't wait until he is old enough to be a contestant. The Spring Wipeout are his favorite episodes.
  • Funny show

    This is a very funny show. I love watching them try to go through these obstacles and wipe out. Its hilarious. I hope I can one day go on this show as a contestant
  • This is one of my dreams

    I'm a 15 year old high school student and I am a funny and daring person and I love challenges and a challenge like this would be so much fun to try. I just want to have fun. Wipeout is an amazing TV show. I love it. It would be one of my dreams to go on the TV show. My email is . Please, it would be amazing if I could get on!
  • Stay at home mom NEEDS a fun adventure!!!!

    I'm a 22 year old free-lance Photographer. My days consist of change diapers, clean house, change diaper, sleep! I NEED THIS!!!!! Pick me to join your team and you WONT be sorry! Watch this unathletic hot momma jump and dive into a pool of humility!

  • The best show.

    The best show ever. I love to watch people falling down into water and the mud.
  • new wipe out?

    There shoulg be a Celeribty WipeOut
  • Island boy ready to WIN!!!

    im a 20 year old pacific islander i would like a chance to play im not really interested in the money im more interested in the course i've been watching your show and its seems pretty easy & FUNNY!!! give me a chance and you may never know what might happen! if you decide to pick me please contact my email... SI YU'US MA'ASI
  • 50,000$ dollar winner right here

    I do gymnastics and Parkour and free running I am 19 years old and I would love a shot at the money I know I would win I do crazy fun things like this for a hobby and I enjoy it and I have skills you don't wanna miss my balance is from another world and I kid you guys not so please give real talent like me a shot at it and I will give you guys a show you will never forget thank you very much cast from wipeout and true tv if you guys decide to give me a shot please contact my email thank you
  • CNA Contestant

    My husband is a CNA at a local nursing home and loves watching wipe out... he keeps saying i could of done that so i wonder if he really could... He's interested in going on your show... Please let us know if you'd be interested!!!! Mr. & Mrs. Weathers
  • Master Tae Kwon Do instructor wants to come on show to compete

    Hi my name is Nick Elliott I am a 5th degree Black Belt in Tae kwon do and would like to come on your show if you have me i will where my uniform during the whole competition my email in
  • what channel

    what channel does wipeout come on and what time
  • can their be a kids wipeout

    i love the show but are you able to make a kids if you do i want to audition
  • what about kids?

    My 8 year old grandson would love too be on your show! when are you going too have a kids show? please let us know.

  • Hilarious game show!

    I love it! It's funny, and enjoyable. It's great fun.
  • Me and my grandma want to play ((:

    Hi my name is Natalie Paige Harris im 12 years old and i think that you should have a grandma and grandkid one... Cause me and my grandma think that we would be really good at it and would like to try something new and diffrent.. If you can yahoo me at


    So when are you guys doing a couples show? Because me and my boyfriend want to be on this show REALLY bad! Any information on how to accomplish this would be greatly appreciated!
  • This show ALWAYS makes me laugh

    lol i watch this show whenever its on is hilarous!! i also think this show is very orignal not all shows like this are entartaining and i like it because its very hard and and hilarous! so anyway 24 diffrent people have to go thru a obsatcle course for a chance of winning 50,ooo dollars! i would love to go on that show it looks alot of fun but i know that im underaged to go there so oh well(lol) anyway i love this show because of the funny hostes the contestents and the obstacles they have to go thru sorry about this review im not good at making reviews!
  • little kids wipe out

    you need a little kids wipe out for ages 10-16
  • Ancient big balls found in Central America

    Love your show it has it comedy, drama, sex, drugs, rock/roll AND big balls! What more could we want out of a TV show. On that note I thought you might want to know that last month I discovered an ancient set of five big balls while hiking in a remote area of Central America. These big stone balls have been carbon dated to being over 2000 years old!. Could it be that you are not the first ones to have Wipeout? I have photos that I will send to you if u like... . Paulo I love Jill too so take a number in fact I'm going to win Wipeout for Jill AND afterwards we will marry and I will take her to see the ancient big balls in Central America and we will make love all day and night, forever, so bugger off!
  • Wipeout rocks

    My name is Paulo.

    Jill, you are so beautiful,and i am fan of all of you !(I am young i have 14 years and I live on Portugal).

    If someday I go to USA ,I'll go there and win For you Jill!

  • Hell In Heaven

    Great game Man Awesome Entertainment for lazy People Its really Wiper for Viper host n ghost all are level to jim carry .......
  • I'll Do It!!!!

    Hey my name is Trey, and I really want to be on this show!! My friends and I always watch this show and end up crying from laughing at it. I am almost 100% positive that I could win this show, I'm athletic and a really great swimmer. Plus, it would be really funny watching myself wipe out on tv.
  • We love your show guys!(:

    Hey, I really love ya'll show. I really want to get my sister into this if she can because she thinks she can beat it. She is an army girl and I wanted to know how far she could make it.. I want her to be apart of it. Can you please email me if we can sign up for it.. , Thank you. (:
  • This is a very fun show to watch!

    This is a very fun show to watch! Color commentary is provided by John Anderson, John Henson, and

    Vanessa Minnillo. The contestants really take a beating on this show. The men have a definite physical advantage over the women, but sometimes a woman will win it. It is fun to watch the wipeouts and listen to the goofy commentary provided by the hosts!