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Welcome to the Wishbone guide at TV.com! Wishbone is about a little dog (a Jack Russell Terrier) with a BIG imagination. A very popular and award winning show in the mid-1990's, it encouraged children to read by alternating the main storyline of the show with a classic novel/play/short story with a parallel premise. Wishbone included catchy music and a memorable theme song: What's the story, Wishbone? Do you think it's worth a look? It kind of seems familiar Like a story from a book What's the story, Wishbone? What's this you're dreaming of? Such big imagination on such a little pup. Shake a leg now, Wishbone Let's wag another tale Sniffin' out adventure With Wishbone on the trail Come on, Wishbone What's the story, Wishbone? What's the story, Wishbone?
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  • A Definite Tail Wagger!

    Wishbone was one of the best and classic TV series in the 1990s! It had everything, comedy, education, and a pretty nice cast of people! What a show!
  • The day TV Lost one of the gratest shows ever????

    Wishbone! Was the best show on TV--ever.

    Now-a-days, the shows we watch, are only for the sole Purpose of passing time.

    I can not see why someone can not put it back on TV??

    A lot of people around the world would love to see that/this show again.

    I no I would by vary happy to see it.
  • I love this dog!

    Great stories for kids to follow! Wishbone does have some episodes based on classic Novels like Joan of Arc. I watched every episode growing up. The voice artist is clear, the sceneries are set up very nicely, and Wishbone is just a great dog for role play! From detective, to comedian, Wishbone played it all!
  • I love this show!!!

    Aw, I absolutely adore Wishbone!!! He's so cute!!! Only I just found out that the dog who played him diead like 8 years ago. That sucks. That's also probably why the show ended. :( Well anyway, this show is about a loveable doggie named Wishbone who loves books. I loved this show when I was little and now I watch it everyone Saturday morning. :) OK, need to fit in about 30 more words. Um, this is a really good show. Lots of people should watch it. OK, only 10 more words. I really, really, really, really, really, really, love Wishbone.moreless
  • Memories.

    It was all about the dog. That was good. I liked the stories and the show in general. I used to watch this show when I was younger and I absolutely think that it was some of the best stuff for kids. It had an interesting plot every time and the stories were very accurate and well acted. There were a lot of talented actors and actresses on that show and I can remember so many stories. My favorite episode had to be the one with Wishbone being a friend to Joan of Arc. That was extremely well acted and well done. Overall, a great show and a classic. Thank you.moreless

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short lived series, rabid fan base, quirky characters, sight gags galore, talking heads