Wish Kid

NBC (ended 1991)


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  • I wish this show never existed.


    Long before Butch Hartman came out with The Fairly Oddparents, there was another show long before that show was ever made that tries to do something similar to it, but failed in every aspect. Wish Kid tells the adventures of a kid named Nick played my child star, Macaulay Culkin. Nick has this magic baseball glove that if he hits three times it can make a wish come true. With his dog and his friend, Darryl, they go on wild adventures involving the wishes. So at first glance despite the fact this show uses a child star in hopes of getting viewers and cashing in on Culkin's success, it sounds decent enough, but every wish has a huge drawback to it. The characters in this show are just annoying and stereotypical to the max. We have generic bully, a principal who's a jerk, the parents are useless as well as the baby sister, the neighbor is boring, and even Nick and Darryl are generic happy go lucky boys. Each character's voice work is awful and dreadfully done badly. Even Culkin's voice sounds like nails on a chalkboard and you just want to mute the TV since every other character sounds wretched and annoying. The plots are decent enough, but most have been done before like becoming a principle or a superhero, but for the time being they were decent enough. The humor is mostly jokes that have already been done as well as gags with no new things added to the mix. There's nothing funny or witty in this show it's just very basic comedy that even kids wouldn't find appealing. There's also another huge thing that makes this show just dreadful, the baseball glove. While it does grant Nick wishes, it also has so many drawbacks to it. For one thing the glove can only be used once a week and to say it's annoying is an understatement. If it only allowed three wishes per week it would be fine, but once every week is rather terrible. There's then the fact these wishes only last for a very limited amount of time. At the most these wishes last up to an hour or so. These wishes should last all day and not just disappear in a short amount of time. Finally all these wishes end up in complete disaster and never go right like the principle episode where Nick learns being a principal is not easy. To sum it up this is the most flawed wishing device ever created. Now I can understand the lesson of wishes never solve anything, but that's no excuse for such a moronic wishing device. the artwork is okay for the time, but the animation is choppy most of the time and lip syncs seem to be off. In the end, Wish Kid is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to cash in on Culkin's career and to be a very poor cartoon. The plots are boring, the characters aren't interesting and forgettable, the voice work is awful, and the humor is too basic for even kids to laugh at it. If I had a choice between this show or the new seasons of Fairly Oddparents, I'd take the FOP, but I'd still wouldn't enjoy it anyway. Wish Kid will just make you wish for a tub of bleach to erase your mind of this show.

  • Wish it Away!

    The TV series is "Wish Kid" and if it weren't for "Home Alone" star Macaulay Culkin, there wouldn't be a series. It could also be the reason why NBC got out of the Saturday morning Cartoon business before they get another series like "Wish Kid." Culkin is the voice of a kid who uses a gloove to make wish, just like a kiddie version of "Bewitched." Just like the other bad cartoon series, the animation is bad and just about everthing else in the series is bad. It's just a cartoon show trying to make money off a blockbuster like "Home alone." I saw "Home alone" and i didn't like it.
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