Wish Kids - Season 1

PBS (ended 1992)


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  • Forgotten
    Episode 36
    The next day, the hospital venture involving Kendall is all gone, and now Donnie can't even remember Kendall. Stacey is mad, and talks to Kendall through the mirror, and Kendall tells her that it doesn't matter if she doesn't come back, she's happy where she is. Stacey doesn't buy that and tells Kendall she's in need of a sister. Kendall tells her it's over, and that she can't come back.moreless
  • Never Seperate
    Never Seperate
    Episode 35
    Stacey calls and ambulance and her parents and everybody else except her and Donnie are shocked at Stacey's twin, as they have no idea of whom she is. Kendall cannot be revived, and after Stacey and Donnie go visit to the room, they find her disappeared from the room. They both run to the park that they found her, with a shattered mirror piece. Stacey stares into it, and sees Kendall, waving happily. As the sun goes down, Kendall's image fades, and says her lifeline is light, and that's why she lives with the sun, moon and stars. Sadly, Stacey doesn't want the sun to go down, because she won't see Kendall until morning, but Kendall says, the reason that Stacey can see her through reflections, is because she is part of Stacey, and is always inside of her in time of need. At the end, Stacey wraps up the mirror in her jacket, while Donnie escorts the cryig, lonely twin home, and promises her they'll get Kendall backmoreless
  • For The Sake Of Light
    Stacey goes to Kora, and Kora tells her that there is no way of saving Kendall, she is trapped by every mirror she sees. Stacey wants Kendall back, and finally, Kora gives in and only says there's only one way to save Kendall. Light. After alot of thought, Stace realises the way to save Kendall is by reflecting a mirror at light. After trying desperately with her lamp, Stacey goes to the sun, and reflects off herself, and an image forms, which is Kendalls lifeless body. Donnie comes up and asks what's happening, when he sees Kendall and screams, and finally remembers. Since he's older he learnt first aid, and screams at Stacey to get an ambulance as there is no pulse.moreless
  • Change It All
    Change It All
    Episode 33
    Stacey is playing with her friends joyfully when flashbacks of a clone of her hit her head, and when they do she gets extreme migraines. Kora can't figure out what's happening, but can't let Stacey see her, as Stacey has now forgotten of Kora and everything else. Stacey finally recovers in bed about having a clone of her tell her all about the sun, moon and stars. At first, Stacey thought it was herself, but knew the personality difference. Then she looks in the mirror, and it talks to her, setting Stacey off. She then asks her parents and uncle if she was a twin and the other half or herself was adopted into another family. Stacey looks into the mirror and realises she can chat to herself, but soon, almost every memory comes back of their encounters, except Stacey still doesn't know the identity. Kendall refuses to give away, until she getrs sick of Stacey's nagging, and when revealing her name, she disappears, and Stacey is left crying because she hasn't got a sistermoreless
  • Stacey's Wish
    Stacey's Wish
    Episode 32
    Kora tells Stacey that since Stacey had seen Kendall's night of the accident, she is valuable too, and Stacey must give the word to wish Kendall away. Stacey does so, and for the rest of the episode, her mind was fading, all memories of her and Kendall were dying away
  • Kendall's Destiny
    Kendall's Destiny
    Episode 31
    Kendall is hurt that Stacey is even thinking about getting rid of her, and wishes that Stacey would shutup. Slowly, Stacey's mouth disappears, and she can't breath, but Kora saves her, just in time. Kendall decides living is way to risky, and decides to take no chances. She offers her hand to Koramoreless
  • Don't Take Advantage
    Stacey thinks of all the things she could have for herself if Kendall leaves, and Kora allows her to wish, and as she falls asleep to view her wish, Kendall watches on in tears, as Stacey even THINKS of losing Kendall. Stacey then goes through the same nightmare she had the night Kendall was hit, though decides she still liked the feeling of being an only childmoreless
  • Watch Your Mouth
    Watch Your Mouth
    Episode 29
    Kendall swears Stacey to complete silence, and considering they're one of the biggest blabbermouth groups, they find it hard, until Kora gives them an offer. If they exchange one of them to Kora, she'll refresh the other twin's memories, of not only Kendall's fate, but of the fact that they never had a twin sister, as she will no longer exsistmoreless
  • Memories
    Episode 28
