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  • A Definite Tail Wagger!

    Wishbone was one of the best and classic TV series in the 1990s! It had everything, comedy, education, and a pretty nice cast of people! What a show!
  • The day TV Lost one of the gratest shows ever????

    Wishbone! Was the best show on TV--ever.

    Now-a-days, the shows we watch, are only for the sole Purpose of passing time.

    I can not see why someone can not put it back on TV??

    A lot of people around the world would love to see that/this show again.

    I no I would by vary happy to see it.
  • I love this dog!

    Great stories for kids to follow! Wishbone does have some episodes based on classic Novels like Joan of Arc. I watched every episode growing up. The voice artist is clear, the sceneries are set up very nicely, and Wishbone is just a great dog for role play! From detective, to comedian, Wishbone played it all!
  • I love this show!!!

    Aw, I absolutely adore Wishbone!!! He's so cute!!! Only I just found out that the dog who played him diead like 8 years ago. That sucks. That's also probably why the show ended. :( Well anyway, this show is about a loveable doggie named Wishbone who loves books. I loved this show when I was little and now I watch it everyone Saturday morning. :) OK, need to fit in about 30 more words. Um, this is a really good show. Lots of people should watch it. OK, only 10 more words. I really, really, really, really, really, really, love Wishbone.
  • Memories.

    It was all about the dog. That was good. I liked the stories and the show in general. I used to watch this show when I was younger and I absolutely think that it was some of the best stuff for kids. It had an interesting plot every time and the stories were very accurate and well acted. There were a lot of talented actors and actresses on that show and I can remember so many stories. My favorite episode had to be the one with Wishbone being a friend to Joan of Arc. That was extremely well acted and well done. Overall, a great show and a classic. Thank you.
  • Wishbone combines the insight of a small dog with summary of classic books. It's about a dog who tries to take of his owner Joe, Joe's friends and family. Their situations remind him of books like Don Quiote, the prince and the pauper, and Ivanhoe.

    Wishbone introduced me to the wonderful world of reading. Mainly, it summarizes a lot of classic literature that can even interest adults who don't feel like reading the novels. Don't write a book report based on it but the general idea is there. If you want corny speeches about life lessons look no further. Of course nothing is perfect. The acting sometimes makes you flinch, but the show can make you smile and enjoy yourself in spite of that. And the theme song gets stuck in your head, which tells you it's a winner. Does it get better than a cute dog on a big red chair? Only if you add Mark Twain.
  • Wishbone was a dog Who had amazing tales.

    I love this show. I grew up watching this show. Everyday after swim practice waiting for my parents my brother and I would watch this show. Its a great show. It's a classic. I loved the books to. I think I own all of them. This Tv show made me intrested in books and know I have read mayebe over 500 books. I wished they would put these on Dvd so my kids should watch them and my baby brother. The wishbone reminds me of my dogs. An Amazing Show, that should come back. Four out of Four stars. :)
  • My favorite show growing up

    A true classic Wishbone is a very cute and adrorable dog. I really enjoyed it when it came on. Just thinking about all the fun things that the dog had was very memerable which one day (not yet at least) will bring tears to my eyes. But I have heard gossip that its joining PBS Kids Go! which is good because i loved this show so dearly. If they were to make new eposodes that would be almost enough to convice me that its my favioirte show (for the 2nd time). I hady remember the show but I loved it just like any other of my favorite shows.
  • I loved this show!

    They should really bring back this show! It was one of the shows I rushed home to watch in third grade! Wishbone was cute, and although he dissed cats, he was really funny. And I love literature so this was the perfect show for me. I especially loved how they tied in the events or overall meaning of a book into the characters' everyday lives.
  • this series is about a dog going on little fun adventeres that i ussed 2 like but they took it of da air WHY DID YA DO IT

    this show is very important 2 me because its actually the first show ive ever watched . Man i used 2 sit around 4 so many hours watchin this dumb dog s stupid adventures . What i realy want 2 know is why did they take this nice little show off the air , it was a good show like mad people had been wathin it if i had a change 2 bring it back i would cause them little junky crappy ass shows they got on some a dem stations like PBS aint doin good for absolutly positivly no one but retards
  • One of the best shows that came from books!!!

