Season 1 Episode 1

A Tail in Twain Part One

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 1995 on PBS

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  • Joe Talbot wants to go on Adventure so Wishbone, Joe and his Two frind name David and Samantha go to the place call unname grave. Meanwhile Wishbone tell the story of Tom Sawyer. He Play as Tom Sawyer and go on the adventures with Hucleberry Finn. This en

    What a great way to start the series. Whishbone play as Tom Sawyer, and it stay true to the book that Mark Twain wrote. I really enjoy this episode alot. Mean While Joe and his friends finds a shovel at the unname grave, so he dediced to hide til someone comes. Hour later a man came by to dig something, And Wishbone wanted to take a closer look! Then the Man see Wishbone and Joe jump out from his hiding place and said," Mister don't hurt my dog!" And To Be Continued! It was well written and a great episode to watch.