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  • A great and very original anime, an absolute must see show.

    The plot follows STN a secret society that hunts and captures Witches (people with supernatural abilities) before they can harm the rest of society. Robin is a 15 year old Witch who has just started working with the STN and she is a very gifted craft user.

    The plot is original and take a very nice turn about half-way through the series which really keeps you watching.The characters are not the normal two dimernsional stereotypes that you find in some anime and are very well developed throughout the show.

    The animation is great and all in all this is a very good show with some real highlights to it.
  • Witch Hunter Robin is a stunning anime that excels in every possible category.

    Witch Hunter Robin is one of the best anime shows that I have ever seen (second only to Gunslinger Girl). There is literally nothing about this show that is bad. Everything, from the animation to the voice acting to the music is absolutely superb.

    I'll start with the main story of the series, and I'll steer away from too many spoilers. The series revolves around Robin, the newest Witch Hunter at the STN-J. The STN-J is the Japanese branch of an organization called Solomon, a worldwide organization that hunts witches. The first half of the series takes a "witch-of-the-week" approach, but it really works for WHR. This first half allows the viewers to get to know all of the characters on a normal day-to-day basis before diving into the main plot halfway through the series. Again, the main plot focuses on Robin and her discovery of what she truly is. The final half of the series is pretty serialized, and it works excellently. There's enough developments to keep people hooked from episode to episode, but it never loses that touch that made it feel so good in the first half of the series.

    Now onto the voice acting. I've only seen the dub of this series all the way through, but it's excellent. Kari Wahlgren proves that she's one of the best voice actresses in the business with her excellent portrayal of Robin. Wahlgren's voice is very unique from character to character, and it shows in this series. Crispin Freeman is excellent as Amon, the cold in-the-know guy with a softer interior that is not seen until later in the series. Johnny Yong Bosch is great as the brash Haruto Sakaki, and Dave Wittenberg is excellent as the computer hacker Michael. Every actor in this series excels at their part, and there are no standout roles.

    The animation is also superb. Witch Hunter Robin is a dark and creepy show, and this is reflected in the animation scheme. The schemes are very dark and they're very realistic. It creates this sense of creepy realism that pulls you into this other world fully believing that it's the real world. There are outstanding locations, particularly the STN-J and Harry's. The character schemes are also very unique and different, so you'll never confuse any characters.

    The music is one of the standout achievements of this show. Taku Iwasaki is an outstanding composer, and his music for Witch Hunter Robin is nothing less than amazing. He has many different and unique action pieces, the best clearly being "Flame", Robin's attack theme. The piece sounds like a mix of Latin and Irish music blended into a stunning and beautiful sound. WHR is also great with the slower pieces. There are several piano solos in the series (Harry's, Open Your Eyes, and Allay Pain, the piano version of half-pain), and they're all stunning and excellent. Each one is unique and different, and each one evokes a different feeling from the listener. Outstanding music.

    All in all, Witch Hunter Robin is simply one of the best. It's got a great plotline, excellent dub voice acting, amazing animation, and it has some of the best instrumental music I've ever heard in an anime show. This is not a show to miss. Go out and buy the Anime Legends set now!
  • Is she a witch?

    It has been a while since I watched this terrific show, but Witch Hunter Robin certainly has influenced my opinions about animation for adults. After Adult Swim hooked me with the Big O, WHR transformed my expectations for anime; although it has a certain naive innocence about it, dark areas abound. The setting for the show is a combination of science and magic (witch powers), but this program is far more character and plot driven than most anime. The maturation of Robin from ingénue is the central plot arc--the mystery of her character's political alignment and source of powers compelling.
  • Witch Hunter Robin is one of those series that appears to be one thing but upon calm reflection, ends up being something altogether different.

    Witch Hunter Robin is one of those series that appears to be one thing but upon calm reflection, ends up being something altogether different. On the surface, it's a series about people with supernatural powers that either hunt, or are hunted, by one another as the government tries to get a grip on the growing potential such humans have for destruction. If you scratch the surface though, the themes make for an allegory about racial prejudice written with a lot of care. Enjoy it on whatever level you choose but it's one show that transcends the genre by combining superior writing, excellent music, and a razor sharp attitude towards human nature.
  • Surprisingly dark and humourless, yet it seems to be able to cast a spell that would keep you rooted till the end. Worth the watch!! Very enjoyable.

