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  • I was in my late 20's when this show first aired in 1986 on CBS. It was the ONLY Crime Drama that used the "ARC" to keep the story going from one episode to the next. Way ahead of it's time, the only other show that came close to competing with WISEGUY..

    was another CBS Classic, THE EQUALIZER.

    Like the Equalizer, Wiseguy has a great ensemble cast at it's core. Frank McPike, Lifeguard and of course Vinnie Terranova. It also had great supporting cast members. Ray Sharkey, as Sonny Steelgrave - an incredible performance that fans remember to this day. Kevin Spacey, as Mel Profit was also excellent, although I still prefer Ray Sharkey's performance. Altogether an unforgetable first season. The following two seasons were not as good, but still better than any other crime drama at the time. It is definitely worth seeing again.

    Does anyone remember HILL STREET BLUES? This was the next show to capitalize on the "ARC" storyline and was another one of my all time favorites.

    I say bring ALL THREE BACK!!