    A real Classic. As a pet dog Wishbone helps his Boy Joe with Life lessons. Than he go's in a classic book that is similar. This was a great show on PBS and is better then what they have now. They did many Classics story's With the dog Dressing up as the people in the books.They did Story's Like 'The hound of the Baskervilles" , 'The Prince and the Pauper' and many More I hope There will be some DVDs coming out soon.
  • Great way to introduce children to classics.

    Wishbone was an awesome story that should still be on the air. It was an exelent way to encourage reading among children. Wishbone gave an interesting parallel to each of the books it featured. Who wouldn\'t want to see one of the great books covered by wishbone starring their favorite jack russel terrior? While teaching kids about cirtain books it also tought on different life lessons that are important to mental growth and every day life. Everyone should watch Wishbone and It should still be running. It was really cool how they explained how they made different aspects of the show with cg or how they made Wishbone\'s costumes, or how they used doubles and made them look more like wishbone.
  • it was really cool

    i love this show!

    we'll it was a little boring sometimes but most of the tiem i enjoyed. the stories were awesome i learned a lot from them.

    maybe it don't remeber everything of it because i as very young when I whatche dit, but i do remenber how cute wishbone was, just wanted to smooch him lol.

    i think that maybe i has been a little bit older i would have enjoyed it better. but it's a great show and really knows how to tell the sotries and make them fun, because let's face it, it's a dog playing human popular characters and is so funny! i always thought it was kinda ridiculous because he was a dog but nobody seemed to notice it lol

    It's a great show
  • What the story Wishbone?

    Yeah its an show about an dog with such big imagination.The pup always tells stories and he's in it of course playing one of the main character or the side-kick of course.When this was on PBS.I used to watched this show an lot.I love the theme song as well.This show does bring me back memories.I hope that they will have this show on DVD Set.I can't believed they stopped when Joe was in High School or something.They could've continue than stopped.I wished they brought this show back.I really love this show very very much.
  • I have to say that there was no reason to taking that show off the TV, it was a great family show, and had a very unusual main character. It should come back!!!

    When I first heard of this show I was not so interested at first, but then I saw it and I thought it was so awesome. It didn't compare to any other show, so I made it my favorite until the day that i noticed it was not showing anymore. It was like losing a loved one!!! I'm serious, and for one, there was nothing wrong with it, so there was nothing wrong about letting it run. It was a classic, and I know that there are still some books of WISHBONE, but some of us don't like reading as much. BRING ~*WISHBONE*~ BACK!!!
  • A show about a dog named Wishbone that transports viewers into classic novels and acts out, with the help of other actors, the story in a light hearted and fun way.

    This was the greatest children's show ever! I mean, what a genius concept, take classic timeless novels and present it in a way that kids can appreciate and enjoy the message themes of novels such as 'romeo and juliet' and 'frankenstein'. the little jack russell terrier dog named "wishbone" adds much appeal for kids. how cute and entertaining is it to see a cute puppy do fun tricks and be dressed up in human clothes? that alone makes for a good show, but the fact that it combines entertainment with education is a smart way to get kids really interested in reading and education.
  • why why why why

    that dog was soo cute in his little outfits i miss this great show!!
    "what the story wishbone? do da do da do do\"
    this was the show i love the one where he was cinderpup
    and tom sawyer!! that was nice and i liked how all the actors on their was a co-star to a dog and i also like how they would talk to him like he really was a human! how funny
  • With Wishbone on the trail

    this is one of my all time favorite show and i often find myself singing the theme song word for word. this show was very entertaining and should be put back on the air. i loved watching it and would love my 2 boys to be able to see it because i know that they would be glued to the tv and in this case that would be a good thing!
  • What's the story Wishbone?

    Wishbone is one of the best children's shows that I know. Probably one of PBS' best ones. I loved watching that cute little Jack Russell Terrier as a kid. It was cool seeing some dog just being funny yet bringing excitment to books. It made learning so fun! There were both adventures in his real life with his owner and friends and also he portrayed a character. He had a great personality. I liked this show a lot. When it stopped airing, I was very sad. It's become one of the tops on my all time favorites on my list.
  • Wishbone was a great show that followed a Jack Russell Terrier, named Wishbone, his owner Joe, and Wishbone's travels throught the realms of books and life.