    Living in a world where there are witches with super human powers roaming the streets of the world. Bringing untold horror to the innocent, and powerless people - Us, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Power if uncontrolled might just end the human race. This is where the STN comes in! To save the world. And who else better to get the job done then Robin, our dark, humourless, lovable, witch hunter who can turn anyone into a pile of ash with her fiery look!

    Hehe, but does the story ends as a fairy tale? That you'll have to find out for yourself.
  • I love this show, but unfortuantely, it onlys has 26 episodes. It would have been great if it was longer...

    One of the shortest but greatest Animes I have ever seen, Witch Hunter Robin is one special series. The members of the STN-J are witch hunters, people who catalougue, track, and in the cases of troublemakers, hunt witches. Their life has always been an daily routine: Hunt, Eat, Sleep, Eat, Hunt, Track, ect. until Solomor Headquarters sent in a brand-new hunter: Robin.

    In a way, watching this Anime makes you feel as though you have been watching it forever. There are tons of action, bits of romance between Robin, Amon, and Tokou, and a whole bunch of questions not even the hunters know: What is Orbo? Why do we have to hunt witches and bring them back alive? What is our true purpous on Earth? And what if Witches were acutally the dominant species? Does God exist?

    This anime will keep you guessing until the end ^^
  • Robin, a young hunter soon finds out what it is like to be the hunted.

    Witch Hunter Robin is a gothic tale following young craft user Robin Sena as she begins working for the STN-J which is a branch of the mysterious organization named Solomon. The purpose of Solomon is to hunt witches whose powers have become dangerous to society. The STN-J send their captured witches to a place called "The Factory" instead of killing them. Using a substance called Orbo the STN-J are able to subdue witches. As Robin learns more about her craft the hunter soon becomes the hunted. I love the story line because you never know who you can turst. Everytime they solve a case a new one emerges and it all leads up to the finale which i love.
  • A really great show...^_^

    Witch Hunter Robin consists of the main character Robin Sena. She joins a team that hunts witches called the STNJ as a replacement member. Unlike the others of the STNJ, she is an actual witch who has lived in a monastary for her life. She has the power over fire. Through the series, Robin and the other crew of ther STNJ use their skills to take down various kinds of witches. From witches that have control over the earth to witches that can switch body parts with another, there are even witches that are considered dead already. Of course, their fun and games all change when the hunter Robin become the hunted. Now that she is the prey, how her new friends at the STNJ think of her? One can only guess.
  • Greatest Anime Ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    This Anime Is One Of The Few That will involve magic And Guns Altogether. I personally loved the series. i mean this was my favorite of all time. I found that it could have inproved a lil with the emotions while talking but still this is the best anime i have seen yet.

    Ok Now The Basics.


    We start out with Robin she is a young women that has been to a monastary in rome most of her life although she was originally of japanese heritage. she joins an organization to stop all whitches that cuase harm to humans. she is soo effective in doing this with her gift (shes a whitch) this gives her the ability of fire (able to conjuer and control it) but each time she goes deeper and deeper into her gift her eyesight worsens. So by the middle of the season she is wearing glasses th whole time. while fighting for what she thought was right she got to powerful and now she is the one being hunted. but with the help of some old commrades she is able to get her name cleared and discovers the tuth to the which gene and orbo.

    END SPOILER!!!!!

    The Fitz's Rating
    Best Anime Ever If You Don't See It You Are A Hopless Geek!!!!!
  • A great animated series.

