Season 1 Episode 37

Pantin' at the Opera

Aired Unknown Unknown on PBS

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  • In this episode, Someone haunts the oakdale Library threating Ellen, This remind wishbone the story of Phantom of the Opera. Where the Phantom haunts the opera house and stalk Christine Daae. And it's up to wishbone as Raoul to stop him!

    I can't believe I can still remember this episode! Forget the stage musical of Phantom of the opera, Like Lon Chaney Sr. Silent film, this was really based on a book. I am suprise how well the writers can fit these story into a 15 minute show, and use the other 15 minutes for Wishbone living in Oakdale. When I first saw this episode, it was the first time I ever heard the story. You can just feel sorry for the Phantom after christine kiss his horror face and said that his mother never kiss him. I do miss this episode alot and I would love to see it come out on DVD.