    Wishbone is a smart, funny, and educational show that appeals to all ages. Following Wishbone, a Jack Russell Terrier, and his adventures in life and books; [i]Wishbone[/i] was always entertaining.

    Wishbone's owner, Joe Talbot always loved Wishbone, and the bond between man and dog was a great part of the story. Equally as good was Joe's mom Ellen, friends David and Sam, and cooky neighbor Wanda Glmore and the consistensy they brought in each episode. You could believe that this was a real community.

    As Joe, Sam, and David went on their own adventures through life; Wishbone found a classic book that paralleled the adventure taking place. From the works of Shakespeare, to Don Quixote, to African folk tales, Wishbone brought each story to life and made the experience very enjoyable.

    Even after the show has been gone for almost 10 years, I still find myself enjoying each tale, both from Joe's life, and Wishbone's ventures into classic books.
  • This is much better than the trash kids watch now, it made reading fun.

    I adoreed this show when I was yonger, and to be honest I would still watch it now if it was on air. I have a little brother who spends all his free time watching garbage cartoons all day. Myabe, if this was still on he wouldnt watch all the other junk that is rotting his mind. When i used to watch this show, it was so fun i hardly realized I was doing something eductational with my time. I still rember alot of the plots from this and I could see them again, and I wish a younger genoration could have had a chance with this. The dog was cute too, if I do say so myself.
  • It accually made reading fun and intrasting!

    Wishbone was one of my favorite shows in the world. But why did they have to get rid of it, it was so funny. A dog was telling you about classic books. He acted them out and showed you what they were about. It made me want to read all those books. While he was tellng us about the books, he was helping out his owner.
  • Wishbone- "A Lifesaver"

    I loved Wishbone, even though I wasn\'t old enough to appreciate it while it was on. \"Wishbone\" is probably one of the few reasons that I passed Highschool English. Every time we would read a book in class, I would vaguely remember the Wishbone episode and draw the basic storyline from that. My favorite episode (and probably the most helpful to me) was the \"Odyssey\" one. The writers did an excellent job portraying the characters and making the story come to life in all of the episodes (at least the ones i can remember). I only wish it was still on the air! Bring Wishbone Back!
  • Wishbone made reading great!

    Wishbone was one of the best kid shows ever. It was so entertaining. Every chance that I had, I watched that show. I storylines that they had going and I loved how wishbone's book storylines tied into it. That show made me feel great watching it. PBS needs to bring the show back or at least put the seasons on dvd.
  • This is a show about a dog name Wishbone. Who join with his owner Joe and join the adventures with alot of books. He would talk about a different story that match with his own adventues with his owner. It's a one of a great show for kids to watch.

    I really miss this old show!!! It was about a dog name Wishbone that join with his owner Joe and his friends. He pretend to be alot of different character in each episodes. I may have been in high school when it came out on tv, and I just love it!! I have some favorite episode where he's Roaul from Phantom of the opera, Tom Sawyer, In the adventures of Tom Sawyer, and My most favorite was the Rip Van Wrinkle episode. I miss this show so much and I hope they bring it back on Tv and Dvd.
  • Better than what kids are watching now.

    Wishbone aired back when kids shows were both INTELLIGENT and FUN. The dog was cool. Now, little kids are watching stupid and mindless shows like Teletubies, Dragon Tales, Boobah, and other [bleep]. We've got to bring back the original kids programming and destroy the latest crop of children shows before we waste a young child's mind forever!
  • Wishbone, if it were any older, could be considered a classic. I loved the stories, and it should be on television again.

    If Wishbone stayed on televsion for a longer period so more people could appreciate it, it would be a great classic for children. I love how it had fun, realistic (kind of) situations and classical stories with Wishbone and his human friends costumed. Why did they cancel it? PBS Kids should cut out newer shows from a couple of timeslots and make room to bring back Wishbone... or at least start a PBS Kids Classic channel.

    When I was little and Wishbone was on, it made me feel mature as if I were watching a soap. There are Wishbone books out, but I miss the show.