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    Actor's appearances:

    TV.com prefers that we do not count appearances in the notes, because it's already listed on the actor's page.


    Hyperlinks will be approved on a limited basis and will only be approved to link within the Wishbone guide.


    Nitpicks will not be accepted in the guide.

    Episode recaps:

    Recaps must be grammatically correct and spell checked.The details of the storyline must be correct and the recap should not be difficult for a reader to follow. I will correct minor mistakes.

    If the only source given is wikipedia or IMDB, it will be rejected. Both of those sites can be edited by anyone, and are often vandalized.

    Do not cut and paste information from other websites. This is plagiarism. TV.com could be sued for copyright infringement. If you submit something for TV.com and then submit the same thing to another website you are breaking your own copyright to TV.com which causes problems for both sites, because the information will need to be removed since there is no way to determine who received the original submission.

    Flooding/mass submissions are not allowed.

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