    Kendall wakes up in a sweat, and is mute. She refuses to say anything becuse she realises saying her flashbacks is so dangerous it could kill her. Stacey is angry so Kendall gives in and though not saying it, she touches Stacey's head and suddenly all memories are transferred into their minds. Kendall was walking to Donnie's when she was preoccupied by strange lights at Kora's house. She found an open window, and without htinking, Kendall went in. She then found white light all over and for a minute Kendall couldn't see. Then she saw Kora's true identity. Guardian Oracle, a guardian angel who brings wishes to others, some permanent some temporary. Kora saw her and was afraid, so told Kendall to leave immediately. Kendall though, had sucked up too much, and her eyes blinded she ran out in front of a bus. After Stacey awakens, she realises it isn't what Kendall knew that could kill her, it was what Kendall was posessed with. They finally find out Kendall has posessed the power to hurt anybody she wishes.moreless
  • Going Back
    Going Back
    Episode 27
    Kendall is amazed by everybody, considering she does not remember, especially by Stacey as they have a mirror like image. But all Kendall can remember is the fact that Kora's Guardian, though she doesn't know why she's even saying it. Kora is anxious, and frightened about what Kendall knows, and is afraid that if Kendall actually remembers it can kill her, because of the powers that one memory can posess. Stacey tries to help Kendall, and when the episode ended, it showed Kendall lying down on the floor, Stacey watching over her, and a spell is chanted around them, and Kendall's mind is rollingmoreless
  • Inside the Mind
    Inside the Mind
    Episode 26
    While familya nd friends surround Kendall, you see her inside her mind, seeing different things and hearing all around her every sound people make around her. She doesn't want to go back, and when she has finally gained enough strength to wake up, she remember no one but Kora, yet calls her "Guardian"moreless
  • Permanent Wish
    Permanent Wish
    Episode 25
    Stacey and Kendall fight, as Stacey has developed a crush on Donnie, who is almost 10, but seems to have his sights set on Kendall. Stacey then wishes that she never had a sister, and wakes up to her own room, her own bathroom, her own identity. She find the advantages of having life on her own, until she finds she's ready to forgive Kendall but she isn't there. She want out but can't get back until she falls asleep and wakes up, and sees Kendall's bed in the corner, though not occupied. Her parents are then in the living room, crying, and Stacey finds out Kendall walked across town in the middle of the night to tell Donnie that he should like Stacey instead of her when on the way she was hit by a busmoreless
  • Fight Between Sibs
    Fight Between Sibs
    Episode 24
  • Get Off The Stage
    Get Off The Stage
    Episode 23
    Stacey experiences stage fright for the school play, and as a joke, Donnie, Corbin and his friends chant "GET OFF THE STAGE!" and unfortunately leads it to the rest of the audience. Stacey is devastated, and wishes herself into a world where she is a famous superstar, that everybody loves. But she is put on the downside when she has to perform for people, and finally stands up to her fear of stage fright. After waking back up, she watches as Kendall tries to smooth things over for her sister, and makes a mockery of herself in Stacey's place, and ends up as a good comedianmoreless
  • Wrestlemania
    Episode 22
    Kendall drags Stacey into a wish of becoming pro wrestlers, and doon find themselves in the bodies of Hulk Hogan and Brett Hart. They soon get taunts from the crowd for being scared to not fight each other, and do it until it gets the best of them becoming rogue wrestlers, playing downright dirty, until Stacey feels its time to stop, and she and Kendall hug in the middle of the ring, and transform back. They watch on the news the next day how bizarre the wrestlers were acting all emotional in the ring last night.moreless
  • Twin vs. Twin
    Twin vs. Twin
    Episode 21
    Stacey enters a Little Miss beauty pageant, while Kendall is forced to by her mom to keep a lookout on her big sister. Stacey is mad, and Kendall doesn't even care, until Stacey humiliates her in front of the whole entire group of kids, and that's when Kendall decides she does want to get even, until Kora takes her to a wish of a Miss Universe contest, as Miss America. She finds out all the nasty things people do to each other just to win, and Kendall decides she doesn't want any of it, but her mom doesn't let her back out of the pageant. Kendall takes in Stacey's teasing, and she wins the pageant for Little Miss Napa while Stacey wins runner up. Kendall then gives up the crown to Stacey and Stacey apologises and gives the crown back, and in the end, it goes to the second runner up, Cara Donaldson, whose a poor girl and deserved it more than anybody else.moreless
  • Rock Star/Pop Star
    Rock Star/Pop Star
    Episode 20
