Witch Hunter Robin

Cartoon Network (ended 2004)




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Witch Hunter Robin

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Welcome to the Witch Hunter Robin guide. To most of Society, Witches are nothing more than myths and legends of a bygone era. However, there are a few people who possess the Witch genome; a gene that may give the person special, supernatural abilities. For them, a secret organization named Solomon (STN) was formed to track and hunt them down before they became a threat to the rest of Society. The story follows the members of the STN-J, the Japanese branch of Solomon. Unlike other branches of the STN, the STN-J captures Witches alive. Armed with a substance called Orbo, an invention developed by Administrator Zaizen, the Hunters subdue the Witches of Japan and send them to a facility called the Factory. It was during one of these Hunts that a member of the team was killed. With morale falling, Solomon Headquarters sends a new Hunter from Italy to join the STN-J as a replacement for the fallen Hunter; a young girl named Robin Sena. Robin is only 15 years old, but she is already a gifted Craft User. When she first joins the team, she is met with mistrust and impatience by the other members of the STN-J. With the recent heavy Witch activity in Japan, however, the team is kept very busy. Robin's determination and skill with her Craft, which is the ability to create and manipulate fire, slowly gains the trust of the other members. As the Witch activity increases, it soon becomes apparent there is more going on under the surface. With the futures of both Witches and Hunters alike, it may well be Robin who holds the key to everyone's survival. Main Characters Robin Sena: The youngest member of the STN-J team, she was sent to Japan as a replacement for a fallen Hunter. Although she was born in Japan, she was raised in an Italian convent by Father Juliano, one of the heads of Solomon. She is a special class of Hunter, called a Craft User. Her power is Fire. Amon: The team leader and, along with Ms. Karasuma, one of the most experienced Hunters. Keeping mostly to himself, even the other team members do not know much about his private life. He relies mostly on his Orbo gun, but it is suspected that he has a strong power. His power is unknown. Miho Karasuma: The team's second in command, she takes her mission as a Hunter seriously. Because she has a somewhat motherly personality, one of the other members joked about her being the ‘old lady', much to her chagrin, since she is only 19 years old. Like Robin, she is also a Craft User. Her power is to Scrye; the psychic ability to pick up information from people or objects. Yurika Dojima: As a favor to her parents, who are members of the Japanese Cabinet, Ms. Dojima was offered a job at the STN-J. Because of her status, she's treated as ‘special' around the office, to which she takes full advantage of; lazing about, reading magazines, coming in late and such. Unlike the other members of the team, she just barley qualifies as a Hunter. She has no known special abilities. Haruto Sakaki: Enthusiastic about being a Hunter, Sakaki's brashness often causes him to get himself hurt or cause some sort of property damage. Often scolded by the Chief for his latest set of infractions, Sakaki nonetheless continues to try his best. Like Dojima, he has very little ability and no known special ability. Michael Lee: Although not a Hunter, Michael is nevertheless an important part of the team. A computer hacker, he had hacked into STN-J's network and discovered the secret organization's existence. Captured by the STN-J's agents, he was given a choice by Zaizen: either join the organization and never leave the premises, or be put to death. Choosing life, Michael became an invaluable part of the team, getting the information they need for a job and beefing up the network's own systems. Chief Kosaka: The office manager who runs the day-to-day operations of the STN-J, he serves under Administrator Zaizen. His goal is to run the office as efficiently as possible, which often puts him at odds with Dojima. Although overbearing, he is, under it all, an understanding and resourceful person. Takuma Zaizen: The Administrator of STN-J, he oversees both the operation of the Japanese branch of the STN and the Factory, the facility where captured Witches are taken to. He is also continuing the research and refining of Orbo, the substance which is used to subdue Witches. He also has some deep, dark secrets about the Orbo which he is keeping from Solomon Headquarters.


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