    This was a pretty good animated television series. As is normal with good television shows, this one did not last long enough. This is a show that I would suggest watching if you get the chance. Check the bargain bins at Wal-Mart, the online movies sites (Amazon.com and such) and all of the cable channels that run old shows. Nick at Nite and TV Land are great for theses kind of shows. They will even do a week long spot for shows that only had 6 or so episodes. Then you have your super stations. They run a bunch of old shows too. All in all a pretty good show that did not get a good enough chance. Sometimes it is a simple as the show it is up against. Look at Law & Order. It is one of the longest running shows on TV. They moved it to go up against Lost. After about 2 weeks of getting pounded in the ratings it was moved back to it's original time slot. Shows like this should be given more of an opportunity.
  • The premise of Witch Hunter Robin is to hunt down and capture witches to keep society safe from the baddies they aren't aware of. The story revolves around Robin, a 15 year old Craft user who is a skillful witch hunter. This is a terrific show, u wont re

    The premise of Witch Hunter Robin is to hunt down and capture witches to keep society safe from the baddies they aren't aware of. The story revolves around Robin, a 15 year old Craft user who is a skillful witch hunter. This is a terrific show, u wont regret watching.
  • why? why did it have to end so.... early?! i don't like it when shows have to end so early. i was confused when it ended. like... i don't know, i get all weird and teary when my favorite shows end. and this one, was like, out of the ordinary.

    why did it have to end? there was still more to tell! it was strange, but worth watching! i always thought that amon and robin would make a nice decent couple, but at the same time, i can also be wrong. but hey, that is my own opinion how i saw it.
  • Loved this anime. was mad when they toke it off the air.

    Witches, individuals descended from those once persecuted for their powers, walk the modern world wreaking havoc. A team of the covert organisation STNJ is tasked with hunting these rogues, each using their own mysterious gifts. The most powerful Hunter of them all, a young woman named Robin, has the ability to call flame but her talent might be more curse than blessing.
  • Society is made up of witches, those who hunt them, and regular people. To most people witches are just folklore, but this is not true. Join Robin Sena a witch hunter who captures, and in some cases kills witches whose_powers_have_grown_or_are_growing_t

    This show is absolutely underrated. The animation is very good, and the storyline is unpredictable right down to the finale. The storyline introduces new issues that complicate the lives of the characters. Unfortunately only 26 episodes were created. The storyline adresses issues of light morality. The story is also filled with humour and suspenseful twists in the plot.

    This is an excellent show and should be viwed by all anime fans! The story may be hard to understand at some points, but once understood, fails to meet the expectations of an anime fan. Robin's Power is mysterious and she must hide from those who wish to kill her.

    Excellent Excellent show!!
  • Blurring the lines

    I was told by numerous friends that this was the most amazing thing to come out of Japan for a while. They had seen bits and pieces at Anime Expo, and soon passed it on to me. I have never seen anything like this show. It treads on delicate ground, questioning morals and ethics. This can sometimes spell disaster and doom for a show, and for those who don’t like the deep shows this won’t be something that they’ll want watch. But if you like to challenge your mind, this one is excellent.

    Robin Sena is the main character of the show. A fifteen-year-old pyrokenetic craft user, Robin walks the line between hunting and being hunted. Much like X-Men, this story questions whether those who are different really are the dangerous ones, or if the dangerous ones are those who are the same.

    Artistically, WHR is eye candy. The backgrounds were pre-rendered on a computer, so there are times when it feels like watching cinema scenes from a Final Fantasy game, but the animation is clean and beautiful. The different places the story takes place have individual moods. The STN-J building is like a formal London residence, while Harry’s, the bar across the street, has a warm and cozy atmosphere. A couple of different scenes take place in a cathedral, and the lighting sets the mood, whether they are fighting the enemy or Robin is down on her knees praying.

    This is a series that any true anime fan shouldn’t miss. Even if it’s not something you love, it is worthy of one viewing. Several mystical elements, such as runes and mythology are prominent parts of the storyline. The plot line takes a unique look at the age old quest of the hunters and the hunted, and even questions traditional world views.
  • Some humans emerge with The powers.with gene can range from the ability to start fires to the ability to stop hearts,and in a panic state about the possible shifts in the balance of power that witches could create,a world-wide organization called Solomon

    Witch hunter robin is such a great show. it has a wide selection of mystery which makes you want to see the next episode. It has a little bit of everything in it, from a dark romance being protrayed by Amon and Robin to a great selection of fighting scenes.
  • Awesome!