    The girls fight over their act at the Local Twins Talent Arcade, a show dedicated to broadcast statewide a twin talent show, and Stacey wants to be a pop star while Kendall leans more towards a rock star life. Their parents want to dress them up in sailor suits and make them recite poetry. Kora overhears them and decides to see if the other would give the other choices a chance, and turn Kendall into a popstar and Stacey into a rock star. The two at first can't deal with their twin's choices, but end up liking it and soon want to do both. Their competition from Bakersfield, Wendy and Macy Lordon (who have a very close likeness to them) taunt them , and do an act with sailor suits and recite a shakespeare poem, while the twins do a mixed rock/pop act. The girls win outright for talent and orgiginality, while 2 famous stars present them with their prizes.moreless
  • Leadership
    Episode 19
  • Citizenship
    Episode 18
  • Numbers
    Episode 17
  • Immortality
    Episode 16
    Stacey wishes she was immortal and her parents too and they live in a world of immortality, while she's mad at Kendall for accidentally throwing a ball on her head, and laughs as Kendall slowly dies away, then all her friends and family then realises it's no fun being alone and wishes a way out and wakes up to a family where her cousin is complaining of reaching puberty, her mother is complaining of wrinkles, and her father s complaining he's too old to go campingmoreless
  • The Real Kora
    The Real Kora
    Episode 15
    Kendall sneaks out at night after remembering her time with Donnie after seeing Kora's house at night and sneaks over. Kora doesn't know she s there and Kendall spies on her, watching every bit of her secret, as Kora is actually an angel in old ragged clothing, and cries as she watched through Kora's magical screen as so many kids get their wishes. Kendall decides not to tell anybody and walks home, and Kora knew all along she was there, and watches through the screen how kids wishes fail and they want out, and then changes into an evil witchmoreless
  • Prim and Proper
    Prim and Proper
    Episode 14
    The twins parents wish the twins were more like ladies instead of mannerless kids, so their wishes come true when before their eyes they become like natural ladies. The trouble starts when they do not participate in any activities and refuse to clean as it would get their clothes dirty and their fragile hands problems. The twins come back to normalmoreless
  • Old Timers
    Old Timers
    Episode 13
    Stacey and Kendall wish they were older, and Old Lady Kora makes them much older, only to find they are TOO OLD and not only that, but they find their friends are still kids, but are having the times of their lives compared to them. They can't find a way of changing back, and try to get their life in order. When they finally are able to sort the bills, pay the mortgage, work and drive here and there for meetings and appointments, they are transformed back to their normal selves. At the end, their parents can't figure ways to pay the bills, so the twins give alittle help, and after realising how helpful the kids can be, they hear the car backing out of the driveway...moreless
  • Busy Bees
    Busy Bees
    Episode 12
  • Freaky Friday
    Freaky Friday
    Episode 11
    It's Halloween, and the twins and their friends hold a slumber party, holding a fright night in their bedroom first, talking about scary stories. After Kendall moves her sleeping bag out of her room for the boys to sleep in, she finally gets comfortable and the girls start to sleep, when they are woken up by Corbin, Donnie and Taylor in Ghost Outfits and scaring them to the core. They leave laughing, though not taking their masks off so they revealed themselves, though Corbin knows their tricks because she notices a familiar chocolate stain on the sheets and decides to go after them. She climbs out of the window onto the roof, where Donnie is just climbing back in and she grabs his foot, and unbalance each other and fall into a pile of leaves. After Donnie manages to recover Kendall with a threat of giving her CPR, they both get up, and see shiny colors beaming from the house of Old Lady Kora. They get closer, and are sucked into a wormhole or weird warps and scary lasers, and they realise they're stuck in a maze. Every dead end they get, they're bitten by a monster there, which drains them, and Donnie finally realises, it's all imagination, and tries to convince Kendall, who doesn't wake up. She manages to disappear, like she died, and Donnie is alone in this maze, until he finally finds himself at the end, and his trip comes to an end. He then realises he's back in his room, and runs straight inside the girls room to check on Kendall, and when he opens the door, he gets the fright of his life. Then he starts yelling at Kendall for making him think she was dead, and they end up in a fight, yelling at each other, until they are in the privacy of the bathroom where they're told to cool off, and they reminisce, and they agree to a truce, and instinctivly Donnie hugs her protectively. Theb it shows Old Lady Kora's face, watching over the kids in her crystal ballmoreless
  • Hup Two!
