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  • Season 2 Episode 2: Halloween Hound: The Lege...

  • I think there was an editing error in this episode. There were originally five teams competing for the prize in the scavenger hunt. At the end of the movie, Damont --- after unsuccessfully trying to find the prize by cheating --- clomps off in a huff along with his young cousin Jimmy, and then Joe and his friends exit the haunted mansion happily holding up the Oakdale Sports and Games $100 gift certificate. In this scene, you can see all the rest of the contestants from the three remaining teams gathered in the front yard of the mansion behind Mr. Del Rio. Now here's the problem: how could those other three teams have gotten enough clues to know to go to this final place? If you recall, in order to make the game harder to win, there were not five plastic clue-pumpkins at every location that the teams were to go to in their search for clues, so the five teams couldn't have ALL gotten a pumpkin each time and so known where to continue looking --- in fact, there were never five pumpkins at ANY of the clue-locations, except in the beginning of the hunt at the place where everyone started out from (Oakdale Sports and Games) where Mr. Del Rio passed out the first clues (a pumpkin and an envelope) to the captain of each of the five teams. After that, there was successively one fewer pumpkin at each consecutive clue-location. This means that there were only four pumpkins at the first clue-location that the teams went to after leaving the store, three at the next location, and two at the third location (so that in the end there would be only two teams left to compete for the prize --- if you recall, Mr. Del Rio said, "…until only two teams remain --- to take the most chilling challenge of all.") And indeed, when Joe and his friends reach the first clue-location (Wanda Gilmore's house where she was telling fortunes) Samantha points to the stack of clue-pumpkins in the clear tube on the shooting gallery machine and says, "Look --- all four! That means we're the first team here!" So that means that there were supposed to be only four pumpkins, not five, at the first clue-location. Then when Joe and his friends reach the second location (the Dart Animal Clinic) there are two pumpkins left in the tube on the mechanical horseracing display there (originally there had been three pumpkins, but by then there were only two left because Damont had arrived there first and so had already gotten one of the pumpkins himself). And then when Joe and his friends reach the third clue location (the miniature circus-tent in Jackson Park) there is one pumpkin left (instead of two, again because Damont had gotten there ahead of Joe and his friends) in the Rube Goldberg-style contraption set up there. So that means that after Joe and his friends retrieve this last clue-pumpkin, there will be no pumpkins left for any of the other teams to pick up even if they are able to decipher the previous clues to get that far --- any subsequent team arriving at the little circus-tent will not get an invitation to the "tea party" at the Murphy house, and so these latecomers will not know where to go from there. So how come we still see the other three teams all gathered in the yard at the end of this episode? How did they know this was the place where the prize was?

  • Season 1 Episode 37: Pantin' at the Opera

  • In the book, a slightly less intelligent Raoul gets led down to the Phantom's lair by a character known only as the Perisian. They end up in a torture chamber and are tormented for over twenty-four hours while Christine ponders over the Phantom's ultimatum.

  • Season 1 Episode 29: Little Big Dog

  • The city where Ellen and Joe Talbot go on vacation in this episode is in the Canadian province, British Columbia. ('''Ellen Talbot''': Vancouver, here we come.)

  • Season 1 Episode 1: A Tail in Twain Part One

  • Crazy Joe's real name in Tom Sawyer was Injun Joe, however for these episodes it was changed in an attempt to avoid viewers taking offense.

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