    It has a great story line. The characters are interesting. Much like everyone else I liked Amon. Still there were times he was a bit of a jerk.
    The music is good as well as the action. I wish they could have continued with the show further. There still so much more to tell about Robin.
  • A witch hunter named Robin Sena, moves over from Italy to Japan to join the STN-J. At fisrt she is a bit of an outcast, she seems to fit in later. She has a power to help her hunt witches called the craft. Very handy if you ask me

    This is another classic dark anime. There is just that certain volume of melancholy, that makes the show just right for the plot.Robin is the most beautiful and perfect character for the part of a witch hunter. I love the craft that she uses pyrokynesis. One power I would really like to have
  • Robin Sena is a witch, who has the power to control fire(go robin!) She gets sent to the STNJ, an organization to help catch witches (see the irony?)Everthing goes ok...until Robin gets hunted herself!

    I love this show, and think that it's underappreciated. They should of made more epsodes, because the ending was so sad!!!!!! It made it seem like Robin and Amon had died!!!! It's a really good show, even though it's not exactly meant for younger kids. Each episode is better than the last! Robin has to fight different witches, but soon realizes that what she was doing was wrong, because she herself is a witch. She also gets closer to Amon, a mysterious hunter that no one really knows anything about. Nobody likes witches, and think that they can be dangerous to society, which is why they were hunting them. They ended of the series by insinuating that Robin and Amon died in the fire(Robin's own element, irony again?) But they also showed one of the last scenes where a girl who looks like Robin(you can't see her face though), coming out of a black car. She is supposedely the new recruit. Note: This scene is exactly identical to the first episode, where they introduce Robin. I think this show is great for people who like something different!!!!! Just try it, you could end up loving it as much as me!
  • Robin Sena is a witch. She joins a witch hunting team STN-J, they push her off to side. They soon come to trust her when she proves herself. As the need for Witchs to hunt down other witchs gose down the harder it was for STN-J to keep working.

    Robin Sena is a witch in Japan. She joins a witch hunting team STN-J, as the youngist one, of age 15, they push her off to side. They soon come to trust her when she proves herself with her Craft. As the need for Witch Workers to hunt down other witchs gose down the harder it was for STN-J to keep working. To the point of Going aginst the head boss.
  • I loved it.

    One of the few shows that still touches me (and yet another show whose theme music drills me in the heart). "Witch Hunter Robin" was absolutely wonderful... the storyline was touching, and the plot, something I'd like to see again, and of course, the title character, the star of our show - Miss Robin Sena, a fine young woman indeed, who I still love the beautiful voice of. Once again, a short-lived show that had a tragic way to go out... although I'm still bent on the idea that Robin somehow survived the attack... I guess we'll never know. *sniff*. I miss this show... (Or am I just rambling? Hard to tell :)
  • Fantastic!

    This series starts off slow and kinda confusing but after about 14 episodes the plot starts moving a lot faster. But unfortunatly this doesn't make it any less confusing. Even the ending is confusing and leaves off on a cliffhanger. I still like this show a whole lot. I got totally hooked and am actually willing to pay the $100+ for the box set. I like this show so much, I've got a Witch Hunter Robin T-Shirt from Hot Topic *jumps for joy* Dear god I'm a loser...:P
  • A clever, truly innovative program.

    I'd be the first to admit that I've never been much for the "occult," but Witch Hunter Robin is about so much more than just that. WHR is a very clever program, utilizing a combination of technology and lore to draw the viewer into a world of intrigue and the blurry lines between good and evil. Although the characters can seem a bit flat at times (Amon occasionally seems to have the personality of a piece of cardboard), they always bounce back, in a manner of speaking. With a plot driven by inaction as much as action, WHR is a breath of fresh air from a world of anti-plots driven solely by fighting and the likes. Surely, Witch Hunter Robin will continue to be relevant for years to come.
  • It's a tottaly awsome anime that should have a Hot Topic brand clothing!

    Witch Hunter Robin is an awsome anime! Robin is the most coolest witch ever!, She was kind and knew the difference between right and wrong (which probably helped her alot). She didin't need a boyfriend to be cool (note she's a nune, they even show a flashback with her wearing nun's clothing in one of the episodes). Witch Hunter Robin should be broght back as soon as posible!