Season 2 Episode 0

Wipeout Bowl 1: Cheerleaders vs. Couch Potatoes

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 01, 2009 on ABC

Episode Recap

John Anderson and John Henson begin the show dressed in the gold old-time sports commentator's jackets. They introduce a Guest Side-Line Reporter, Michael Irvin, co-host Jill Wagner. They introduce the all new and all-football Wipeout Qualifier – Heavy Bag Run, Bill Balls with Linebacker motivator, 10-yard dash with quarterbacks throwing paint-soaked footballs at the contestants and finally the Bouncy Football Bridge.

This show was broken up – part of the qualifier was aired during half-time of the Superbowl and the rest aired at the end of the game. The recap from half time showed highlights from couch potato Jordan Anderson who lost his shorts during various obstacles. Eighteen year old cheerleader Ali Bundrant, who cursed through the entire obstacle course was also shown and she had completed the fastest time for the cheerleaders from half time. The qualifier then continues. First up is cheerleader Shawnee Achord. She falls from every obstacle and her g-string hangs out at one point but she completes the course in 3m24s. Professional gambler, 30 year old Jessie Jones is up next for the couch potatoes. He is show being knocked from the Heavy Bag Run as are a few more couch potatoes and cheerleaders. Next up is Robert Davis. He is also known as Putt Egg and is the first to successfully complete the Heavy Bag Run. He is also shown almost making it across the Big Balls but falls from the last ball. Cheerleader, Monica Kaufmann is then shown falling from the Heavy Bag Run. Michael Boringer, a 31 year old couch potato is shown on the Bouncy Football Bridge where he actually breaks the bridge. Couch potato Stuart Yasutake also known as Super Stu, is shown next. He taunts the Linebacker motivator who then pushes him onto the Big Balls. He also falls from the 10-yard dash and the Bouncy Football Bridge. He completes the course in 4m46s. Next up is Shara O'Leary, a 19 year old cheerleader. She will use the $50,000 prize money to replace her phone, which she dropped in the toilet. Next is couch potato Scott Klase. He is seen falling from the Bouncy Football Bridge and completes the course in 4m12s. Cheerleader, Jennifer Durrant is shown next on the 10-yard dash. She makes it halfway before the footballs being thrown at her, knock her into the water. Last up is cheerleader Chelsea Costa. She is the first and only contestant to successful cross the 10-yard dash obstacle. She completes the qualifier with one of the fastest times – 2m56s.

John Anderson and John Henson are joined in the booth by football star, Keyshawn Johnson. The Top 6 couch potatoes moving on to the next round are Scott Klase, Jesse Jones, Stuart Yasutake, Dustin Kieft, Robert Davis and Brian Gutknecht. The top 6 cheerleaders moving on are Monica Kaufmann, Keelee Bledsoe, Shawnee Achord, Shara O'Leary, Chelsea Costa and Ali Bundrant. A new obstacle is revealed for this round – King of the Mountain. Contestants stand on 10 foot high pedestals. As 6 platforms revolve, the contestants must make their way from their pedestal to the platform in the middle. They must avoid a sweeper bar and if they wipeout, they can climb back onto their pedestal and try again. Since it's a football special, the contestants must also carry footballs to the center of the mountain. After several contestants fall, Monica Kaufmann is the first contestant to make it to the center of the mountain. Shara O'Leary makes it on the spinning platform. Robert Davis tries to over take her and ends up pulling her off when he falls into the water. Scott Klase is the first couch potato to make it onto the mountain. Shawnee Achord makes it next. Stuart Yasutake makes it next for the couch potatoes. Robert Davis barrels his way across and makes it onto the mountain. Ali Bundrant makes it across on her fourth try taking the final spot on the mountain.

John Henson and John Anderson are joined in the booth by football star Reggie Bush. The top 6 Contestants – Monica Kaufmann, Shawnee Achord, Ali Bundrant, Scott Klase, Stuart Yasutake and Robert Davis – continue on to the next obstacle, the Dizzy Dummy 2.0. This fan-favorite still starts with the contestants spinning on the Dizzy Dummy. They then must run to the spinner and climb through the goal posts. In the first round they must continue on to the football field teeter-totter. The first person across is on to the Wipeout Zone. The remaining five must start over with the Dizzy Dummy, spinner and then cross the Keg Run. The first across, advances to the finals and the remaining contestants start over until four contestants make it across. In the first round, Monica Kaufmann is the first across and the remaining 5 must get back on the dizzy dummy. Ali Bundrant makes it across first in the second round and the remaining 4 must start again. Super Stu Yasutake is the next across and the last cheerleader, Shawnee Achord quits. The remaining 2 couch potatoes must spin again and will do the teeter-totter again. Putt Egg Robert Davis is the final contestant to make it across.

Monica Kaufmann, Ali Bundrant, Stuart Yasutake and Robert Davis make it to the final round – the Wipeout Zone. The four stages of the all-new Wipeout Zone are the Aqua Launch, the Raging Rapids, the Crazy Sweeper and finally the Tackle-Dummy Turntable. The contestant who makes it across with the fastest time wins the $50,000. First up is Ali Bundrant. She makes it across the Raging Rapids, Crazy Sweeper and Turntables on the second try and finishes in 8m13s. Robert Davis is next up. He makes it all the way to the last Turntable when the horn blows indicating he has not beaten Ali's time. Robert is eliminated. Monica Kaufmann is up next. She makes it across the Crazy Sweeper on her first try and blazes through the Tackle-Dummy Turntable finishing the course in 4m20s. Last up is Stuart Yasutake. Super Stu got stuck at the top of the Aqua Launch and it took him 6 seconds to start. He fell from the Raging Rapid and is knocked off by the pom-pom sweeper. He makes it across and on the last Turntable he falls in the water with only seconds left to beat Monica's time. With his fall, Stu is eliminated. Monica Kaufmann wins $50,000 and is the first female to ever win Wipeout.

John Anderson is alone in the booth and can't seem to find John Henson. He must then say John's line – "Good Night and Big Balls." Jill is then shown signing off at which point John Henson comes up behind her and pours the big cooler of sports drink on her head.