Wire in the Blood

Season 6 Episode 0

Prayer of the Bone

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 07, 2008 on ITV

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  • While overall a riveting episode, the "Who Did It" wasn't a strong reveal.

    Usually I'm all over the episodes of Wire in the Blood. While I am very happy the show is back on BBC America, this episode was disappointing in the reveal of who actually killed Lauren and the children. I'm surprised and pleased that at least 2 shows (WitB and Eli Stone) have started to tackle the Gulf War, I felt this episode of 'Wire' offered up too many suspects without a lot of evidence to connect them back to the crime. While I didn't believe the husband did it, I was totally on the wrong trail for the whole episode on who actually did it. And there was only on brief hint of who that person was about halfway through the 2 hour episode. There are stronger 'Wire' episode, but overall I'm glad to have Tony Hill back.
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