    Hup Two!
    Episode 10
    Stacey sneaks out to Old Lady Kora's house in the middle of the night to tell her her dreams of being a soldier. Old Lady Kora does nothing to crush her wishes, and after going back to her bed, Stacey closes her eyes and manages to have turned into a soldier, with an angry, tired Kendall next in line. After recieving punishments for disbeying the leader's signals, the twins fight with each other, and overhear the leader talking to a messenger who says a war has broken out in Africa, so the soldiers are flown there. Stacey still tries to find the fun in being a soldier, fighting off crazy people with her gun and yelling, but it finally gets too much for her and she breaks down. Usually quiet Kendall, manages to stop the fighting for a minute and makes a speech on how wront it is to fight. The war ends and the leaders of the fighting sides thank her for everything. They return back to the safety of their beds and when they wake up in the morning, they hear their father and mother discussing how some little girl managed to save a huge bomb war in Mogadishu.moreless
  • Tooned In
    Tooned In
    Episode 9
    Kendall and Stacey win a comp to watch over the animation of a popular cartoon, and soon dream of actually being one. The twins want to be part of the ever so popular cartoon, Darly and Louanne: Super Spies, and talk to Old Lady Kora about it. Suddenly,they're transformed into the characters of Darly and Louanne. They hate their life immediately as they have to go chasing villians and crooks, and are scared when at one point they're held hostage by evil villian, Dr Slash, and finally, Kendall remembers back to watching the animation in the studios, and realises something. She then tells Stacey what she's thinking, which is, their lives hang onto the balance of what the animators make it out to be and they remember what they're supposed to do. They also realise cartoons don't die and fight away Dr Slash and his evil henchmen and lock them up to jail. They transform back to the studio where an audience of people are clapping away at the victorymoreless
  • Height Fight
    Height Fight
    Episode 8
    While Stacey is away in Michigan, Kendall is invited to go rock climbing with her friends, and when reaching there, realises she can't make it and backs out. The kids make fun of her and she wishes badly to get out of her system, the height nerves, and suddenly, she is transformed into the Statue Of Liberty, and tries to move, but can't do anything about it. She is scared of everything below her being so small, and after a voice talks to her and gives her some pep, saying that she is bigger than everything else and she is the superior one, and being the statue of liberty is an important figure people look up to as fearless and strong, Kendall gets transformed back to her normal self. She proves herself to be the perfect candidate for the hardest climb in the abseiling center and climbs to the top, beating Donnie and Corbin who are way below, who are too scared to climb the restmoreless
  • Roadies
    Episode 7
  • Time Travellers
    Time Travellers
    Episode 6
  • Surf's Up!
    Surf's Up!
    Episode 5
    Stacey wishes she were a surfer, and during the night, sneaks over to old lady kora's house, and complains that her parents won't let hehr surf because she's too young. Stacey is immediately transformed into a teenage version, with Kendall looking the same, who growls at her for pulling her into this. They see their friends and they all realise they're in Oahu, Hawaii, where some of the biggest waves hit the sand, so Stacey learns how to surf, and is doing it like a pro. Kendall and Donnie stay out of it though, as Kendall listens to her parents and Donnie is secretly afraid of falling, when Stacey hits a bad wave and is washed right under. Finally, everybody realises how far out she went and nobody is game enough to go after her. Kendall wants to rescue her sister, and she had been watching over the surfing lessons, so she goes after Stacey and recovers her, and Stacey apologises, and she's changed back. The next day, their parents give in and take the twins to the beach, where they are amazed at the fact that though Stacey is staying far away from any surfboards, Kendall looks like a pro surfer.moreless
  • Walking with Dinosaurs
  • What If The World Was Chocolate
  • Space Rangers
    Space Rangers
    Episode 2
  • Pirates and Princesses
    Kendall and Stacey have a fight and imagine themselves as enemies, and wake up in a land where Stacey is the evil pirate villian being mentored to do evil things by a witch (aka. Erin) and Kendall is a sword fighting princess who is encouraged to fight Stacey to the death. After some reconcilliation, they manage to battle the evil witch to her firy furnacemoreless