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    I found Wire in the Blood purely by accident and I am now a die-hard fan. It's quite dark, with just enough wit to keep you from falling over the edge into the great abyss. The intelligent and complex story line demands focus to follow clearly, and make you think. Sometimes the jumps in logic can seem a bit far fetched, but that is what makes it interesting and fun, without having to be a series of mindless chase scenes and explosions. Robson Green is incredibly impressive (and maybe a little bit scary) as eccentric psychological profiler Dr. Tony Hill, and Hermione Morris does a great job as tough DI Carol Jordan, a woman in what is still very much a man's world. All the characters have distinct and believable personalities. All in all, this series is great fun.

    I absolute love this programme, purely because of Robson Green. He plays Tony Hill so brilliantly. He is intelligent yet vulnerable, sexy yet unobtainable. He does not always get the answer right at first but he always gets there in the end showing several other possibilities on the way. The intrigue and mystery stays all the way through the programme, along with will they or wont they with the two main characters falling for each other. Come on Robson give us some more.
  • smarter than your average psycho cop show

    the chemistry between the 2 main characters is good, the plots are generally well written, if you like crime shows about serial killers, then this is well worth a look
  • Great show but: Are they experimenting with the camera work now?

    Season 6 started strongly but when we get to episode 5 I get the impression someone is trying too hard on the camera work for artistic effect. Perhaps it's meant to unsettle the viewer for greater impact from the plot. To be honest, I just found it really annoying. Did somebody honestly think this scene would be better if shot from behind a pot plant? or behind a open filing cabinet? The camera was then contrived out of focus on the edges periodically, fisheyed, and then darted from one actor to the next with an abundance of hyperactive zeal! Great Plots and I really like the understated, carrier bagged, Dr. Tony Hill and others. Hope they desist from further artistc excesses!
  • A quirky psychologist helps police investigate difficult crimes.

    I am new to British TV but I continue to be amazed at the quality(if not quantity) of their series'. Wire in the blood is one of the best shows I have ever seen. Robson Green as Tony is just off center enough to be eccentric but likeable. He gets fed information and then mulls it over in his mind until it takes shape. His behavior may seem odd, even slightly crazy, but Tony is just working things out in his own way. What I like most is how vulnerable Tony seems. He is not savvy or particularly social; his brilliance actually hinders him. This show is amazing and a must see for any mystery/ police drama fan.
  • Nice one!

    I started watching this show in series 1. It was edgy and gritty, with strong performances from everyone. It still is. "Wire in the Blood" is the story of Dr.Tony Hill (Robson Green), a slightly eccentric clinical psychologist who works part time with the police force of fictional Bradford, England. He has a reputation of taking small seemingly unconnected facts puzzling them together and providing a profile for the police to follow. The show is bases on the books written by crime novelist Val McDiarmid. In series 1-3, Hermione Norris played Detective Inspecter/Chief Inspecter Carol Jordan of Bradford CID, who managed to rein Tony's scattered abilities and make sense of them. In series 4, Ms Norris has left the show and Simone Lahbib as Inspecter Alex Fielding has the dubious job of reining in Hill.

    Green is, of course, the lead of the show and he is brilliant. He mixes in just enough idiosyncrasies to make Hill human, endearing and sometimes down right aggravating. Norris brought an adult, feminine, vulnerability to her role as Carol Jordan. Brought up to believe in hard case police work, her world was turned upside down by Tony's presence. In the end, she asks for a transfer. Enter DI Alex Fielding, Simone Lahbib. Ms. Lahbib is an unknown entity to me, but as I finished watching series 4, I felt a bit queasy. When one actor leaves a show and is replaced. It is important to give the newcomer a distinctive identity. Fielding is a single mother with a son and a cat, yet in the second episode of s4, "Torment", the writers were able to slide her easily into the role that would have been Norris'. The "Jordan" character was specific to the McDiarmid book "Torment of Others", of which the episode was derived. The Jordan/Fielding character played a large part. The writing is exceptional, especially for the episode, "Torment". The acting is exceptional. This statement is meant to include: Mark Letheren(DI Kevin Jeffries); Emma Handy (DC Paula McIntyre) and Peter Sullivan (ACC Paul Eden). When there is an ensemble cast and crew that work their hardest to put out the best product possible, it makes viewing a very satisfying activity.
  • Even my husband loves this show.

    My sister and I started watching this show because we fell in love with Robson Green in Touching Evil. We discovered Wire in season 3 and couldn't wait for the BBCA to rerun the previous seasons so we bought the DVDs. My husband normally ignores the "British Shows" when they're on but he watched season 4 with me on TIVO and was hooked. Really sad that Carol is gone, they had good chemistry. Didn't like Alex much at first but she seems to be a good match for Tony. Number one complaint with all British shows is the number of episodes. 4 shows is not a season--it is a mini-series!
  • A psychologist that helps the police solve their more trickier crimes.

    I was watching BBC America and I was just lucky to catch the commercial for this show. It had just premiered so I programmed my DVR to recorded it. I'm on lucky girl to have cught it. This show is awesome... it's my first time watching a drama series on the BBC but I have to say I'm hooked. Robson Green is a great actor and since I have only seen one episode so far of the ones I recorded I can't say much more but I've been glued to my DVR to watch the rest.
  • Brilliant, passionate and eccentric ...

    I found this series especially delightful because Robson Green's character lives within the confines of his own mind. Though he shows remarkable insight into the actions of the violent and deranged, he also displays that phenomenal lack of social consciousness that is particular to geniuses and artists (as in "Yes, I just invented nuclear fission, but no, I didn't know I was supposed to wear socks and shoes to this award ceremony."). This makes for some truly unusual and amusing situations, that help bring levity to the gruesome crimes he investigates. If you like Touching Evil or Monk, this series may be for you.
  • An excentric psychologist, with zero social skills, and a smart and charming female detective come together in Bradfield, England, to solve cases that no normal policemen could ever.

    This series is amazing for its plot, especially the underline one, that follows in all episodes of the seasons. Episode 01, Season 01, is a great opening, with a villain that is not a typical one - though, when it comes to this series, nothing can be quite typical -, and introducing characters you can\'t help but fall in love with - the weird Dr. Tony Hill, and the efficient Detective Carol Jordan -, and deaths that make no sense, but we start to see it, in between mistakes and misconceptions. Unbelievable, and to be worshipped. Too great to miss, or ignore.