Wire in the Blood - Season 6

ITV (ended 2008)




Episode Guide

  • The Dead Land, Part 2
    Tony is put under police protection when the area mental health commissioner is brutally murdered. As Tony and Hall uncover the rituals behind the serial killings, the team follows the evidence to a likely suspect, but Tony realises that not all of the victims are who they appeared to be.
  • 10/24/08
    The bodies of a number of homeless men, all stabbed through the heart, are being dumped around Bradfield's financial district. A new detective, Hall, joins the team when Alex is called away.
  • From the Defeated, Part 2
    Alex and Tony continue their investigation into a series of murders of young men. The case takes a turn when an Asian man is killed in different circumstances. Meanwhile, cannibalistic serial killer Michael Bryant escapes from custody, has Tony in his sights.
  • 10/10/08
    The body of a young man is discovered, having apparently been beaten, strangled and shot. When a second body is linked to the first, it seems he may have killed the first man. But who killed the second?
  • Falls the Shadow, Part 2
    Tony, suspected of the involvement in the murder of two psychologists, is desperate to prove his innocence. Some lateral thinking leads him to a connection between those deaths and the prostitute murders.
  • 9/26/08
    Tony, speaking at a convention on experimental psychology, becomes the prime suspect when a fellow delegate is brutally murdered in her hotel room. Alex, meanwhile, investigates a series of murders of street prostitutes.
  • Unnatural Vices, Part 2
    DC Collins confesses to a relationship with the latest victim. Alex's investigation into those involved in Bradfield's thriving sado-masochism scene continues, as Tony tries to get inside the head of the killer. The investigation takes on greater urgency when a member of the team disappears.
  • 9/12/08
    The dissected remains of a young Kurdish woman are found in a torched suitcase on a patch of wasteland, and police suspect it may be an honour killing, until further remains are found on the site. DC Collins, on assignment to the team, finds himself personally involved as the case develops.moreless
  • 1/7/08
    Tony Hill is called as an expert witness for the prosecution at the trial in Austin, Texas of a war veteran accused of slaughtering his family. Darius Grady has confessed to the killings but claims to be suffering from PTSD and to have been hallucinating at the time. Alone in a strange country, Tony is insulted, threatened, attacked and framed, but is determined to discover what really happened to the Grady family.moreless